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                                                                                                 Vol. No. 5
                                                                                                Issue No. 1
                                                                                                 Jan 2008

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                          NEWS                          LETTER
                                                            Past Events :


Dear Reader,

It gives me pleasure to present this News Letter of the
ASM International, Pune chapter. The chapter now is           Amongst the most popular course, “Metallurgy
very active and growing. We have received Five Star         for Non Metallurgist” was organized on 23rd to 25th
Rating Award for the third consecutive year.                Aug. 2007 at ASM Pune office.
Our membership strength has now touched, 182
                                                              Dr. Sarkar, Chief of R&D Centre, Mahindra Ugine
which includes 15 sustaining members 70 individual
members & remaining students members. One can               Steel Ltd., gave an interesting lecture on
also become an E member by paying just $ 25 per             “Inclusions in Steel-Origin, Control, Assessment &
year where she / he can get all the other benefits          Harmful Effects on Machined components” at
except hard copy of the AMP monthly magazine, that          ASM International Pune Chapter office on 16th Oct.
can be accessed on by
using the 'members only' login. Our own chapter
                                                            2007. The technical lecture was attended by more
website is accessible to all. Visit us at                   than 30 delegates.
You can also invite your friends for monthly technical
programs or suggest their names with e-mail Id's for
sending them regular invitations. We have an
advertisements section in this News Letter. Kindly take
advantage of the same and reach 400 right people at a
very nominal expense.
I welcome your contribution to our materials society at
large by sponsoring student members, welcoming
students for your factory visit, contributing articles to
the News Letters, giving talks to student members,
presenting papers & advertising in the news letters,
I thank all the members of ASM International Pune              An intensive training program on Heat Treatment
Chapter for their continued support.                        was organized, on 24th & 25th Oct. 2007 for
                                                            Engineers from various departments / industries
                                                            like Heat Treatment, Materials, Quality Control,
                                                            Production & Design… at ASM office.
                                                            The course was coordinated by-
                                                            Mr. Gogate, Chairman, Edu. Committee.
Gowikar Y. S.                                               More than 20 participants attended the program.
   A technical presentation on “The Latest Trends
                                                             EM & P 08' a Mega Event….
in Gas Carburizing Techniques & Related Energy
Efficiency Developments”, by Mr. Helmut Egger,        ASM, Pune Chapter has planned to organize a
M.D., Benco Kolhne, Germany was organized at          National Conference on “Emerging Engineering
Poona Club, on 14th. Nov. 2007. The presentation
                                                      Materials & Processes '08” on the 14th & 15th of Feb.
received overwhelming response as almost 70
delegates attended the program.                       2008 at YASHADA, Baner Rd., Pune.
                                                      During the course of the event many interesting
   Mr. Kalyan, of Elca Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Pune   materials engineering papers will be presented.
gave a technical presentation on ROHS, on the         The event is also a host to an exhibition on many
ocasion of Chapter AGM, at hotel President. 40        products related to materials engineering. Details
interested , attended the lecture.                    of this event are also available on
   Welding course was organized by the chapter
education committee, at the ASM chapter office.
20 delegates from in and around Pune industries ,                   Materials Camp
took the benefit of the same.
                                                      ASM International Pune Chapter is organizing a
      Efforts towards Aurangabad                      materials camp jointly with The College of
           chapter formation                          Engineering Pune, in an effort to excite high
                                                      school level students in materials science and
In an endeavor to promote ASM activities in           engineering careers, in third week of May 2008.
Aurangabad region, a delegation from Pune             The camp shall compose various interesting
Chapter's Executive Committee arranged a meet         experiments related to the materials , lectures and
at Aurangabad. Like minded people from                visits to industries in and around Pune.
Aurangabad discussed with the delegation, plans
to develop a platform in Aurangabad for promoting
                                                              Welcome to Chapter Site
the ASM International's mission objectives and
formation of an independent chapter at
                                                       Our chapter now has its own web site

   Technical Program At Aurangabad                     This site is accessible to all, that covers
                                                       various chapter activities, library contents,
                                                       list of consultants, technical articles of
                                                       interest, case studies, and ASM
                                                       Membership Form. Members are
                                                       requested to visit the site and give their
                                                       valued suggestion to make it more fruitful.
                                                       Also contributions like technical articles &
                                                       case studies shall be highly appreciated.

                                                                        Technical presentation on
                                                                        "Thinking skill optimization in
                                                                        failure analysis by, Ms. Debbie
With the first out come of the meeting at                               Alia, materials engineer, Alia
Aurangabad, Pune Chapter organized a one day                            Analytical Inc., USA …, shall be
technical seminar on “Quality Management in                             organized at Hotel Harvest club ,
Heat Treatment”. Mr. Vanikar, Mr. Karandikar, Dr.                       near Mhatre Bridge, Pune, on
                                                                           th   th
Desarda from Aurangabad took active interest in                         25 /26 Feb., evening. She has
organizing the show.                                                    served as chair of the ASM
The seminar was well attended by 35 participants      international failure analysis committee three
from the Industry. Apart from the technical           times. The presentation addresses to Why and
lectures, a small product showcasing was              How to improve failure analysis skills by giving
arranged. It received a good response and was a       practical tips. Program shall be followed by
value addition to the seminar.                        dinner. Registration fees Rs. 250.00
                 Superconductor An Emerging Material

Superconductors are materials that have no     researchers in developing Room
resistance to the flow of electricity.         Temperature Superconductors.

Superconductivity was discovered in 1911           In the year 1962 Brian Josephson
by a Dutch Physicist Heike Kamerlingh          predicted that an electric current would flow
Onnes, when he cooled mercury to 4 K (269      between two superconductors even if they
  C) using liquid helium. In 1914 he was       were separated by an insulator. This
awarded the Nobel Prize for his research in    phenomenon is known as the “      Josephson
this field. Currents flowing in Super Cooled   Effect” and won him the Nobel Award in the
mercury rings did not fade for years!!         year 1973.
Superconductivity was discovered in many
other metals & intermetallics such as V(5.4         The race for superconductors picked
o               o               o
  K), Nb(9.25 K), MgB2(39 K). However,         up momentum in the late eighties with the
surprisingly, the best known good              discovery of Rare Earth based Ceramic
conductors at room temperatures ie. Silver,    Cuprate superconductors now known as
Gold, & Copper do not super conduct at any     High Temperature Superconductors. The
temperature. Another notable aspect of         fabrication of LaBaCuO which
                                                                        o        o
Superconductivity is that it is constrained    superconducts at 30 K, (234 C) and
not only by Temperature but also by Current    YBaCuO which superconducts at (92 K, -
& Magnetic field. Another milestone in the     181 C) are land mark achievements in the
field of superconductivity was achieved in     field of superconductivity as temperatures
the year 1933 by the German Physicist          as low as -181 C can be easily achieved
Walter Miessner & Robert Ochsenfeld. They      using liquid nitrogen which is abundantly
discovered that a superconductor repels a      available.    This setoff a search for
magnetic field completely and under            superconducting ceramics with all various
suitable conditions causes magnetic            possible combinations.
levitation. This phenomenon is termed as
the “Miessner Effect”. A moving magnet              The Thallium based superconductors
induces a mirrored magnetic field in a         have a high critical temperature of 138 K (-
superconductor resulting in levitation /       135 C). Claims have also been made for
repulsive forces.                              superconducting systems with a transition
                                                                            o       o
                                               temperature as high as 180 K (-93 C), but,
     In 1957 American Physicists John          they are only in a metastable phase. Claims
Bardeen, Leon Cooper & John Schrieffer         have also been made of superconductivity
put forth their” Theories of                   in carbon nano tubes at room temperatures.
superconductivity” more commonly known
as “The BCS Theory”, to explain this                With the amount or research interests in
phenomenon at temperatures close to            this field, a room temperature
absolute zero for simple elements & alloys.    superconductor may be a reality in the near
The BCS Theory relies on electron pairs        future. We at ASM International Pune
(Better known as “Cooper Pairs”). for          Chapter sincerely acknowledge the efforts
explaining superconductivity. One of the       of all the Materials Scientists & Physicists
most notable recent developments is the        working for the betterment of society, more
observation / inference of Cooper Pairs or     so ever on the advent of the conference
Phases with Cooper Pairs in some ceramics      “EM&P 08'”.
even at Room Temperature. Although these
                                               Rahul Gupta
do not super conduct, they may guide
                    Leadership day                                       EXCUTIVE COMMITTEE
                                                                   Chairman                           Mr. C. F. Dias
                                                                   Vice Chairman                      Mr. R. T. Kulkarni
                                                                   Secretary                          Mr. Udayan Pathak
                                                                   Treasurer                          Mr. Y. S. Gowaikar
                                                                   Immediate Past Chairman                 .
                                                                                                      Mr. P S. Subramaniam
                                                                   Education Committee                Mr. K. C. Gogte
                                                                   Student Chapter                    Mr. Sudhir Phansalkar
                                                                   Membership Development             Mr. L. D. Deshpande
                                                                   Committee Chairman

Every year for knowledge and experience sharing,                   Technical Program                  Mr.S.G.Kulkarni
"Leadership Day" is being arranged by ASM                          Committee Chairman
International.                                                                                    .
                                                                   Awards Committee Chairman Dr. P G. Renavikar
                                                                                                      (Past - Chapter Chairman)
It was moment of great pride to receive invitation
from ASM - International Head Quarters for                         Web Site and News Letter           Mr. Rahul Gupta
Leadership Days - 2007 at Salt Lake City. I                        Committee Chairman
represented ASM Pune Chapter in the capacity of                    Members Special Projects           Mr. Hemant Zaveri
Chairmen - Membership Development                                                                     Mr. A. L. Datar
Committee.                                                                                            Dr. S. M. Kanitkar
In this year's edition of Leadership Days, global                                                     Dr. S. M. Arole
players like General Motors, International
Tractors, Timken were present and I had an
opportunity to interact with their experts. About
100 delegates from various chapters of ASM
                                                                                        ASM International
International worldwide were present.                                                   Pune Chapter
Through the Material Camps I was able to acquire                                       Arkey Conference Service Cell,
knowledge. I received the 5 star status award for                                      37/4A, 6th Lane, Prabhat Road,
Pune chapter by the hands of President-                                                Pune - 411 004, India.
Dr. Lawrence C. Wagner of ASM International .                                          Tel. : 91-20-25670808, 25674455,
This years 5 STAR status was HATTRICK for pune                                         Fax : 91-20-25672555,
chapter                                                                                E mail -
 L. D. Deshpande                                                                       Web.:

  Micro Hardness Tester                                               Image Analysis System
                                                                                            Grain size (ASTM-E112)
                                                                                            Phase analysis.
                                                                                            Nodularity, (ASTM-E 247)
                                                                                            Inclusion (ASTM E1122)
                                                                                            Plating coating, decarb, banding.
                                                                                            Can upgrade existing software
                                                                Automatic Multi-Specimen
                                                                               AUTOPOL - II
                                                                                 Six specimens polished
               MVH-S AUTO                                                        Improves productivity, preparation quality
                                                                                 No operator dependence
     Highest reliability and repeatability                                       Heavy Duty from 80-grit to final lapping
     LCD Touch Control                                                           Exclusive for inclusion polishing
     Computer attachment for direct
     case depth graph plotting                OTHER PRODUCTS :                                                            An ISO 9001 : 2000

     Hardness conversions                      Automatic / Manual Cutting            Automatic / Manual Mounting
     Vickers and knoop options                 High Resolution Microscopes           Spectroscopes
     Automation options :                      Jominy Setup                          Electrolytic Polisher                Cert. No. QM 0300313

     a) Auto Turreting
     b) Auto Load Selection                                       
                                                                            595, Shaniwar Peth, Gowaikar Bldg., Pune-411 030. (INDIA)
     c) Motorized XY Selection               EQUIPMENTS (INDIA) PVT. LTD. Tel.: 020-24450312, 24489490, E-mail :

 Products from Metallurgists           Over 1500 Installations          Own Software team for Image Analyser