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									                          150 Cherry Hill Road Ronks, PA 17572                          717-687-6843

    Dear Group Leader,
    Churches, athletic teams and other groups are always looking for ways to cut down on costs for special
    events, such as missions trips, group outings, and retreats. I am excited to tell you about a new fundrais-
    ing opportunity from Cherry Crest Adventure Farm.

    Here at Cherry Crest we cook up some of the best fudge you’ll ever taste, in mouth watering flavors
    like Peanut Butter Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, & Raspberry Chocolate Swirl. In 2007 we started of-
    fering our fudge as a fundraiser for groups and individuals who wanted to raise money towards a goal.

    Through our fundraising program, we offer the fudge to you at a discounted price, and then you sell the
    fudge at normal retail price. We provide you with the sales sheets and all the information you need to
    get started. After receiving your order, we will make and box the fudge, so that it is ready for you to
    pick up at our farm (located near the Strasburg Railroad) on an agreed upon date. Each box will be la-
    beled with the name of the purchaser, the flavors included, and the seller, so you know where to deliver
    the box. Below is a chart that shows your profits on each box size.

      Box Size    Number of      Your      Selling   Your      Flavors Available: vary by season
                  Flavors        Cost      Price     Profit

      ½ lb        1              $3.50     $6.00     $2.50     *Chocolate *Raspberry Chocolate *Cookies & Cream
      1 lb.       1-2            $7.00     $11.00    $4.00     *Vanilla     *Candy Cane         *Chocolate Walnut
                                                               *Cappuccino *Vanilla Caramel Nut *Peanut Butter
      2 lb.       1-4            $14.00    $19.00    $5.00     *Peanut Butter Chocolate

    People are looking for unique gifts for their friends, family & co-workers. Fudge gives them the oppor-
    tunity to support your organization, while at the same time buying a gift that is both convenient and de-
    licious. Once they receive their order, don’t be surprised if your patrons demand that your fudge sale
    become an annual event.

    For more information or to talk with someone about using fudge as a fund-
    raiser, please contact me by phone (717) 687-6843 ext 104 or by email

    I hope to hear from you!

    Kristen Dressler
    Director of Fun & Fudge

Phone: 717-687-6843            Fax: 717-687-8143      CherryCrestAdventureFarm.com     cornmaze@cherrycrestfarm.com

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