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									                                 Atlanta Phoenix Mite Advanced
                             2011 Great Turkey Shoot-out Tournament
                                Duluth Ice Forum       Duluth, GA
Tournament Agenda
Day 1 (Friday, November 25th)
7:20 AM              Arrive at Rink
7:50 AM              Player dressed and ready in locker room
8:20 AM              GAME 1 vs. IHA Squirt All-Stars (Thrasher)
4:10 PM              Arrive at Rink
4:40 PM              Player dressed and ready in locker room
5:10 PM              GAME 2 vs. Fire Squirt B (Ice Forum)
Day 2 (Saturday, November 26th)
1:00 PM              Arrive at Rink
1:30 PM              Player dressed and ready in locker room
2:00 PM              GAME 3 vs. Fire Squirt B (Thrasher)
3:10 PM              Snack and cool down time for players
4:10 PM              Player dressed and ready in locker room
4:40 PM              GAME 4 vs. IHA Squirt All-Stars (Ice Forum)
Day 3 (Sunday, November 27th)
7:40 AM              Arrive at Rink
8:10 AM              Player dressed and ready in locker room
                     CHAMPIONSHIP GAME (Thrasher)
8:40–10:10 AM
                     Post Game Shootout, Awards (See Tournament Rules)
Other Information
Tournament Day Reminders
 Be at the rink at least 1 hour prior to game time. Players must be fully dressed and in the locker room ready
    to play 30 minutes prior to game time. There are penalties if the games are running ahead of schedule and
    we are not ready to be on the ice. (See Tournament Rules)
 Arrive at the rink in wind suit and polo shirt
 Bring both sets of jerseys and socks

Penalty Box and Snack Volunteers
                          Game 1           Game 2          Game 3            Game 4         Championship
      Volunteer         Fri 8:20 am      Fri 5:10 pm     Sat 2:00 pm       Sat 4:40 pm       Sun 8:40 am
     Penalty Box         M. Hower          S. Yorsh        D. Brien          S. Yorsh          S. Yorsh
    Snack Schedule       Synowski            Yorsh          Potter            Refine            Team

Time and Scorekeeper Volunteers

    All Time and Score keepers will need to check in at the registration desk prior to their games to pick up the
     score sheet and receive any last minute instructions from the tournament staff.
    All Time and Score keepers will be entered into a raffle to be held at the end of the tournament. Prizes will be
     listed at the registration table.
    We appreciate all of your help!

       Volunteer         Fri 11/25 5:10 pm   Sat 11/26 12:40 pm    Sat 11/26 2:00 pm     Sat 11/26 3:20 pm
      Timekeeper         Chad McGiboney            Brian B                Rob L                Kris O
      Scorekeeper       Colleen McGiboney         Heather G              Dave H               Christa O
Tournament Rules

  TSO tournament
  rules -2011.doc

Fundraiser Booth Information
Booth Schedule
If you cannot make the shift below notify me of the swap ASAP.
We must have someone at the table at all times.
      Volunteer             Fri 11/25              Sat 11/26
       7-9 a.m.             Christa O              Bud/Dino
      9-11 a.m.              Terry S               Melissa S
      11-1 p.m.              Clint G                 Liz B
       1-3 p.m.             Melissa H             Colleen M
       3-5 p.m.              Jenn S                 Alicia P
       5-7 p.m.              Alan B               Amy/Dallas

Fundraising Booth Information
Donations are tax deductable. If they would like hand them one of the tax deduction tickets and fill out the
amount of money they have donated for the drawing and/or seat cushions.
 Seat Cushions: $10 each
 Drawing Rules:
    Tickets are $2 each or 3-for-$5
    Give each customer a ticket and ask them to write their name and cell/CBR on the back of each ticket and
        drop it in the bucket they want for the prize they are going for.
             o For the Hockey Sticks – there will be one bucket, and two names will be drawn, one for each
                  stick. Ask them to right Left or Right on their ticket, and it will be the first ticket drawn for each
                  one (left or right) that wins.
    Drawing will be Saturday after the last shift. We will contact the winner to pick up Sunday after the
        Championship game at the Ice Forum.
         $250 Bass Pro Shop Gift Card
         Tent
         6 - MVP Sports Clips Haircut Services ($21 value each: Shampoo/massage, Hot Towel, leave in
             conditioner, neck and shoulder massage)
         Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings by The Bead Cabana
         $50 Boomerang Gift Certificates
         2 new Easton Jr. Hockey Sticks donated by the Pro Shop

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