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Intelligent search engine is a new generation of artificial intelligence technology combined with the search engines. His addition to providing traditional rapid retrieval, relevance ranking functions, but also to provide registered users to roles, users interested in automatic identification, the content of semantic understanding, intelligent information filtering and push functions. Intelligent search engine design goal is: the user's request, from the available network resources for users to retrieve the most valuable information. Intelligent search engines with information services, intelligent, user-friendly feature, allowing users using natural language information retrieval, to provide them with more convenient and accurate search service.

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									                                                                                     Apptus eSales BooSt
                                                                                     for EPiServer Commerce

Apptus eSales BooSt
Intelligent Search, Nagivation &
Recommendations for EPiServer Commerce
eSales BooSt brings state of the art search and         Smart, error-tolerant searching to minimise
recommendations to stores powered by EPiServer          search abandonment
Commerce, boosting customer satisfaction, conver-       • Auto complete (suggests phrases while typing
sion rates and order values. Powered by Apptus’           based on product data and the terms customers
powerful self-learning software, it automatically         really use)
optimises and personalises your offer, freeing mer-
                                                        • Did you mean? (suggests words for misspelled
chandisers from the need to build and maintain
multiple rules and settings.

                                                        Relevant search results to deliver conversions
eSales BooSt provides packaged integration with
                                                        Apptus’ unique “Sort by relevance” function combines
EPiServer Commerce, minimising implementation
                                                        simple searching of catalogue content with results
time and risk. It provides a rich set of search and
                                                        from analysing patterns of user behaviour. It also
recommendations options chosen to allow stores
                                                        takes account of sales trends to promote “hot” or
based on EpiServer Commerce to benefit from best
                                                        best-selling items. the result – smart search results
practice merchandising techniques without hassle or
                                                        that promote items most likely to sell.

                                                        Dynamic navigation
Intelligent Search & Navigation                         eSales BooSt automatically creates and updates
Search is an essential component of any commerce        faceted navigation components to simplify the
site: over 90% of transactions involve search and       product discovery process for visitors. Crucially, it
over 40% shoppers say search quality influences their   dynamically sorts facets to present them in the most
decision to buy. the bottom line is that high quality   relevant order to further boost sales performance.
search can raise conversion by up to 50%. eSales
BooSt brings the “state-of-the-art” features that
customers expect, to EPiServer sites.
Powered by Apptus’ Relevance Engine
Personalised Recommendations                                                          delivering the best chance of a sale by continually
Successful recommendations strategies can                                             comparing what the current visitor is doing to what
contribute up to 20% of a site’s revenue, but manually                                has proved successful for previous visitors. By re-
creating and maintaining recommendations is labour                                    placing the need to set manual rules and product
intensive and error prone. eSales BooSt’ self-                                        linkages it minimises back office merchandiser time
learning capability provides a powerful alternative,                                  and effort.
automatically generating recommendations that are
easily deployed on landing, category, product details                                 Keep in control – set merchandising priorities
and checkout pages using a set of pre-built widgets.                                  eSales BooSt allows merchandisers to set priorities
                                                                                      and control what visitors are shown. Powerful filter
• Personalised (based on recent actions                                               rules allow results to be tailored – for example
  and previous user activity)                                                         excluding certain categories for given user types
• top sellers (what’s hot – by category)                                              – while “boost” factors can be applied to promote
• Recommend from cart (you may also be                                                products with specific attributes such as high margin
  interested in)                                                                      or stock levels.
• Product page recommendations (you may
  also like)
                                                                                      Built for EPiServer
                                                                                      eSales BooSt for EPiServer contains everything
Powered by Apptus’ Relevance Engine                                                   needed to get powerful merchandising capabilities
Search and recommendations in one product                                             up and running without hassle. they provide pre-built
Uniquely, Apptus’ technology uses the same software                                   components including
engine to power both search and recommendations.
traditionally these capabilities have been provided                                   •   Data connector for product catalogue
separately. By combining them together both become                                    •   eSales BooSt configuration generation
more powerful, while integration, management and                                      •   Simple, powerful UI developer model
learning costs are far less.                                                          •   Pre-built components to include in page templates
                                                                                      •   Sample templates
Self-learning – always up to date, less back
office effort
eSales BooSt ensures that search and                                                  Find out more
recommendations results are always relevant,                                          For more information, please visit

             eSales BOOST

APPtuS tEchNologIES AB | E-mail:,

Apptus is the technology leader in bringing instant, relevant access to personalized information to local search and e-commerce. Its products deliver advanced
search, recommendations and content targeting. They efficiently and profitably convert clicks to sales, providing the right thing, to the right person, at the right time.

Founded in Sweden in 2000, Apptus fast became a market leader in the Nordics. It has now rapidly expanded further with clients in the United Kingdom,
North America and Australia. Customers include Eniro, French Connection, Bygghemma, Hitta, Bokus, CDon, European Directories, and Nelly. Apptus is
headquartered in Lund, Sweden with offices in London and is listed in the Red Herring Top 100 Europe. Please visit

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