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					As an international student at St Edmund's, I have enjoyed the vibrant international and cosmopolitan
community in the college. At the same time, I understand the challenges faced by international students
when they study abroad, in terms of adjusting to the language, culture, and different educational system.
As a Bristol exchange student, I have experienced these issues in the past, and therefore hope to make
the transition easier for other students - they can learn from my experiences.

Besides these more practical matters, I am greatly interested in sharing different cultures, learn from them,
and enabling the rest of the people to obtain the best of this unique interaction.

I have plenty of international experience from working in different countries, from Spain, my home country,
to Brazil. All of these experiences have broadened my horizons and I actually believe my stay in
Cambridge, and more specifically in Eddies, will strengthen my international knowledge.

Also, due to my personal and communicative skills I think I will be a sure bet for this position since I am
very approachable as well as sociable. Although I have not held any similar position before, I was really
appreciated in my past jobs for my ease for leading and running groups of people who were working
together in projects.

If I get elected, I am positive that this experience will be highly beneficial for me as well as for the whole
community of Eddies.

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