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                                                                                                  V O LU M E 1 , I SS U E 1

  THE ATLANTIC SHIFT                                                                              S EPTEMBER 2 0 0 8

                               TRANSFORMING SAILING
                                                                                                    I N S ID E T H I S I S S U E :
                                                                                                 Yarra perfect season                2
  Thank You Atlantic Canada!
                                                                                                 Picture Perfect win’s               2

                                                                                                 Nonsuch stack pack                  2
  I would like to extend a        and are committed to
  huge thank you for all of       changing how sailors         department for the com-           Sails on Speedboat                  3
  the support from custom-        look at sailmaking in        ing spring, as well as
  ers who helped us grow          Atlantic Canada. With the    having our staff undergo          Yngling class swept                 3
  our company to another          huge delivery demand we      further technical training
                                                               to bring the latest most          Some Doyle history                  4
  level this year. In the past    have experienced, we are
  three short seasons, we         committed to improving       advanced sails on the
  have grown this company         service by adding addi-      market..
  from two staff to seven         tional staff to our repair

                                                                                 Red Dragon
• Best Pricing of the Year!
                                                                                 The largest inlaid fibre
• Free Winter storage                                                            sail in the world.
• Yarra perfect season                                                           The Stratis membranes
                                                                                 on board this vessel
• Doyle wins gold, silver,
  bronze                                                                         account for over
                                                                                 27,000 square feet of
                                                                                 sail area.
                                                                                 An indication of
                                                                                 Doyle’s capability

  Best savings of the year and free winter storage
  makes for an easy spring!
  Beat the spring rush with       Pack main sail handling      save on the strongest
  the best savings of the         system, Or Setting the       deals of the year on all
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  cloth reductions. Great         Grand Prix Carbon, or        FREE winter storage and
  quality Cruising products       the most advanced string     check over let us make
  from our Durasail dacron        sail on the Planet           your spring as easy as
  to our innovative Stack-        “STRATIS”. Book and          possible!
PAGE 2                                                                                                  V O LU M E 1 , I SS U E 1

YARRA AND DOYLE COMBINE FOR PERFECT SEASON IN                                                     CAPE BRETON!
The Abbott 33 “Yarra”, using a full       opening regatta, followed a few weeks       success was the versatility of our Doyle
Doyle inventory, recently completed a     later with a victory in the BYC’s pres-     inventory. The sails really allowed us to
perfect season in Cape Breton!            tigous McCurdy Cup.                                             shift gears as the
                                          The team then travelled                                         conditions changed,
Sailing out of the Bras d’Or Yacht Club   to the RCBYC East Bay                                           always keeping the
in Baddeck, Yarra began the season by     Regatta and recorded             “One of the keys to our        boat up to speed.”
taking “Boat of the Week” honours at      two wins in two races.
the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club’s        The final event of the        success was the versatility of Skipper John Coak-
                                          season saw the team at                                          ley said, “it was the
                                                                            our Doyle inventory”          great service from
                                          the Bras d’Or Yacht
                                          Club Regatta Week                                               the folks at Doyle
                                          where Yarra recorded                                            Halifax that kept us
                                          four wins in six races                                          on the water all
                                          and took home the Marvin L. Harvey          year…”
                                          Award as Boat of the Week. The team
                                          was also awarded the Baddeck 100th          Yarra uses a complete Doyle inventory
                                          Anniversary Trophy as the top perform-      including:
                                          ing boat in the Bras d’Or Lakes for                   -DOYLE GP Carbon Mainsail
                                          2008.                                                 -DOYLE D4™ Twaron 150%
                                                                                                -DOYLE Pentex 105% Blade
 YARRA sailing to victory in East Bay
                                          Tactician and main trimmer Matt Stokes                -DOYLE 0.75oz AP-Runner
                                          commented, “the boat performed very
                                          well this season. One of the keys to our

Picture Perfect Wins Class in NSTYA Championship!
My custom tailored pentex sails           Ellen MacPhail
from Doyle Halifax for my Jeanneau
are perfect. Much to my delight, the      Picture Perfect,
set was hand delivered earlier then       25’ Jeanneau Eolia
scheduled and minutes prior to a
race with no detail overlooked by         NSTYA Class Champion 2008
their competent staff. The suit of        with the new Doyle Sails
sails also proved to be an effective      Former NSYTA Series Champion,
show piece backdrop for an onboard        NSTYA C Class Champion, and
government sponsored Tourism              owner of WaveSkills Sailing
photo shoot as well!                      School.

Nonsuch Stackpack improves ease of sail handling!
Many thanks for            our new        StackPack.We really appre-                   tue of the StackPack!You
                                          ciate the ease of putting                    can tell I am a very satis-
                                          the sail away at the end                     fied customer and recommend
                                          of the day.We don't have to                  you and the StackPack to
                                          go forward until we are in                   others who want a great
                                          calm water or at the our                     sail cover! Your
                                          slip and that is something                   Doyle"T"shirts were a big
                                          I really appreciate.The                      hit at our Nonsuch Rendez-
                                          white colour was a good                      vous over the Labour Day
                                          choice and looks great.It                    Weekend and so was the
                                          is hardly noticeable when                    StackPack.Thank you and
                                          we are sailing,it blends in                  Doyle Halifax for your as-
                                          with the sail and is not a                   sistance at the Rendezvous.
                                          distraction. I have used a
                                          conventional sail covers                     Thanks Again
                                          and will attest to the vir-                  George Archibald
T H E A T L A N T I C SHI FT                                                                                   PAGE 3

The New Juan K 98’ Speedboat             chose Doyle to build the two deliv-      mension-Polyant GXLD. After
                                         ery sails for their new program.         much work on the design aspect and
                                                                 Rusty Can-       complicated reef setup, the sails fit
                                                                 ada of Doyle     perfectly.
                                                                 San Fran-
                                                                 cisco and        “We’re very pleased with our deci-
                                                                 Richard          sion to go with Doyle for the deliv-
                                                                 Bouzaid of       ery inventory for Speedboat. Doyle
                                                                 Doyle New        did exactly what they said they
                                                                 Zealand          would do, and were a pleasure to
                                                                 worked hand      work with; not to mention the sails
                                                                 in hand on       looked great." Bill Erkelens, Speed-
                                                                 the project,     boat, Project Manager.
                                                                 and the result
                                                                 was a perfect    If you are looking for new sails or
                                                                 set of sails.    service work on your existing sails.
Caption describing picture or graphic.                                            Doyle is the place to go to get the
                                                                 The sails
                                                                 were Tri-        job done.
                                                                 Radial Di-

Congratulations to teams skippered     sails. Team GBR's coach, Paul              put in a winning performance, con-
by Sarah Ayton (GBR), Mandy            Brotherton, attributed the switch to       tact your local Doyle loft at 800-94-
Mulder (NED)                                        a new Doyle mainsail          DOYLE. For more details on all
and Sofia Beka-                                     designed by Jud Smith         Doyle One Design Classes,
torou (GRE) for                                     as key
winning the Gold,        “new Doyle mainsail        to Team
Silver and Bronze                                   GBR's
                     designed by Jud Smith as key
medals in the                                       Gold.
Yngling Class at        to Team GBR's Gold.”        When
the 2008 Olym-                                      you
pics using Doyle                                    want to

Ploch wins Block Island 36.7

                                                            Congratulations to Mark Ploch
                                                            on their win at Block Island
                                                            Race Week. Another example
                                                            of Doyle’s highly competitive
                                                            one design sails in action.

Mark Ploch on the helm
                                            Please feel free to contact myself or Brad on how we can help you increase your

                                          knowledge of sailing from buoy racing to distance off shore racing, rig tune, sail trim
      Doyle sailmakers Atlantic

   Doyle Sailmakers Halifax               as well as ways to make your boat
             20 wright Ave
                B3B 1G6                               easier to sail.
            Phone: 902 465 7245
             Fax: 902 462 7245
  Email: nathan@canadiansailmakers.com
                                                   Share the passion,


                                                                                    Climax crew in East Bay

Transforming Sailing

                                         A background on Doyle Sails
                                         Robbie Doyle, an America's        ship with fully computerised       able to Atlantic Canadi-
                                         Cup veteran, Olympian and         design and laser cutting and       ans and their passion for
                                         former Vice President of          has built sails for large          sailing. Our proximity to
                                         Hood Sailmakers, founded          yachts from traditional tall
                                                                                                              Doyle   headquarters   in
                                         Doyle Sailmakers in 1982.         ships    to   America's   Cup
                                                                                                              Marblehead and the long-
                                         His goal was to design, pro-      boats.    These   innovations
                                                                                                              standing relationship be-
                                         duce and service sails better     have made Doyle Sailmak-
                                         than the competition through      ers a leader in performance        tween Atlantic Canada
                                         innovation and application        cruising as well as racing         and New England will be
                                         of the latest technology.         sails. The Doyle Sailmaking        of benefit to all sailors
                                                                           Group now has over 50              here in Atlantic Canada.
                                         In 1983, Doyle introduced         lofts, located in over 20
                                         the first radial cut, roller-     countries around the world.
                                         reefing genoa with a tapered      We here at Doyle Atlan-
                                         flattening    device,       and   tic look forward to bring
                                         branded it the Quicksilver.       the proud Doyle product
                                         This was soon followed by
                                                                           line to Atlantic Canadian
                                         the introduction of the fully
                                                                           sailors, cruisers and rac-
                                         battened, self-stowing, pat-
                                                                           ers alike. We believe that
                                         ented Stackpack mainsail
                                         system. The StackPack con-        the      background       and
                                         tinues to be one of Doyle’s       world-wide        experience
                                         premier products.                 that Doyle has to offer
                                         Doyle has successfully inte-      will be extremely valu-
                                         grated old-world craftsman-