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Sunday, June 6th:

Depart at 7am for Quebec in rented 15 passenger van

Arrive in Quebec in the early evening.

Check into hostel: HI Hostel Quebec City in the heart of Old Quebec

Dinner in crêperie – order in French:   Au Petit Coin Breton (1029 St-Jean, Upper Town. 418/694-0758)

Walking tour of the old city – conducted in French

Monday, June 7th

8:00 - Breakfast in the hostel (food purchased before departure)

9:00 – Walk to lower city and visit “Musee de la Civilisation” in the Old City. Students will be on a quest
to find clues throughout the museum (in French).

11:00 – Walk to the covered market to shop for lunch (opportunity to practice French)

12:00 – Picnic lunch

1:00 – Tour of the Chateau Frontenac in French

2:00 – Free time for shopping in the boutiques of the Old City

4:00 - Re-convene at the hostel. Distribute money and shopping lists in French. Walk together to
grocery store or market. Students work in small groups to buy the required items.

5:00 – Walk back to the hostel with groceries. Students work in groups to understand a traditional
Quebecois recipe in French.

5:30 – Students work with their groups to prepare the recipe using ingredients purchased earlier.

7:00 – dinner in the hostel dining room

8:00 – do dishes

9:00 – attend performance at the theater festival taking place at this time

11:30 – lights out; guard on duty
Tuesday, June 8th

7:00 – wake-up call

8:00 – breakfast in the hostel kitchen

9:00 – photo scavenger hunt in the old city

12:00 – re-convene at the hostel to go over results of the scavenger hunt. lunch in the cafés of the old

1:00 – depart for tour of surrounding countryside: the Beaupre Coast: Montmorency

Falls, Saint Anne de Beaupre Basilica, Chez Marie Bread Oven and Atelier Pare Wood Carver

6:00 – return to hostel and prepare for dinner

7:00 – dinner at La Crémaillère (nice, sit-down dinner)

8:30 – Story telling in French (if possible)

Centre de valorisation du patrimoine vivant
(this center is organizing storytelling shows regularely, among their activities in all "still
living" folk arts)

5, Cul-de-Sac, C.P. 123, Succ. B
Québec (Qc)
G1K 7A1
tél: (418) 647-1598 / fax: (418) 647-4439

11:30 – lights out; guard on duty

Wedensday, June 9th

7 :00 am – depart for home

Lunch on the road

Arrive in New Wilmington at approximately 7pm

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