New Teacher Letter 09-10 by Emilymohar


									                        Eagle’s Landing Middle School
                                    295 Tunis Road
                               McDonough, Georgia 30253
                                    (770) 914-8189
                                  FAX (770) 914-2989
   Principal                                                          Assistant Principals
James L. Davis                                                       William Johnson
                                                                      Deborah Reese

                                                                     August 19, 2009


         Eagle’s Landing Middle School has experienced a sudden and substantial increase
in enrollment this year. After consultation with the County Office, we are excited to
announce that we have been approved to add four additional teachers to our staff. We are
pleased to be able to decrease crowding and lower the student teacher ratio in our
classrooms thereby providing a significantly enhanced learning experience for your
students with the addition of one more teacher on each grade level and on our
Connections wing. We have already begun the process of selecting these teachers and
hope to be in a position to introduce them to you soon.
         We are already beginning to plan for the changes that will result from this growth.
Most students will remain on their current academic team with their current teachers, but
one team on each grade level will receive an additional teacher. Once we have everyone
and everything in place students on that team will receive a new schedule to
accommodate this change. As a result, the class compositions and periods will change
for many students on this team. Please begin now to help reassure your students as they
anticipate this restructuring.
         Finally, we do not expect much if any movement of students from one team to
another as part of this process. That being said, there may be some opportunities to move
a student from one team to another where it can be demonstrated that such a move may
enhance an individual student’s learning experience over the course of the current school
year. If you would like us to consider such a move for your student, please submit a
letter of request describing your wishes and the rational behind them. Be sure to discuss
your perceptions of what your child might gain or how their experience might be
enhanced by such a move. We will review all requests and make appropriate adjustments
where possible. Please bear in mind that there may be educational, logistical or practical
reasons why we may be unable to grant any or all of these requests, but we do want to
take this opportunity to explore these possibilities.
         As we incorporate these changes, we look forward to working with you to ensure
an exciting year of learning and growth for each and every one of our students.


                                                             Jim Davis

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