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Dear Parents or Guardians,
Due to the recent reports of outbreaks of H1N1 influenza (swine flu) at summer camps in
Ontario, we want to provide you with an update in order to help you better prepare for camp
and to let you know how we are working to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone at
camp this summer.

Firstly, we can assure you that the camp at which Knox Overnight Camp is situated, Camp
Northland, is H1N1 free and has been all summer. The camp that is currently being run on the
site has excellent safety procedures, and we are confident in their preparedness.

Secondly, Knox Camps is carefully following the Ministry of Health’s guidelines for the
prevention and management of H1N1. Our Overnight Camp facilities are in full compliance with
the ministry guidelines. We will also be treating any ILI (influenza-like illness) according to the
ministry guidelines: camper or staff with ILI symptoms with be quickly separated, will receive
careful care and monitoring, and our camp nurse will work with local public health officials if
several campers or staff are exhibiting symptoms of ILI. While the camp nurse may deem it
necessary to send a camper or staff member home to better recuperate and to better isolate
the virus, public health officials have stated that camp closures will not anticipated.

While we will be prepared for the worst-case scenario, the majority of our energy will be
focussed on prevention. We will do our part to ensure that healthy hand hygiene and cough
etiquette is followed. But we need to partner with you in instilling healthy habits. Please read
the following and help your child or children make a habit of practicing healthy hygiene.

    Hand Hygiene
    Hands spread an estimated 80 percent of common infectious diseases like the
    common cold and flu. The Public Health Agency of Canada recommends the
    following these hand-washing tips:

    • Put a small amount of liquid soap in the palm of one hand. Bar soaps are not as
      hygienic as liquid soaps because they stay moist and attract germs. If a bar soap is
      the only option it should be stored on a rack so that the bar doesn't sit in water.
    • Rub your hands together for 20 seconds so you produce lather. Make sure you
      scrub between your fingers, under your fingernails and the backs of your hands.
    • Rinse your hands well with clean running water for at least 10 seconds. Try not
      to handle the faucets once your hands are clean. Use a paper towel to turn off the
    • Dry your hands with a single use paper towel. If you use a hand towel be sure to
      change it daily. During cold and flu season you may want to give each family
      member his or her own hand towel

    Cough Etiquette
    Sneeze and cough into your elbow or sleeve or use a tissue.  After wiping or blowing
    your nose with a tissue, throw away the tissue and wash your hands.  Keep your
    fingers away from your eyes, nose and mouth

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    General Instructions
    Before camp starts, please reinforce with your child or children that they should
    avoid sharing food, drinks and other personal items and that they should see the
    camp’s health care staff immediately for assessment if they feel unwell.

    If Your Child Has Flu-like Symptoms
    If, leading up to the start of camp on August 16th, your child or children has
    developed flu-like symptoms (a fever or cough and one or more of the following
    symptoms: sore throat, muscle aches, joint pain, or weakness), your child or children
    must stay home. You will receive a full refund should this happen. Please do not risk
    exposing other children to H1N1 or other strands of the flu.

We expect that 2009 will be another safe and healthy year at Knox Overnight Camp, and we
look forward to working with you to ensure this.


Sarah Saif, R.N., BScN.
Camp Nurse

Peter de Koning
Camp Director

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