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					                                                    Scientific Review Board (SRB) Submission

Student Name:                                                       Principal Supervisor:

Aim: A well focussed aim that clearly depicts all the objectives of the research should be described in 20 - 40 words.
Statement of Null hypothesis and Alternate Hypothesis.

Review of Literature: Please tabulate relevant studies (not more than 15) in the following table.

    Sn:No:            Citation                   Journal                 Vitro / Vivo           Study Design                     Groups 1

                                                                                                                    Group name, sample size, type of
                                                                                             E.g. Randomized
                                                                                            control trial
             First author, journal name,                            Also mention if                                    Attachment group. n = 10. 2
                                         Journal name. indexed or                           comparing zirconia
1            page number and Year of                                human or animal                                 implants supported over-denture
                                         not. impact factor.                                vs leucite crowns in
             publication                                            study                                                with 2 ball attachments.
                                                                                            anterior single tooth
                                                                                                                      Bar group. n = 10. 2 implants
                                                                                                                     supported over-denture with bar
                                                                                                                            and clip retention

                                                           Proposed Study Methodology:

                                 Rationale                            In Vitro / In Vivo        Study Design                                  Groups
                                                                                                                    /Exclusion criteria

                                                                                                                                          Test group. n=
Explain in 50 words why you think the study is important to be
                                                                                            e.g. Split mouth                              20. treatment x
conducted. e.g. The effect of x after extraction has never been
                                                                    e.g. Vivo / Animal      randomized control                            after extraction.
studied. many publications in high impact journals have
                                                                    study (Wistar Rat)      tria comparing x and                          Control group.
mentioned the need for such studies (statements marked in
                                                                                            y on wistar rats.                             n= 20. no
copies of attached references). etc.
                                                                                                                                          treatment after
                                                  Scientific Review Board (SRB) Submission

   Power                      Statistics                       Results, Sig. (p) Value          Conclusion         Limitations            Remarks

                                                         Mention the relevant results and
               Vairable compared and analysis used.                                                                                  your judgement of
                                                         only the p values that were found to
               E.g. Occlusion & crown type -                                                                                         the study. Are the
if mentioned                                             be significant. Most studies mention
               multivariate Log regression, across age                                                                               results valid,
                                                         the significant p values in the
               groups - Kruskal-wallis etc.                                                                                          reliable etc.

   Power                      Statistics                                                        Project Budjet

e.g. 90% @     Vairable compared and analysis used.
p< 0.05.       E.g. Occlusion & crown type -             E.g. Rs:3,000. 40 animals - Rs: 30 each (invoice attached) Total Rs:1200.
Should be      multivariate Log regression, across age   Materials: product x = Rs y (attach quote).
calculated.    groups - Kruskal-wallis etc.

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