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					                  TABLE 4D -- CURRENT PERSONNEL

                                   NSS OFFICERS
                         Executive Committee:

     President   Wm Shrewsbury              Administrative   Geary Schindel
                 124 4th Ave NW             Vice-President   11310 Whisper Dawn
                 Largo, FL 33770                             San Antonio, TX 78230
                 727-424-2901                                210-479-2151

     Executive   John LaMar Cole               Operations    David Luckins
Vice-President   1196 Millcreek Dr          Vice President   3683 Oakleaf Drive
                 Lexington, KY 40517                         W. Bloomfield, MI 48324
                 859-245-3383                                248-520-6161 (cell)

    Secretary-   Debra Young
     Treasurer   551 Homestead Ave NE
                 Palm Bay, FL 32907

                                  NSS DIRECTORS
     Directors:        Officers & Directors:

2009-2012   Linda Baker Devine             2009-2012   Ted Kayes, Chairman
            13329 Deerbrook Drive                      8031 Whittington Dr
            Potomac, MD 20854                          Richmond, VA 23235
            301-315-0342                               804-272-4310

2009-2012   Carol Tiderman                 2009-2012   Keith D. Wheeland
            7600 Pindell School Rd                     2191 Mt View Ave
            Fulton, MD 20759                           State College, PA 16801
            410-792-0742                               814-238-2057

2010-2013   Wm. Gary Bush                  2010-2013   Jay Clark
            8238 Woodstream Dr. NW                     1000 Urban Center Dr #125
            Canal Winchester OH 43110                  Birmingham, AL 35342
            614-837-5297                               205-397-2900

2010-2013   Bill Putnam                    2010-2013   Dean Wiseman
            1865 Eagle Summit Ct                       7829 Sailors Ln
            Lawrenceville, GA 30043                    Indianapolis, IN 46254
            678-371-4517                               406-546-7938

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(Directors, continued)

  2011-2014       Mark Joop                        2011-2014    Ronal Kerbo
                  807 Dennis Way                                6160 South Oak Way
                  Carlsbad, NM 88220                            Littleton, CO 80127
                  865-207-9111                                  303-904-2422

  2011-2014       Bill Liebman                     2011-2014    Randy Paylor
                  P. O. Box 11                                  291 Woodfield Cr
                  Cass, WV 24927-0010                           Shelbyville, KY 40065
                  304-456-3433                                  859-420-5541

                              DEPARTMENT OF THE PRESIDENT

Awards Committee                 Board Arrangements             Bylaws Committee
Scott Fee, Chairman              Committee                      Mike Hood, Chairman
205-914-7487                     Jean DeVries, Chairman         937-252-2978                 616-560-7955         

Congress of Grottos              Corporate Report               Exec. Search Committee
Bill Stringfellow, Chairman      Committee                      Carol Tiderman, Chairman
678-576-0506                      410-792-0742                                         

Fund Raising Committee           Grant Committee                Government Liaison
Bill Putnam, Chairman            Julia G. Germany, Chairman     Thomas Evans
678-371-4517                     281-979-9208                   406-994-4890       

Headquarters Commission          International Secretary        Karst Information Portal
David Haun, Chairman             John Moses                     Liaison
317-517-0795                     915-755-7716                   Todd Chavez               813-974-7905

KWI Liaison                      Legal Committee                Membership Committee
Kelly Norwood                    Joel B. Stevenson, Chairman    Dawn Ryan, Chairman
770-723-9040                     H 828-669-0126                 559-565-3369             W 828-255-7703       

National Cave Management         NCKRI Liaison                  Nominating Committee
Symposium Coordinator            Patricia Seiser                Allan Weberg, Chairman
Michael Warner                   575-361-2283                   703-490-4882        

Planning Committee               Public Relations Division      Public Relations
R. D. Milhollin, Chairman        Dean Wiseman, Division Chief   Jay Jorden
682-225-3369                     317-293-0208                   214-202-6611              

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Recording Secretary          Secretary to the Board          Show Caves Liaison
Jean DeVries                 Vince Kappler                   Gordon Smith, Chairman
616-560-7955                 973-579-2116                    812-945-5721    
TNC Liaison
Cory Holliday
Ad Hoc Committees
Cavern Arts Project          Office Software                 WNS Liaison
Lois Manno, Chairman         Peri Frantz, Chairman           Peter Youngbaer
505-995-8475                 408-356-8506                    802-454-7752


Cave Management Division
Division Chief               Cave Conservancies              Cave and Karst Acquisition
John M Wilson                Committee                       Committee
804-741-4274                 John M Wilson, Chairman         Kim Metzgar, Chairman             804-741-4274                    724-325-2985

Contemporary Cave Use
Lisa Hall, Chairman

NSS Nature Preserves
NSS Nature Preserves         Barton Hill Nature Preserve     Donald R. Russell Nature
Gary Moss, Chairman          Thomas D. Engel, Chairman       Preserve
703-573-1068                 518-478-9664                    Clayton Russell, Chairman      918-696-4950

Great Expectations Nature    John Guilday Nature             Kingston Saltpeter Nature
Preserve                     Preserve                        Preserve
Bob Montgomery, Chairman     Dave West, Chairman             Larry O. Blair, Chairman
307-266-6929                 410-366-5038                    770-422-2174

McFails Nature Preserve      Mill Creek Nature Preserve      Richard J. Blenz Nature
Thomas C. Rider, Chairman    Robert Anderson, Chairman       Preserve
518-280-1135                 386-454-3143                    Anmar Mirza, Chairman    812-388-6917

(AVP Dept., continued)

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Schoharie Nature Preserve      Shelta Cave Nature                  Tytoona Cave Nature
Christa Hay, Chairman          Preserve                            Preserve   Ronnie, Pati, & Chris Miller, Co-   Garrett Czmor, Chairman
                               Chairs, 256-534-7809      
                               NSS Office 256-852-1300
Warren Nature Preserve         Wells Cave Nature Preserve
William Oldacre, Chairman      William Walden, Chairman
352-505-2644                   606-340-9569

Conservation Division
Division Co-Chiefs             Cave Conservation                   State Legislation Sub-
Jim Werker & Val Hildreth-     Committee                           Committee
Werker                         Jim Werker & Val Hildreth-          John W. Clark, Jr.
575-895-5050                   Werker, Co-Chairs                   205-397-2900               575-895-5050              

Conservation Grants            Conservation Task Force             Geocaching Committee
Subcommittee                   Subcommittee                        David Irving, Chairman
John Pearson, Coordinator      Jonathan Beard, Coordinator         760-643-1208
304-497-3803                   417-887-7231                   

Liaison for International      Mammoth Cave Restoration            Resource Preservation
Speleothem Protection          Committee                           Committee
Thomas Lera, Chairman          William Copeland, Chairman          David Joaquim
707-560-8372                   417-581-1210                        480-970-8186     

Vandalism Deterrence
Reward Commission
Jay Jorden, Chairman

Education Division
Division Chief                 Educational Grants and              Environmental Education
Dianne Gillespie               Scholarship Committee               Committee
270-404-2034                   Pam Tegelman Malabad, Chair         Kriste Jo Lindberg, Chairman   540-961-0797                        812-339-7210

National Cave Rescue           Safety & Techniques                 Youth Groups Liaison
Commission                     Committee                           Committee
Anmar Mirza, National          Aaron Bird, Chairman                Allen Maddox, Chairman
Coordinator                    734-259-9566                        610-273-3021
812-388-6917                   safetyandtechniques@caves.or          g

(AVP Dept., continued)

NSS Convention Division
                                                                                         Page 4.D.4
Division Chief                Convention Development        Convention Publications
Carol Tiderman                Committee                     Liaison Sub-Committee
410-792-0742                  Carol Tiderman, Chairman      Tom Rea, Chairman              410-792-0742                  765-653-4423

Convention Sessions           Historical Convention         Convention - 2011
Liaison Sub-Committee         Finance Data                  Dave Lester, Co-Chair.
Bob Hoke, Chairman            Sub-Committee                 303-771-8408
301-725-5877                  Jean DeVries, Chairman                 616-560-7955                  Marty Morey, Co-Chair.

Convention - 2012             Convention - 2013             Junior Speleological Society
Jeff Bray, Co-Chair.          Russell Kennedy, Co-Chair     Committee
304-645-5359                  301-977-1804                  Ed Kehs, Jr., Chairmen              610-346-6968
John Pearson, Co-Chair.       Gordon Birkhimer, Co-Chair
304-497-3803                  703-573-4653    

NSS Salons
Salons                        Salons                        Cartographic Salon
Cady Soukup Co-chairman       David Lester Co-chairman      Jim Kennedy
540-675-3015                  303-771-8408                  512-663-2287    

Cave Ballad Salon             Fine Arts Salon               Multimedia Program Salon
Barbara am Ende, Chairman     Carolina Shrewsbury, Chair.   Dave Bunnell, Chairman
703-909-5155                  727-424-2901                  209-736-1689

Cover Art Salon               Print Salon                   Photo Salon
Brian Killingbeck, Chairman   Wm Shrewsbury, Chairman       Ray Cole, Co-chairman
423-987-2233                  727-424-2901                  703-960-3559

Photo Salon                   T-Shirt and Symbolic          Video Salon
Cady Soukup, Co-chairman      Emblems Salon                 David Socky, Chairman
(Entries)                     Kim Fleischmann, Chairman     540-989-7693


AAAS Rep. – Biology           AAAS Rep. – Geology &         AGI Delegate
Dr. Kathleen LaVoie           Geography                     Dave Decker
H 518-562-1154                Daniel L. Chess               360-929-2233
W 518-564-3150                H 914-945-2479      

(EVP Dept., continued)
American Caving Accidents     Exploration Committee,        Exploration Committee, U.S.
Ray Keeler, Chairman/Editor   International                 Thomas Shifflett, Chairman
                                                                                  Page 4.D.5
623-523-1760                 Joel D. Despain, Chairman       703-404-6323                559-565-3717          

Journal of Cave and Karst    Market Analysis Committee       Members Manual
Studies                      Debra Young, Chairman           Meredith Hall Weberg, Editor
Malcolm Field, Editor        321-984-0228                    703-451-3637

NSS News                     Research Advisory               Special Publications
Dave Bunnell Editor          Committee                       Committee
209-736-1689                 Donald A. McFarlane, Chairman   Tom Rea, Chairman            909-607-2564                    812-339-7391

Speleo Digest Committee
George Jaegers, Chairman


Archives Division

Division Chief               Archivist                       Cave Files Committee
Tricia Spiliotis, Interim    J. Reynolds Duncan, Jr.,        Richard Blenz, Chairman
256-665-8468                 Chairman                        812-825-2345        256-852-4522          
                             256-684-4111 cell

Photo Archives Committee     Speleo-Museum
Karen Kastning, Curator      Amber Yuellig, Archivist
540-639-4666                 813-784-8490

                             Audio-Visual Library            Information Technology
                             Committee                       (IT) Committee
                             David Socky, Chairman           Christopher Francke, Chairman
                             540-989-7693                    512-567-7853

 (IT continued)               (IT continued)                 (IT continued)
Alex Sproul, Webmaster       OnLine Cavers Forum             CaveChat Forum          Amy Hinkle, Administrator       David Grimes, Administrator
Gary Bush, Asst. Webmaster

(OVP Dept., continued)

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Internal Organizations      Marketing and Advertising     NSS Library Committee
Committee                   Committee                     Charles Lundquist, Chairman
Keith Wheeland, Chairman    Roger Brucker                 256-883-8926
814-238-2057                937-426-7060                   Bill Torode, Librarian

NSS Office                  NSS Office Staff              Office Systems Committee
Operations Manager          Michelle Vaughn, Bookstore    Phil Winkler, Chairman
Stephanie Searles            302-984-2698
W: 256- 852-1300            Stephanie Rubio, Facilities
F: 256- 851-9241             Bill Torode, Librarian

Speleo-Museum Committee
Craig Hindman, Curator


Finance Committee           Chief Accounting Manager      Insurance Committee
Peri Frantz, Chairman       Dave Irving                   Theodore O. Kayes, Chairman
408-356-8506                619-306-0813                  804-272-4310

NSS Personal Property

Agents of the Treasurer
Fine Arts Salon Treasurer   Headquarters Commission       Junior Speleological Society
Alice Rolfes-Curl           Vacant                        Treasurer
734-995-2678                                              Ed Kehs, Jr.                                         610-346-6968

NSS Operations Manager      NSS Publication Advertising    2011 NSS National
Stephanie Searles           Accountant                    Convention Treasurer
256-852-1300                Bert Ashbrook                 Jim Wilson           610-627-2378                  303-772-4221

2012 NSS National           2013 NSS National             2014 NSS National
Convention Treasurer        Convention Treasurer          Convention Treasurer
Andrew “Nick” Schaer

(S-T Dept., continued)

                                                                               Page 4.D.7
NCRC Regional Treasurers

NCRC Northeast Region      NCRC Eastern Region           NCRC Southeastern Region
John Evans                 John Appleby                  J. Kevin Smith, CPA, CGFM

NCRC Central Region        NCRC South-Central Region     NCRC Western Region
Anmar Mirza                Becky Jones                   Mark Bowers

NCRC Southwestern Region   NCRC Pacific NW Region
Bob Rodgers                John Punches

Bank Account Reconcilers

NCRC Financial Officer     Fine Arts Salon Account       JSS Account
Kathy Welling              NCRC National & SE Region     NSS Corporate Accounts             NSS Corporate Accounts        Kristine Deveny
                           Scott Fee           

NSS Advertising Bank       NSS Convention Accounts       NSS Corporate Accounts
Account                    Peggy Kesner                  MCNP Cooperate Account
David Irving               208-939-0979                  Fine Arts Salon Account
619-306-0813         Peri Frantz (Interim)                       


NSS Audit – Board of       NSS Headquarters              President Pro Tem
Governors Committee        2813 Cave Avenue              Gary Moss
JoEllen Kimmel             Huntsville, AL 35810-4431
765-349-0211               256-852-1300 

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