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									          5 Steps to Start an Internet Business

When a newbie thinks how to start an internet business he has to follow certain steps to make the
planning process reasonable. This part of the planning is not a rocket science, but very practical working
session. To make it simple, an entrepreneur has to decide, which benefits he can offer, to whom and
how to do it.

More than ever every internet business is a brand, which competes with other brands. The soft side of
the business can be even more important than the hard side or facts, because the different offers are
very similar ones. The brand has to be able to stand out from the crowd and the brand is the tool to do

1. Define Your Expertise.

The brand includes all, which is related to the trade mark. However, the whole system must be built
piece by piece and the core element is the expertise a marketer has. Now I mean the professional facts
and experiences the marketer has obtained during his or her marketing career.

The unique selling proposition can mean different things. When the product features seldom are unique
ones, the difference towards the competing offers can be created by imaginary elements, like with the
personality of the marketer. When the unique features are rare features, the visual look of all marketing
material becomes more and more important. It must look trendy and to communicate benefits quickly.

2. Research The Niche.

What is the niche? To define it quickly, it is a market, where the different marketers compete about the
favour of the target group. It is important to research, which benefits and how your future competitors
offer and how you will beat most of them. At the same time you will get a lot of ideas for your own start
up. When you have defined your expertise you can pick some related, long tail keywords and use them
at Google to find the competitors.

3. Benchmark The Leading Offers.

It can be challenging to find the three leading offers from the selected niche. One good source of the
information is the forum, another one is the top performer list of your affiliate merchant, for instance.
Note, that the top ranking sites are not necessarily the top performers, they can even be the worst
scams. From the top performers you can benchmark on page ideas but not the off page ones.

4. Locate The Best Niche Forum.

The niche forum is the place, where you can meet other marketers, new and experienced ones, and to
share experiences and to get marketing tips. The forum members usually present a variety of skills and
one of your first jobs is to identify the opinion leaders of the different topics. It is crucial to follow only
those, who share proven and working marketing information. A newbie has to understand, that many
members try to be experts by sharing a lot of false information. The key thing is to read only
professionally written posts.

5. Test Solutions.

When you think how to start an internet business one of your first thoughts is, how your website would
look like and what contents it will include. In the internet marketing most of the important parts should
be tested, because only then it is possible to find the best solutions.

The target is to create great site visits, great visitor experiences. Google Analytics, or some other
tracking tool, gives a usual information about the things which work or which should be improved.

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