The Smart Way to Schedule Classes

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					The Smart Way to Schedule Classes

  1. Use your Individual Graduation Plan, IGP, as your guide.
  2. Consider the advice your advisor gives you.
  3. Schedule classes that realistically fit your schedule.
         a. Don’t schedule early morning classes if you have to take children to
            school, for example.
         b. Schedule classes at the time of day you are at your best.
  4. Balance the course load.
         a. A balanced schedule may have a math, English, and two technical
            and/or major courses.
         b. Try to schedule a subject that is difficult for you with courses that
            are easier for you.
         c. Avoid taking too many classes that require a lot of writing in the
            same semester.
         d. Avoid too many classes with labs in the same semester.
         e. Avoid too many online classes in the same semester. Online
            classes require a large amount of independent work.
  5. Consider whether you want your classes back to back or if you want a
     break in between classes.
  6. If you are concerned about the course load, take fewer classes until you
     become more comfortable with college classes.
  7. Only take what you can handle. Do well in those classes.

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