August news letter final by Emilymohar


									   AUGUST 2009                                                             VOLUME 20 ISSUE 8

  Serving the
 Our Redeemer
                                                   August, 2009
                      “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the
   Ministers:        Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything
 The People of     I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
 Our Redeemer                                                Jesus, Matthew 28:19-20
Lutheran Church
Rev. Ryan Mills   Jesus commands us to go. To go everywhere, to go to “all nations”. Real life will happen
    Pastor        as we go, sharing the life of God through baptism, sharing in God’s life as Father, Son,
      John        and Holy Spirit. We will humbly teach as we go, and depend on Him to go with us.
   Director of    We go to our families, go to our marriages, go to our offices, go to our schools, go to our
                  relationships, go to our communities, go to strangers. We go witnessing to Jesus Christ
 Kathy Pound      through word and deed, and he promises to go with us.
  Ev Stone &      We all end up going to places we would never have guessed. Pastor Kate Warn, a
    Connie        beloved former pastor of Our Redeemer, heard the call to “go”—to Sierra Leone, Africa!
   Secretary      Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa, along the Atlantic Coast. It is the poorest
                  English-speaking country in the world, and was ravaged by a civil war over diamonds.
   Leah Adix      You may have seen pictures of Sierra Leone’s children whose limbs were amputated
 Sunday School
  Coordinator     by machetes. It is a place that has known hell.

                  The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sierra Leone was begun by native people who heard
                  the gospel in Europe and America, and returned to begin the Lutheran Church there.
                  Pastor Kate helps train pastors, assists coordinating building churches, schools, and
 Congregation     water wells. The Church is a real life Book of Acts—hundreds of baptisms at Easter,
                  daily conversions, the church alive with young people, reaching out, bringing practical
                  healing and daily hope.
Brooks Maxwell    Our Redeemer is a “full sponsor” of Pastor Kate. And she sees signs of it! As she wrote
                  to me:
 Vice President   “When I moved into my house I met the men who live here full time as the compound
    Graham        guards. They open and close the gate, do general cleaning, and otherwise keep an eye
                  on things. George is the young man who speaks the best English and who comes
  Secretary       around every morning to check up on me. When I first met him, he was wearing a
 Cindy Dolezal
                  South Grand Prairie Warriors t-shirt. I couldn't help but notice -- and smile.
    Council       Although Grand Prairie seems a world away, meeting George wearing that t-shirt
 Mel Hammer       suddenly made the world seem very small.”
 Floy Johnson
 Paul Templin
 Natalie Tims     Our initial financial support of a few hundred dollars for Pastor Kate, planted like a
                  mustard seed, was soon matched, and rematched, has doubled, and then again! This is
   Share the      how God’s math works. In the month of August, I challenge us to prioritize Pastor Kate’s
                  ministry—through our prayers for her, through our financial giving above and beyond for
  Experience      her, through realizing we are all connected, in Jesus Christ.
of God’s Love!
                         Go in Peace!    Pastor Ryan+
                                                                Check out our website
             The Youth Academy                       


“On the Edge”
& Confirmation
                        Blessing of the Backpacks
9:00am Sundays                    August 30                                  Cornerstone
                      Bring your backpack, lunch box,                         August 30
                       new tennis shoes, and school
                      supplies to church for a blessing.                        5:00 pm
                          Let’s get this school year
                             off to a good start.                           Come join us!

                                     Gigi Welch                            August 10
                                     Susan Beach                           August 11
                                     Ron Templin                           August 11
                                     Lorine Peters                         August 12
                                     Bob Chaundy                           August 14
                                     Dilbez Tarar                          August 15
                                     Danielle Welch                        August 15
                                     Mike Largent                          August 15
                                     Terry Kerr                            August 18
                                     Lois Hunt                             August 23
                                     Marsha Muegge                         August 24
                                     Jacob Adix                            August 26
                                     Jason Leary                           August 26
                                     Linda Haight                          August 27
                                     Nell Ford                             August 28


                                     Jeff & Leah Adix                      August 12
                                     Michael & Ann Weldon                  August 12
                                     Michael & Jennifer Peck               August 19

                  Would you like your child to participate more in church?
                       Need a way to keep your little one focused?
                  Want your kid to hear God’s Word right at his/her level?

                                 Kids’ Liturgy of the Word
                  Every Sunday, an optional break-out time just for kids—
                       a simplified Bible reading, a craft and activity,
                       a way for them to hear and say God’s Word.

           Children ages 2-9 may leave right after Pastor’s children’s message,
                            and return for Holy Communion.

              If you would like more information or would like to get involved
  please contact Jennifer Peck at 972-266-2201 or by e-mail at

                                     Faith and Science
            Interested in how science and the Christian faith complement each other?

                   Are you a “committed to science as a Christian” person?

           Looking to go deeper into the question of human origins and human purpose
                       from both the perspective of the Bible and science?

A “science-minded” individual is sought for a new “Faith and Science” partnership at Our Redeemer.
            This person could be a health-care professional, science teacher, engineer,
          or anyone scientifically-minded who is open and interested in questions of faith,
                        and of ultimately seeing the two as complementary.

           Together with Pastor Ryan, this individual would attend one week of classes
         and follow-up seminars at Princeton University/Princeton Seminary, New Jersey,
       at no cost for tuition or room/board. Taught by renowned theologians and scientists,
           participant would receive a Certificate in Science for Ministry from Princeton,
                  and commit to fostering dialogue at ORLC, and within our Synod
                                   on questions of faith and science.

                       If you are interested, please speak with Pastor Ryan.

                  June, 2009 CONGREGATION COUNCIL MEETING
Pastor Ryan Mills, Floy Johnson, Dorothy Graham, Paul Templin, Brooks Maxwell, Mel Hammer, Natalie Tims,
Nancy Gibbs, Cindy Dolezal

Stephen Wong

Meeting called to order by Brooks Maxwell at 12:10 a.m. Pastor Ryan Mills opened with a prayer and led
a Bible study focused on the story of the mustard seeds. Discussion regarding growth in faith, actions as
children and how these grew are important in stressful times.

Secretary’s Report
The May Council minutes were reviewed and accepted with the correction of calling the meeting to order
at 12:08 PM not am.

Treasurer’s Report
Stephen continues to meet with Nancy to go over treasurers’ responsibilities. Accounts will be signed to allow
access by Stephen and Nancy will continue on through the transition.

Pastor’s Report
•  VBS will be held this week and the supplies and set will be sent to New Life in Duncanville for their VBS.
•  A luncheon for the St. John members will be held after church this month to transition membership for those
who are interested.
• The youth will attend the national Lutheran Youth gathering in New Orleans July 22-27. There will be
• requested matching funds from Thrivent from the “dinner and a Show” put on by the youth.
• The Summer Youth Academy is starting this month and the number of those attending is fluctuating.
       Alix was hired to oversee the activities of this program and be available in Pastor Ryan’s absence.

Updates and New Business
• Re-striping the parking lot. The Boy Scout project was presented and reviewed. The council/church
members will work with the scout on the layout in an effort to increase the space. Natalie moved to accept the
project pending the design, seconded by Pastor Ryan. The motion carried.
• Regarding the church mutual insurance policy. A motion was made by Brooks to add the employee at will
statement to our hiring policies which will be in compliance with the insurance company’s practices.
Motion seconded by Natalie and accepted.
• A second motion to institute a bond threshold requiring 2 signatures for checks greater than $1,000.00 was made
    by Natalie and seconded by Floy. The motion carried.
• Due to the high volume of use in the building the doors to the storage closet and altar closet will be keyed.
• There was a discussion regarding the number of copies made. This is a major cost and we will be looking at
    changes that can help in this area.
• Discussion regarding replacing the pews was tabled.

Prayers offered for each other.

Adjournment – 1:51

                      July, 2009 CONGREGATION COUNCIL MEETING
Pastor Ryan Mills, Floy Johnson, Dorothy Graham, Brooks Maxwell, Mel Hammer, Natalie Tims, Nancy Gibbs,
Stephen Wong, Ann Weldon, Cindy Dolezal

Paul Templin

Meeting called to order by Brooks Maxwell at 12:15 a.m. Pastor Ryan Mills opened with a prayer and led a
Bible study focused on the reading of Ephesians 1 from today’s service.

Secretary’s Report
June Council minutes were not available and the secretary’s report was tabled until next month.

Treasurer’s Report
•   Stephen Wong is now officially on the account as a signer.
•   Nancy reviewed the attached treasurer’s report.
•   There was discussion on the role of the treasurer as a gatekeeper for funds and how the approval to reimburse
members for expenses.
• Paper and copying continue to be our largest expense. In an effort to decrease this the newsletter will be
available online unless a member opts in to receive in print.
• Discussion on the need for a petty cash account for small office supplies or stamps. Mel made a motion that
was seconded by Floy for a petty cash account of $200.00 to be kept in the office, the motion carried.
• A need for training for counter was recognized, Cindy will lead this class Aug. 16th after the service.
• Natalie moved the treasurer’s report be accepted, seconded by Mel, motion carried.
• Due to Wachovia policy there is a need to name an “owner” of our account. This position has no financial
    authority but can add signatures or new treasurers and open/close accounts. This person can be anyone in the
    congregation, does not need to be a council member so therefore would not need to change if current council
    member is named and then goes off council. Pastor Ryan moved and Natalie seconded Brooks Maxwell be
    named as the owner of the account. Motion carried.

Pastor’s Report
•   There were 13 new members who joined today.
•   During the service July 19th there will be a blessing of the youth going to National Lutheran Youth gathering in
New Orleans July 22-27. There are 5 youth and 2 chaperones going on the trip that will include a literacy service
project and serving communion at the final service.
• In August we will focus on supporting Pastor Kate’s mission work.
• Pastor Ryan will be at the ELCA meeting in Minneapolis Aug. 16 and 23rd. Pastor Cruz will be leading the
• Connie Kent-Largent is organizing a group to go to an AirHogs game in August, more information to come.

Updates and New Business
•    The Summer Youth Academy has made some changes including an interview with Kendra prior to attending.
Discussion was held regarding paying Alix a stipend with the possible use of funds from the Emshoff Fund.
Ann Weldon to gather further information from Kendra.
• A chapter of the WELCA has been initiated at ORLC, with 2 groups (morning and evening). The offering from
this group will be tracked as a separate line item. The morning group has met and would like to organize the
fellowship and refreshment time after Sunday services.
• Regarding re-striping the parking lot, the plan that was laid out would not pass Grand Prairie code.
     Natalie will look into a quote for concrete if the option is to expand the parking area.

Prayers offered for each other
Adjournment – 2:10
    SUNDAY               MONDAY            TUESDAY           WEDNESDAY             THURSDAY              FRIDAY            SATURDAY
          2                    3                 4                     5                 6                    7                   8
  The Ninth Sunday        Office closed     Office closed        Office Hours        Office Hours        Office closed
   after Pentecost                                             9:00am-3:00pm       9:00am-3:00pm
    “On the Edge”                                                                                      Support Group
   and Confirmation
        9 am                                                                       Youth Academy
                                                                                                        7 to 9 p.m.
                                                                                    Noon-6:00pm                            Summit Liturgical
    Worship with                                                                                                            Baptist Church
   Holy Communion                                                                                                                6pm
      10:15 am           Youth Academy     Youth Academy       Youth Academy
                          Noon-6:00pm       Noon-6:00pm         Noon-6:00pm
 ORLC Night at the
                                                                 Bible Study
Grand Prairie Air Hogs                                       Book of Psalms 7 pm
      6:05 p.m.

          9                   10                11                  12                  13                   14                  15
  The Tenth Sunday        Office closed     Office closed        Office Hours        Office Hours        Office closed
   after Pentecost                                             9:00am-3:00pm       9:00am-3:00pm                            Mary, Mother
                                                                                                                             of our Lord
    “On the Edge”                                              Youth Academy       Women of ELCA
   and Confirmation      Youth Academy     Youth Academy        Noon-6:00pm           meeting in
        9 am              Noon-6:00pm       Noon-6:00pm                             fellowship hall
                                                                                     10:30 a.m. or
    Worship with                                                                       7:00 p.m.
   Holy Communion                                               No Bible Study                                             Summit Liturgical
      10:15 am                                                                     Youth Academy                            Baptist Church
                         Pastor Vacation   Pastor Vacation     Pastor Vacation      Noon-6:00pm                                  6pm
    Church Council                                                                                       Pastor at
   following worship                                                                 Pastor at          Church-wide          Pastor at
                                                                                    Church-wide          Assembly           Church-wide
                                                                                     Assembly                                Assembly

         16                   17                18                  19                  20                   21                  22
The Eleventh Sunday       Office closed      Office Hours        Office Hours        Office Hours        Office closed
  after Pentecost                          9:00am-3:00pm       9:00am-3:00pm       9:00am-3:00pm
                         Youth Academy
  “On the Edge” and       Noon-6:00pm                                              Youth Academy
  Confirmation 9 am                        Youth Academy                            Noon-6:00pm
                                                               Youth Academy
                                            Noon-6:00pm         Noon-6:00pm
    Worship with                                                                   Women of ELCA                           Summit Liturgical
   Holy Communion                                                                   fellowship hall
                                                                No Bible Study                                              Baptist Church
      10:15 am
                                                                                       7:00 p.m.                                 6pm
   Counter Training        Pastor at         Pastor at                               Pastor at           Pastor at           Pastor at
  following Worship                                              Pastor at
                          Church-wide       Church-wide         Church-wide         Church-wide         Church-wide         Church-wide
                           Assembly          Assembly            Assembly            Assembly            Assembly            Assembly
      Pastor at
Church-wide Assembly

         23                   24                25                  26                  27                   28                  29
 The Twelfth Sunday       Office closed      Office Hours        Office Hours        Office Hours        Office closed
   after Pentecost                         9:00am-3:00pm       9:00am-3:00pm

    “On the Edge”
   and Confirmation
        9 am
                                                                No Bible Study
    Worship with
   Holy Communion                                                                                                          Summit Liturgical
      10:15 am                                                                                                              Baptist Church
      Pastor at          Pastor Vacation   Pastor Vacation     Pastor Vacation     Pastor Vacation    Pastor on Vacation
Church-wide Assembly

         30                   31                 1                     2                 3                    4                   5
The Thirteenth Sunday     Office closed      Office Hours        Office Hours        Office Hours        Office Closed
   after Pentecost                         9:00am-3:00pm       9:00am-3:00pm       9:00am-3:00pm
                                           Youth Academy
    ““On the Edge”       Youth Academy      Noon-6:00pm        Youth Academy
   and Confirmation       Noon-6:00pm                           Noon-6:00pm        Youth Academy
         9 am                                                                       Noon-6:00pm
    Worship with                                                                                                           Summit Liturgical
   Holy Communion                                                                                                           Baptist Church
      10:15 am                                                                                                                   6pm
 Cornerstone—5 p.m.
                   2              9              16         23          30

Acolyte         Ambyr           Laci           Ryan       Jacob       Ambyr
                Fisher        Lonergan         Adix        Adix       Fisher

Acolyte           Liam         Cecelia          Aden      Blake       Ryan
Assistant        Fisher        Largent        Lonergan   Maxwell      Adix

Altar Care       Kris          Shirley        Dorothy    Dorothy     Dorothy
                Davies        Johnson         Graham     Graham      Graham

Assisting        Nancy          Mel            Cindi     Brooks       Natalie
Minister         Fisher       Hammer           Walker    Maxwell       Tims


Crucifer        Tristan        Ambyr           Jacob     Branden       Laci
                Fisher         Fisher           Adix      Hunt       Lonergan

Lay Reader       Kris          Hattie          Tristan    Hayes      Michael
                Davies        Hammer           Fisher    Graham       Hunt

Ushers &     Diane Williams      The            The        The         The
Greeters     Cindy Dolezal    Johnson’s        Adix’s    Maxwell’s   Dolezal’s



                               NEWSLETTER GOING DIGITAL!!!
                     Due to the rising cost of paper and producing the newsletter,
                             Our Redeemer Lutheran Church has decided
                       to distribute the newsletter by email and on the website.
                   Please be sure that the church office has your email address.

            For those not “connected” electronically, we will continue to print your
              newsletter. Just let the office know that you want a paper-newsletter.

                                              ORLC WELCA
                                               August News

                    Women of the ELCA Meetings—
All women high school age and up are encouraged to participate in these meetings
                              -and bring a friend!

                         Thursday, August 13—at 10:30 a.m.
                        Bible Study: “Mary Among the Disciples”
            Bring your favorite Bible and join us in the Fellowship Hall

                         Thursday, August 13—at 7:00 p.m.
         Alix Gebhardt, Summer Youth Worker with the Youth Academy
                   will share his experiences with the group.
           Then the women will prepare the “Back to School” packets
                      for the Youth Academy participants.

                        Watch for further announcements!
              If you have questions, please contact Hattie Hammer
             at 972-296-3703 or by e-mail at

         Looking forward to seeing you at one of these gatherings!

                                Can You Help?

   Can you help us collect items for the Youth Academy Back-to-School
   bags being put together by the Evening Women’s Group?
                           Items needed include:
       **#2 pencils   ** Mechanical Pencils ** Colored Pencils **
                    ** Ballpoint Pens (black/blue/red) **
                   ** Highlighters ** Pocket Folders **
          ** Rulers with both English and Metric measurements **

      Items are needed by August 13—your help is greatly appreciated.
              There will be a box in the narthex for these items.

                                     From Pastor Kate Warn
                               Missionary and Pastor in Residence
                           Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sierra Leone
                                  Every time I turn around in Sierra Leone, I meet children. Perhaps it would
                                  be more accurate to say that the children meet me. Children are quick to
                                  greet me when I’m out walking. They shout and wave and often times
                                  come running and jumping to shake hands and walk along. The children
                                  are often the first to meet me with wide-eyed curiosity and welcome when
                                  I visit Lutheran congregations, and they often outnumber the adults in
                                  attendance. “Let the children come to me for it is to such as these that
                                  the kingdom of heaven belongs,” Jesus said (Matthew 9:14). From what I
                                  can see, the children are ready and eager to come and belong.

                                  This past Sunday I went to worship for the first time at Christ the King
                                  Lutheran Church in Baw-Baw Village, 11 miles or an hour and a half car
                                  ride over muddy, bumpy roads from Freetown. Baw-Baw is a fishing
village next door to #2 River, and Pastor Yasim Turay serves both communities. Lord of the White Sand
Lutheran Church at #2 River is the mother congregation of Christ the King. Baw – Baw village begins where
the white sand of River #2 village gives way to sand which is, well, sandy brown.

 When I arrived at Christ the King on Sunday a handful of children were moving chairs and benches from
the nearby Lutheran primary school to the church for Sunday school and worship. Preparing the space for
worship and cleaning up afterward — carrying furniture and worship items – seems to be done by the
children in most congregations. There are no age limits here when it comes to opportunities for ministry
and service.

Sunday school began when 4 girls, probably 9 or 10 years old, stood up and started singing. Singing praise
                       to God is something they know in their hearts and so these girls were confident
                       and joyous song leaders. Then the Sunday school teacher asked one of the girls
                       to pray, and she prayed from her heart as if talking with God was the most
                       natural thing in the world. Even as I was thinking that there would be few
                       American children I know who would lead and pray as easily and boldly as
                       these kids, I was also struck by the content of the girl’s prayer. I was reminded
                       in a profound way just how different the African worldview is from my own
                       worldview. In the course of her prayer, this young girl prayed fervently for
                       protection against the power of witches, demons and evil spirits. This wasn’t the
                       first time I’ve heard witches referenced in the context of prayer, but it was the first
                       time I’ve heard a child give voice to her very real fears in this way.

                            In the traditional African understanding and experience of the world, witches,
                            demons and spirits are real and active in daily life. I continue to learn about this
                            world view in conversation with others. It would be easy for western Christians
to dismiss or judge such traditional African beliefs as irrational superstitions, but doing so would also dismiss
the opportunity to understand the gospel as powerful good news addressing culture with promise and hope
in a way that meets people’s deepest fears and needs.

The young girl who spoke of witches and demons brought her fears and her faith to church on Sunday,
and she prayed with utter trust in an almighty and saving God. That seems to me to be a pretty good
embodiment of what the church is all about. Let the little children come, Jesus said, and older people too,
let them come to hear good news. Let them come, and know the One whose power is greater than any sin,
any fear, any unseen spirit or evil force that threatens our lives.
Presiding Bishop's Call to Prayer
                God's Work. Our hands.
Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

"Marked with the cross of Christ forever, we are claimed, gathered, and sent
for the sake of the world." We are an evangelizing church, and this mission
flows out of a life attentive to God's Word and rooted in unceasing prayer for
the Spirit's life-giving work with the Word. In the seven weeks leading to the
start of the ELCA Churchwide Assembly on Aug. 17, I invite you to join in 50
days of renewed and focused prayer around the Scriptures that will be used
at the assembly, when your co-workers in the Gospel are daily gathered,
centered and sent into mission.

The accompanying Scriptures, prayers and songs are a resource you can
use in small groups, in individual devotions or as a congregation-wide
initiative. As you gather around God's Word, I ask you to pray especially
for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, for those who will gather
in Minneapolis, for decisions to be made, and for faithfulness in discerning
those directions to which God is calling this evangelizing church in mission
and service for the sake of the world.

In God's grace,
Mark S. Hanson
Presiding Bishop

                                Daily Prayers for the Church

O God, you open the hearts of your faithful people by sending into us the light of the Holy Spirit.
Direct the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America by the light of that Spirit,
that we might have a right judgment in all things
and rejoice at all times in your peace;
through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord.
Gracious Father, we pray for your holy catholic church.
Fill it with all truth and peace.
Where it is corrupt, purify it; where it is in error, direct it;
where in anything it is amiss, reform it;
where it is right, strengthen it; where it is divided, reunite it;
for the sake of Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord.
(Evangelical Lutheran Worship)
Almighty God, grant to your Church your Holy Spirit
and the wisdom which comes down from heaven,
that your Word may not be bound but have free course
and be preached to the joy and edifying of Christ's holy people,
that in steadfast faith we may serve you
and in the confession of your name may abide to the end;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
(Lutheran Book of Worship)

             Remember in your prayers these friends of the congregation:
   Aimee, Callie Mae Adix, the Pastor Tom Allan family, Ella Almer, the family of Florence Bengs, Ronnell &
Linda Burdon, Robbi Carter, Coy Click, Brian Dugan and family, Trace Eaton, Udo Grenda, Granny Alice Hair,
 Robert Harrison, Isabel, the family of Ivon, the family of Luther Jones, Linda, Bo Marple, the family of Ray
Mastran, Robert Montalvo, Kim Moris, the Mays family, the Morehouse family, An, Bill, Dave & Chris Peavey,
 Roger, Roland, Vanessa Roman, Brian Roesler, Barney Schack, Kathy & Victor Shellhorse, Grace Shroka,
  Sylvia, Ralph Shumway, Minni Stone, Tony, Anna Trainer, Craig Wall, Rhonda Walter the Williams family,
                                           Andrew Zilmer and family

                          Praying Together for Mission & Ministry
                         Pray especially for the NT-NL Campus Ministry Fund
                            And the Church-wide Assembly: August 17-23

   Please pray each week for these congregations and their ministries beginning the week of.....

August 2:     San Miguel, Fort Worth         Ascension, Garland            Texas Impact
August 9:     Hope, Comanche                 Santa Maria, Irving           St. Peter, Malone
August 16:    Grace, Fort Worth              St. Matthew’s, Fort Worth     DL Goal D: Lutheran Identity
August 23:    Faith, Wichita Falls           Christ the Servant, Allen     Central, Dallas
August 30:    Emanuel, Dallas                King of Glory, Dallas         North Central East Conference

                                             I thank my God every time I remember you,
                                                        constantly praying with joy
                                               in every one of my prayers for all of you,
                                                 because of your sharing in the gospel
                                                       from the first day until now.
                                                          I am confident of this,
                                          that the one who began a good work among you
                                        will bring it to completion by the day of Jesus Christ.

                                                              Philippians 1:3-6

    Inside this Issue:                    Sunday Schedule
•   Dates & Info to Remember                “On the Edge”
•   Calendar                                     and
•   Lay Ministry Schedule                    Confirmation
•   Women of the ELCA                          9:00am
•   News From Sierra Leone
•   Church Council Minutes                 WORSHIP WITH
•   Mission Support Update                HOLY COMMUNION

    Share the Experience of God’s Love!
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