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					Following patient feedback from the questionnaires we realised that we
needed to implement a new phone system.
Following discussions with the PPG and various phone companies the
partners of Overdale Medical Practice have agreed on a system that

Has a selection of options when you call
This will allow you to be directed to the most appropriate place. We will have a
receptionist dedicated to triage and one to arranging other appointments and
answering enquiries.

Has more lines coming in
The number of lines coming in has doubled, so you are much less likely to get
an engaged tone, however the receptionists can still only answer one call at a
time, so please be patient and they will get to you as soon as they can. If all
the receptionists are busy you will go back to the greeting message. Here you
can press your option again, or phone back at a quieter time.
Has a queuing system for triage
This means that once the receptionist has put you into the queue for triage
they are able to take another call, and the triage nurse will have control of the
queue. The receptionist will be able to tell you how many people are before
you in the queue, so you will have a choice of whether you would like to hold
or ring back later. Remember we cannot tell how long each telephone
conversation will last.

Through our annual patient satisfaction questionnaires we have found that it is
important for people to know that they are able to be seen on the day that
they are ill.
Although some people are unhappy with the triage system, we believe that
the only way we can guarantee this is through having a triage service.

The triage nurse can also save you time by avoiding the need to be seen by a

The triage nurse may:
Give advice on the phone
Issue a prescription for you to pick up
Arrange a minor illness appointment
Arrange a long term conditions appointment
Arrange a telephone consultation with a GP
Arrange an appointment with a GP
Arrange a district nurse visit
Arrange a GP visit

Nurses appointments

For the following issues please ask the receptionist to book you an
appointment with the nurse.
Follow-up contraception
Ear Syringing
New patient checks
Smear tests
Smoking cessation
Suture removal
Vaccinations (travel and child)
Chronic disease clinics e.g. diabetes, hypertension, asthma

To help keep our phone lines free at our busiest times please call between
11:00-12:30 and after 15:00 for results and general enquiries

Thank you for your co-operation

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