Acetone Poisoning by alicejenny


									Acetone Poisoning

    By Faith Hatt
           Acetone Poisoning
• Acetone Poisoning       • What are symptoms of
  Title Page                acetone poisoning?
• Acetone Poisoning       • More symptoms of
  Overview                  acetone poisoning
• About acetone           • Steps to Take
  Poisoning               • Procedures to expect
• Poisonous Ingredients   • Expectations
     About Acetone Poisoning
• What can you get poisoning from?
  – Various nail polishes
  – Nail polish removers
• How do you get acetone poisoning?
  – Swallowing
  – Inhaling
        Poisonous Ingredients
• Some poisonous ingredients are:
   – Toluene
   – Butyl acetate
   – Ethyl acetate
   – Dibutyl phthalate
       What are the symptoms of
         acetone poisoning?
•   Increased urge to urinate
•   Possible cornea damage due to eye irritation
•   Difficulty breathing
•   Slowed breath rate
•   Shortness of breath
•   Abdominal pain
•   Nausea
      More symptoms of acetone
•   Vomiting
•   Drowsiness
•   Coma
•   Painter’s syndrom
•   May feel like you are acting drunk
     Steps to take before calling
        emergency services
• Get this information:
  – The age; weight; and condition of the patient
  – Product information:
      • Ingredients
      • Strengths
  – What time the product was swallowed?
  – How much of the product was swallowed?
   Procedures to expect while in
       emergency services
• The following procedures may be performed:
   – Use gastric lavage.
   – Medicines to treat an allergic reaction
   – Administer oxygen if needed.
   – Machines to treat the symptoms
• If the person survives past 48 hours, recovery is
• The sooner you get to emergency services the
• Always seek immediate emergency medical care.
• Long term effect is painter's syndrome.
   – Permanent condition that causes:
       • walking problems
       • speech problems
       • memory loss
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