Search for instructional materials more efficiently with Smart Search by bestt571


Intelligent search engine is a new generation of artificial intelligence technology combined with the search engines. His addition to providing traditional rapid retrieval, relevance ranking functions, but also to provide registered users to roles, users interested in automatic identification, the content of semantic understanding, intelligent information filtering and push functions. Intelligent search engine design goal is: the user's request, from the available network resources for users to retrieve the most valuable information. Intelligent search engines with information services, intelligent, user-friendly feature, allowing users using natural language information retrieval, to provide them with more convenient and accurate search service.

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									                                         Search for instructional materials
                                         more efficiently with Smart Search

   Teachers have limited time in their day to spend searching and browsing for materials. Now with Smart
   Search, instructional materials are recommended based on the sections they teach, upcoming planned
   instruction, performance on recent assessments, and popularity. Smart Search dramatically reduces
   the time to find the most effective and appropriate instructional materials.

                                                                       Recommendations of instructional materials 
                                                                       are provided based on: 

                                                                       Upcoming assessments (materials aligned to 
                                                                       standards on upcoming test that had the 
                                                                       lowest mastery rate) 

                                                                       Upcoming instruction (materials aligned to 
                                                                       standards in materials that have been 
                                                                       scheduled on teacher’s lesson planner) 

                                                                       Recent assessment results (materials aligned 
                                                                       to standards on recent test that had the 
                                                                       lowest mastery rate) 

                                                                   Popularity (recommendations made by other 
                                                                   teachers and instructional staff) 


                                                                       A simplified search interface with pre‐
                                                                       population of subjects and grade levels based 
                                                                       on a teacher’s sections and the ability to 
                                                                       search in specific material banks: 

                                                                       Ability to search for multiple material types in 
                                                                       a single experience 
                                                                       New sorting options like popularity, highest 
                                                                       ranked, and institution banks 

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                                                               Ability to preview materials before leaving the 
                                                               materials search area 

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