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					                                              Donation L etter
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The Viewmont High School Marching Band spends many long, devoted, hard working hours in preparing for summer parades, marching band
field show performances and competitions. They also provide enthusiastic musical support at all home football games, and they are always
fervently welcomed at school assemblies. We believe the dedication and hard work each musician has demonstrated is why we have had past
success and will continue to be successful in the 2009-10 year.
Please note that each musician has been asked to raise $500.00 to help support the cost of new band uniforms. All money raised through this
letter will go to fund the purchase of new marching band uniforms. The current uniforms worn by the marching band are the same uniforms
worn as far back as 1974; it definitely seems very appropriate to purchase new uniforms. We are so thrilled at the return of the VHS Marching
Band and the pride and support it brings to Viewmont High School and the entire Viewmont High School Community .
Help fulfill the goals and aspirations of the Viking Marching Band Musicians by sending in your donation.
Please come and enjoy any one of our performances throughout the upcoming year.
For schedule information go to
                                         Your generous reply will be sincerely appreciated.
                                                             GO VIKINGS!

                                                           SPONSORS REPLY
                                             enclose this tear off sheet with your payment
Yes, I will donate to help support VHS Marching Band and defer your cost:
AMOUNT $                                 Student’s Name

Please make check payable to Viewmont High School Band
Mail To: Viewmont High School
            120 West 1000 North
            Bountiful, Utah 84010
            Attention: Marching Band Uniform Fund
            Individual Student Account

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