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									Sending a Connect Letter to your friends, family and anyone who knows you by name
generates awareness and excitement about your new business. It is a great way of
gathering more names for your people farm and getting loans to work on during your
When you are new in business, it's important to let everyone know that you can help
them or their friends. You do not have a large database of past clients, which is why this
step is so important.
The Connect Letter positions you as a mortgage planner. Your friends, family and
acquaintances are happy you've taken the time to contact them and let them know
about your abilities, and how you are different from other they may have worked
Another important element of the Connect Letter is that it invites communication. You'll
be surprised how many people will take you up on your offer for advice. This is your
opportunity to begin a referral dialogue with them.
The Connect Letter strategy is even more powerful when followed up with a telephone
call. Many new mortgage planners are astonished by the enthusiastic support they get
from people in their circle of influence when they call after sending the letter. We
recommend using one of these two strategies:

     I. The “did you get my letter” strategy allows you to call people you care about to
        let them know about your new career. The key to this script is that you are not
        asking them for anything other than to help you spread the word.
    2. The 'I have time' strategy is quick calls to people you feel comfortable asking
       directly for referrals with little preamble.
How it Works:
Use the day 1 class “40 people you already know” form and gather their current
addresses and phone numbers.
Prepare a connect letter using the template included here as a guideline.
Merge the letter with the names and addresses you've compiled and print each letter on
letterhead or plain bond paper.
Hand-address each of the envelopes. If your envelopes include a preprinted return
address for your company, handwrite your own name above the company name with a
c/o next to it. A handwritten envelope will be opened every time. A preprinted
envelope that they weren't expecting may get thrown away as junk mail.
Mail the letters along with two business cards if you have them. You do this to
demonstrate that you are serious about this business, and so they have your card to
pass out if they happen to know anyone who could use your help right away. If you
do not have business cards then don’t worry. This is a wonderful excuse to write
another letter showing them your new business cards. Make sure you complete this
task with out using any excuses as to why it can not happen. Just do it
The goal of a connect letter is to keep you on the minds of those who know you, so
when it comes to real estate they call you first. The more times you are in front of
those people the better they will remember you for these services. Any excuse used
for sending them something works!
Enter all details of your mailings including the entire farm list into Goldmine, or some
type of database contact management system. You will find Goldmine training included
in this training system. You could use Microsoft products as long as your antivirus is up
to date always.
Use this Goldmine system to keep your promise of keeping in touch by mailing at least
one newsletter per month. Newsletters are also included in this training system. has some great newsletters to use.

   Options and Alternatives:
   • If you're an experienced mortgage planner with a past-client database, use a
     Reconnect letter strategy instead of the Connect Letter.
Connect Letter template

     Dear Client name,
I've made a career change and now own my own business as a mortgage
planner. I'm very excited about the opportunity to help people with what
may be the biggest financial investment they'll ever make: buying or
refinancing a home. My goal is to make this process a fun, exciting
experience for my clients, rather than a horror story like you've heard
about or even experienced.
I'll be running my business differently than most mortgage planners.
My main concerns will be:
      1. From your perspective, have I treated you with the utmost
      2. From your perspective, have I exceeded your expectations?
      3. From your perspective, is it in the best long-term financial interest
          for you?

By answering” yes" to all three questions I will earn my clients' trust and
become their mortgage consultant for life, a consultant they and you - can
count on to candidly answer loan questions and provide high-quality
service. My satisfied clients, in turn, refer their family members, friends
and colleagues to me. My business grows by referrals, so that I spend my
time serving my clients, rather than looking for new business from
I'm excited about my career change and about doing business differently, and I
look forward to helping you, or someone you care about, have a great experience
with your next home (purchase/refinance). I'll be keeping in touch with you
regularly from now on sharing interesting stories and ideas that happen as I
begin this new adventure!
John Smith
Your Mortgage Consultant For Life

P.S. If you have any words of wisdom for me in my new career, I'd love to hear
from you. Please e-mail me at or call me at 925-555-

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