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									                         The First EUREKA Investors Shop
                         June 1st 2011 | Jerusalem, Israel

General Information
TheEUREKA Investors Shopwill be held on June 1, 2011 at the International Convention
Center in Jerusalem, in cooperation with the Israeli High-Tech Industry Association's
Annual Conference 2011 (HTIA). This event, initiated by the Israeli Chairmanship and
held for the first time by EUREKA, will provide investors from around the world and
innovative companies specially selected from EUREKA’s member countries with the
opportunity to meet and discuss cooperation and financing opportunities. The event
this year will focus on three fields: ICT, biomed and clean-tech.

EUREKA is Europe’s largest platform for international cooperation in industrial R&D,
federating the national R&D support schemes of 40 member countries. The HTIA (High
Tech Industry Association) is the main gateway to this industry – startups and
entrepreneurs, SMEs, global companies, local and global VCs, universities, angels,
investment bankers and top tier service providers. The HTIA annual conference, May 31-
June 2, is the largest of its kind in Israel, attracting more than 5,000 participants,
including delegations of global executives and investors from around the world – Silicon
Valley and North America, China, India, Russia and throughout Europe.
Application and Screening Process

To ensure that participating companies meet the specially designed criteria for this
exclusive event, registration for the EUREKA Investors Shop is subject to pre-screening
by the event’s steering committee, based on a company’s ability to meet the following

      Company has a proven “break-through" solution/product;
      A growing and large enough target market;
      Has passed the proof-of-concept stage;
      Requires capital no more than €10M and not less than €1M
      Is in the ICT, biomed and/or clean-tech sectors

Both EUREKA portfolio companies and non-EUREKA companies are invited to apply to
be considered as potential participants.

Potential applicants can express their interest by pre-registering for the event at the
following website: After
pre-registering, they will be contacted via email by the event’s coordinators, Roey Fisher
and Mirna Loiferman, with a more detailed application form. Applications are due by
May 2.
Applications will be screened and considered by the event’s coordinator, with the
cooperation and consultation of respective NPCs, starting now on a rolling basis.

Registration (*pending acceptance)

Once accepted and approved, companies will be notified of their acceptance,
providedlogistical details for the event, and be offered the following two options for

      $180 – One-Day Access
       Participation in the EUREKA Investors Shop (incl. inclusion in the Investors Shop
       Catalogue) & One-Day Access to the HTIA Conference (June 1)

      $250 – Full Access
       Participation in the EUREKA Investors Shop (incl. inclusion in the Investors Shop
       Catalog), &Full Access to HTIA Conference (May 31, June 1, June 2, including
       invite-only welcome reception on May 31)

Please note that these are discounted rates, offered only to EUREKA Investment Shop
companies. Therefore, EUREKA Investors Shop coordinators will register participants for
both the Investors Shop and the HTIA Conference,based on the option they chose. No
external registration is necessary. Companies will be notified at the latest by May 10,
2011 regarding their acceptance for the event.

Investors can attend the event with HTIA’s regular rates for participants
( They should register through the HTIA

Investors Shop Catalogue

All participating companies will be included in a catalog, accessible to all investors
participating in the HTIA conference. With their approval, they will also be offered the
opportunity to be included in the database used for the E!nnovest Search & Match

Practical Guide

Once accepted, participants will be provided a practical guide to the event which
includes a detailed schedule of the event, program, and information about hotel
accommodations, travel arrangements, and social events.
Event program and Structure

The event will include a workshop for companies to present themselves to investors, as well as a
portion of the day dedicated to one-on-one meetings. Presentations will be 7-10 minutes long,
(5-10 ppt. slides). There will be three separate workshops for each industry theme (ICT, biomed,
clean-tech). One-on-one meetings with investors will be arranged by the coordinators.
Companies will be informed of which investors are interested in meeting with them.

        Preliminary Program/Schedule (June 1):

        9-9:30         Registration
        9:30 – 11:00   Presentation Session (3 workshop rooms based on industry)
        11:00-11:30    Break
        11:30-13:00Presentation Session Cont.(3 workshop rooms based on industry)
        13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
        14:00 – 16:00 One-on-One Meetings
        16:00 – 16:30 Press Conference

Networking for Companies

The HTIA conference provides a networking system which Investors Shop participants are
welcome to use. EUREKA will use this networking engine in order to arrange meetings for
companies with investors during the one-on-one meetings session during the Investors Shop on
June 1 (14:00 – 16:00), using company profiles and our knowledge of the investors to make

Investors can also directly express interest to attend the Investors Shop by pre-registering for
the event in the same way companies express interest.

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