Fall Sports Letter by Emilymohar


									August 11, 2009

Dear Windrush Middle School Students and Families,

I hope you are all enjoying a fantastic summer! I am excited to begin my first year here at Windrush.
With the school year quickly approaching I wanted to provide you with some important information
regarding the upcoming fall sports season.

As you may know, this fall begins the first of three sports seasons at Windrush. The athletic program
is designed to provide instruction in the fundamentals of each sport while also emphasizing
sportsmanship, hard work, and fun. In the fall season, we will continue to field co-ed teams in both
flag football and soccer. We welcome and encourage students of all skill levels and experience to
participate. This may be an opportunity for you to try something brand new, a way to stay active, or
improve your skills and compete in a sport you enjoy.

Below you will find the practice schedules for flag football and soccer for the fall 2009 season:

                Soccer: Tuesday & Thursday 3:00-4:30
                Coach: Jack Scheinman

                Flag Football: Tuesday & Thursday 3:00-4:30
                Coach: Chris Morocco

Practices and home games will be held at Canyon Trails Park. This park is approximately half a mile
from Windrush. Players will meet their coaches at school before walking together to the park for
practice. Detailed information on game schedules and transportation to away contests will be made
available after school begins. Though most game days will fall on Tuesday and Thursday, it is
possible that one or more games may be held on an alternate day.

The SSAT/ISEE English test prep course for 8th grade students who are considering application to
independent schools will take place on Tuesday afternoons this fall. We will do our best to work
around any schedule conflicts that may arise and you are still encouraged to participate.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meeting
you and hope to see you all on the field. Go Dragons!!


Amrit Chima, ext. 278
Athletic Director, Physical Education Instructor

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