Splash by ajizai


									SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH. It was
another hot and sunny afternoon by
the lake. Carl was once again fishing
for a BIG BASS as Nick pursued his
passion of throwing rocks. SPLASH,

“Any bites Carl?” I hollered down to
the end of the dock. “Not yet, but
I think I saw a really huge fish
under the dock!” he replied. The
sun warmed my face as I listened to
the sound of my boys having fun by
the water.

“Look mama, a big one.” Nick smiled
as he picked up a nice, big, round
rock. He hurled it into the water.
SPLASH! And then I heard it. The
biggest splash yet. It was not the
splash of a rock, but the splash of
a... 63 pound 9 year old boy?” I
laughed as I peered down to the end
of the dock. Carl emerged from the
water with his fishing pole and a big
smile. “It broke my line mom. I had
the big one and it pulled me in and
broke my line!”

This was not just another sunny, hot day at the lake. This was one to

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