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                     Welcome to a Great Season of Swimming with OSC!

OSC Registration – Starts Monday August 17th at the OSC Office:
Returning OSC competitive members and I Can Swim participants are strongly encouraged to register their swimmers
at the OSC office during regular office hours before Friday September 11, 2009. Registration forms for the competitive
groups are posted on the OSC website. Please contact OSC Office Administrator Sophie Kolasis to register.

OSC New Member Registration Day – Saturday September 19, 2009 – 10am – 2pm:
OSC Office Administrator Sophie Kolasis, Board Members, and few members of the coaching staff will be at the OSC
Office to welcome new OSC members, answer questions, and help the new families register.

OSC 2008 – 2009 Awards Banquet – Friday September 18th – 6pm – NAIT:
All OSC parents and swimmers are invited to come out to enjoy a family social event and celebrate last season’s
accomplishments. It was the best season ever for OSC! Swimmers who were registered in OW and up last season
will receive a banquet ticket as the tickets were a part of last season’s registration fees. Parents and siblings can
purchase additional tickets at the OSC office.

New for the 2009-2010 swim season:
•   All OSC swimmers will swim in Edmonton on Saturday mornings.
    OW, JOW, Youth Development, TAG and High Performance swimmers will train at the Kinsmen Sports Centre.
    JAG and Performance swimmers will train at Peter Hemmingway. Please check the group schedules posted on
    the OSC website.
    A minimum level of participation from member families with swimmers in OW-High Performance will be included in
    the OSC Fee Structure. Please refer to policy section of OSC website for the complete policy.
     The 5% Administration Fee that was previously charged on registration fees, swim meet entry fees and swim meet
    recovery costs has been discontinued. Please refer to the September 2009 updated version in policy section of
    OSC website.
•   Direct on-line OSC bill payment – coming soon.
•   Swim Natation Canada On-Line Registration for ALL Swimmers.
     All individual families must now register each of their swimmers with SNC on-line. If this is not done swimmers will
    NOT BE PERMITTED to enter any swim meets. OSC Office Administrator Sophie Kolasis can assist families with
    this process. Please contact her at the OSC office.
•   Varsity & Remote swimmer registrations must be approved by the Head Coach &
    OSC Board of Directors. Swimmers who are interested in either of these options should contact the OSC
    Head Coach.
•   New OSC Office Hours.
    Starting the week of Tuesday September 8th the OSC office will be closed on Mondays and open Tuesday to
    Friday. Please check the OSC website for more details.
•   OSC Membership Participation Points.
    It is a new name for the OSC Volunteer Points. One policy change is that Membership Participation points will no
    longer be awarded for attending Coach-Parent meetings. Please see updated policy on the OSC website.
•   Swimmers must be registered to be eligible to participate in any OSC workout.
    Swimmers who have not competed the registration process will NOT BE PERMITTED to participate in any OSC
    workouts in accordance with Swim Alberta policies. Workouts for some groups start the week of September 15th.

                           Olympian Swim Club 12834 – 163 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5V 1K6
       Phone: 780-455-8457 Fax: 780-455-8837 Email: office@olympianswimclub.com Web:www.olympianswimclub.com
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Please note that ALL commitments from the 2008-2009 season must be cleared
BEFORE a 2009-2010 registration application will be accepted. The OSC Member Account
balance must be paid in full, all Commitment Bingos must be cleared and all OSC Volunteer Points must be cleared.
No swimmer will be able to register with OSC nor will they be released to another
program until this is done.

OSC Family Membership Application Form:
•   One two-sided application form for each family with 3 or less swimmers.
•   Families with more than 3 children can fill out side one of a second form and staple the pages together.
•   Please fill out all fields.

OSC Swimmer Medical & Emergency Contact Information Form:
•   One two-sided application form for each swimmer.
•   Please fill out all fields.

Olympian Swim Club Code of Conduct Form:
•   Coming Fall 2009

Olympian Swim Club 2009 – 2010 Fee Schedule
•   All member families will be asked to provide a valid credit card number to be kept on file.
•   All clothing and equipment must be paid for at the time of purchase or when it is ordered.
•   Members who order over the phone or via email will be required to pay with a credit card.
•   The Swim Meet Travel Deposits must be paid in full on/or before the 21st of the month before the month of the
    meet. Member accounts will be adjusted once all of the meet costs have been finalized. Parents must declare all
    travel and accommodation choices BEFORE the OSC Swim Meet Cancelation Deadline.
             o Air Travel Meets = $750 deposit
             o Bus Travel + Team Accommodation & Meals= $250 deposit
             o Bus Travel + Parent Provided Accommodation & Meals = $125 deposit
•   Members will have until the 20th day of each month to address concerns or questions with respect to member
    account statement charges.
•   Member account balances owing are due on the 20th day of each month.
•   December’s payment will be due on Tuesday December 15th due to the Christmas holidays.
•   Balances owing will be charged to the member credit card on file unless payment has been received.
•   I Can Swim program fees must be paid in full at the time of registration.

2009-2010 Olympian Swim Club Standing Committees:
•   Please refer to the OSC Membership Participation Opportunities form to see the various areas in which
    member families can participate in the functioning of the club.
•   All member families are requested to sign up and participate on one standing committee when registering.
•   Many hands make light work!
•   Volunteering at OSC hosted swim meets is still expected by all member families.

Some OSC Event Dates to Remember:
>> Refer to calendars, group pages and event information posted on the OSC website.
• Monday September 14th – Thursday September 17th: OSC Rookie Week
• Tuesday September 15th – morning workouts start for Performance & High Performance swimmers
• Friday September 18th – OSC Awards Banquet at NAIT – 6PM – All OSC families are encouraged to attend.
• Week of Monday September 21st – Workouts start for all groups
• Sunday October 18th – OSC 10 & Under Meet #1 at Fountain Park Pool
• Sunday November 30th – OSC 10 & Under #2 at Fountain Park Pool
• Thursday December 3rd – Sunday December 6th – OSC JP Fiset Swim Meet

                           Olympian Swim Club 12834 – 163 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5V 1K6
       Phone: 780-455-8457 Fax: 780-455-8837 Email: office@olympianswimclub.com Web:www.olympianswimclub.com

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