Summary Letter by Emilymohar


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Getting Started                              support goal. I am well on the way to
     This being still the beginning of       arriving in Colombia by January.               Jonathan Saliba
deputation, I am completely amazed by        Summer Ministry
God’s provision. I have received so many        In addition to seeing God work in his        May 12, 2009
recommendations for support from friends,    provision for me as a missionary, I have      Sending Church
missionaries, pastors, and even strangers!   also had the privilege of accompanying a        Graceway Baptist Church
Only God could act in such an astonishing    group of college-age men and women              Springfield, Missouri
                                             from Park Place Baptist Church of Bryant,       Pastor Robert Stephenson
manner. I have not even been able to call
                                             AR on a trip deep into Mexico. Many of        Current Status
all the churches He has provided. Yet,
                                             them were able to experience missions for       Deputation
already I find myself at 20% of my total                                                   Education
                                             the first time in their lives.
                                                                                             Baptist Bible College
                                                                                             Springfield, Missouri
                                                                                             Major: Intercultural Studies
                                                                                             Minor: Teaching English to
                                                                                                     Speakers of Other
  Spring Camp 2009:                                                                                  Languages (TESOL)
  283 campers. 152 now live for Christ!

Colombia Update                              pillars, unable to see the preacher.  The
    I also would like to inform you about    plan is for these camps to happen several     A Bit About Colombia
what has been happening in the past          times per year, and with several different    While 90% of Colombians claim
year with the ministry in Colombia, so       schools.  Potentially, thousands will be      Catholicism, less than 55%
you will understand exactly what you will    saved in just the next few years.  God
                                             absolutely is working through the             actively practice it. With a
be sending me into.  A few years ago the
Rawlings Foundation began construction       ministries in Colombia.  But, what do we      population of nearly 8 million
of a camp in Chinauta, just outside          do with all these new believers?  What if     souls in Bogotá, this leaves
Bogotá--the capital of Colombia.             a church were planted near every public
                                                                                           almost 4 million people feeling
Throughout the school-year, the              school in Bogotá? While God is saving
                                             souls, He also is creating a huge need for    secure as Catholics, but really
missionaries in Colombia were allowed to
come into a public school to teach           more churches and leaders.  It's this great   practicing no faith at all.
students about ethics.  Though the           need that makes it absolutely necessary       Those who practice
missionaries and national pastors were       to return to Colombia by spring.
                                                                                           Catholicism have fallen victim
not allowed to present the Gospel in the     In Conclusion
school, this past spring 272 of the              I would encourage you to browse my        to skewed beliefs, subtracting
students chose to attend our evangelistic    web site,, for             from the work of Christ on the
camp.  194 of them accepted Christ as        information about the plans I have for        cross. They rely on their works
their Savior.  While I rejoiced at this      ministry in Colombia. Please pray for me
                                                                                           instead of the work of Christ.
news, the reality of the situation didn't    during these last few months as I finish
really hit me until I went back to           raising support, but especially as I make
Colombia three weeks ago. On Saturday        the move to the field God is now              Clearly there is a great need
I didn't even recognize half of the          preparing. I will contact you soon to         for the Gospel in Colombia.
students at the middle-school and high-      discuss the possibility of partnering with    Thank you for your prayers and
school meeting.  On Sunday the church        your church in taking the gospel of Christ    support. Together we are
was filled from the stage to the doors.      to Colombia.                                  reaching Colombia for Christ.
Some sat in the back, behind walls or

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