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Vermont Coverts


									Yes! I want to learn more about
Vermont Coverts.
                                              An Invitation from Vermont Coverts
                                              A Vermont Coverts Cooperator living near
                                                                                                                             Vermont Cover ts
Name                                          you would welcome the opportunity to join
                                              you in walking through your woodland.

                                                                                              Vermont Coverts
                                                                                              Woodlands for Wildlife, Inc.
                                                                                              P.O. Box 81
                                                                                              Middlebury, VT 05753
                                              Cooperators can share with you what they
                                              have learned about forest management.
                                              Many questions you may have about your
State                   Zip                   forest can be answered by a Cooperator
E-mail                                        while others may require the expertise
                                              of a forester or wildlife habitat specialist.
How did you hear about Vermont Coverts?
                                              Vermont Coverts Cooperators can put you
                                              in touch with resource professionals and
                                              organizations that provide assistance to help
I am interested in:                           manage forest land.
 Contacting a Cooperator for help.           Please contact our office if you would like
 3-day Cooperator Training Workshop.         more information or to schedule a visit to
 Forest Stewardship workshops.               your land by a Coverts Cooperator. Call Lisa
                                              Sausville, Executive Director, at 802-388-
I wish to become a Friend of Vermont          3880 or email No fee or
Coverts:                                      obligation is connected with any Vermont
 My contribution of $___ is enclosed.        Coverts assistance.
     As a Friend of Vermont Coverts, I will
     receive the newsletter and workshop
 Coverts may acknowledge my gift                    Visit our website
     publicly.                                                                                      A practical approach to
                                                                                                                               forest management for
                                                                                                                              landowners who want to
             Please return to:
            Vermont Coverts
                                                                                                                             enhance and protect wildlife
         Woodlands for Wildlife, Inc.                                                                                                  habitat.
               P.O. Box 81
           Middlebury, VT 05753
                                              PRINTING COURTESY CHITTENDEN BANK
What is Vermont Coverts?                                  Covert                              Events, Activities, and Workshops             The Vermont Coverts Mission
                                                   (pronounced KUV–ert)                       for Woodland Owners
Vermont Coverts: Woodlands for                                                                                                              Encourage and effect the maintenance,
Wildlife, Inc. was established in 1985 to                                                     Cooperator Training Programs:                 enhancement and/or creation of
educate landowners about sound forest         an English word dating back                                                                   sustainable forest ecosystems for wildlife
                                               to the 14th century which                      An intensive three-day wildlife and forest
management and wildlife stewardship.                                                          management training workshop offering         and other benefits on private lands in
                                               describes a dense thicket                                                                    Vermont.
The non-profit program operates under                                                         classroom and field studies. Over 400
                                              that provides a shelter for
the principle that well-planned forest                                                        graduates, also known as Cooperators, are     Goals
management can enhance wildlife                                                               trained to provide assistance to neighbors
habitat and provide recreational and                                                          and communities to encourage forest             Convey a heightened sense of
timber benefits.                                                                              stewardship. Workshops are held in the           stewardship to Vermont woodland
                                            Challenges for Vermont Wildlife                   spring and fall.                                 owners that encourages the
Vermont Coverts has grown into an                                                                                                              formation of clear management
organization of more than 500 woodland      Vermont wildlife faces a variety of               Forest Stewardship Workshops:                    objectives, long-range planning,
owners and others committed to sound        challenges. Among the most serious are                                                             and a continuing commitment to
forest management that enhances             the loss and fragmentation of habitat,            One-day workshops focus on a specific
                                                                                              forest or wildlife management topic. Topics      enhance wildlife habitat on land
and protects wildlife habitat. Coverts      introduction of invasive exotic plant species,                                                     extending beyond the present
management practices are estimated          degradation of water quality, and the             have included GPS mapping, vernal pool
                                                                                              management, current use, estate planning,        owner’s tenure.
to benefit more than 150,000 acres of       disruption of movement and migration.
Vermont forests and fields.                                                                   cross boundary management, the effects of       Communicate with public agencies,
                                            About 85 percent of Vermont forest and                                                             private organizations, and others
                                                                                              land fragmentation, and minimum impact
                                            wildlife habitat is privately owned. Therefore,                                                    about program opportunities that
                                                                                              timber harvesting.
                                            individual landowners can play a vital role                                                        will foster sound forest management
                                            in enhancing and protecting habitat through       Woodlands for Wildlife:                          and wildlife habitat on privately
                                            careful forest management.                                                                         owned lands.
                                                                                              An informative newsletter providing
                                                                                              Cooperators and Friends of Coverts with         Maintain and expand its corps of
                                                                                                   information on wildlife and forest          volunteers to include those
                                                                                                     habitat.                                  who are willing and able to
                                                                                                                                               encourage and help other
                                                                                                                                               woodland owners to
                                                                                                                                               adopt forest management
                                                                                                                                               practices that favor

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