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									                                                                              spring 2006


              The 10th Annual

              Top Hat Ball


              “tops” committees

                                   care letter
                                   dedicated to those who care about Marklund

                                  Robert Paddock (center) “Friend of the Year” recipient at the 10th Annual
                                  Top Hat Ball with Karen J. Golden, Marklund Board Chair, and
                                  Joel Rusco, Marklund CEO.
                 A Message From The

    Dear Marklund Friends,

    Our two newest homes are close to completion
    on the Geneva campus. We anticipate an
    opening date in June, which will be beneficial
    for our 2006 Summer Games.

    Our thanks to all who attended and generously
    contributed to our 10th Annual Top Hat
    Celebration. Our gross revenue was slightly
    over $400,000 with $69,750 to support our
    endowment fund. Our endowment supports
    our operations through an additional $300,000
    in interest income this year. This has allowed us
    to acquire the equipment and supplies we need
    to maintain our facilities as well as provide our
    clients and staff with special recognition and
    extras they deserve. Your continued support of
    our endowment is greatly appreciated. As state
    funding continues to diminish, the endowment
    will protect Marklund’s viability for the future.
                                                                                             VS   OURS
                                                                            How Your Money Can Help Marklund!
    Our Development Department is moving full
    speed ahead with our upcoming 24th Annual
    Gale Sayers-Marklund Golf Classic being held
    at Indian Lakes Resort on May 9, 2006.

    The Marklund Philip Center for Children and
    Mill Creek campus are looking forward to host-
                                                                     Luxuries                        Necessities
    ing the Summer Games on June 3, 2006 in
    Bloomingdale and June 10, 2006 in Geneva.                        Large Pizza Delivered           NG Feeding Tubes
    Staff and volunteers from both sites are diligently              $20
    planning and coordinating the food, fun, and
    games for the clients. We are fortunate to have                  Lawn Service                    Relaxation therapy-
    such a spirited and enthusiastic group. Thank you.               $100                            light equipment

    Please call me if you would like to tour any of                  New Golf Club                   Outing for ten clients
    the homes, or you have any questions about our                   $250
    programs, services, or upcoming events. We
    continue to count our blessings each and every                   Dyson Vacuum                    Adjustable meal table
    day, and are thankful for your support toward                    $400
    Marklund’s mission.
                                                                     Washer and Dryer                Disinfectant machines for
    Sincerely,                                                       $700                            bath tubs

                                                                     Flat Screen TV                  Adapted computer for
                                                                     $2,500                          client therapy

    Joel Rusco, President & CEO

C     care letter       dedicated to those who care about Marklund                                                               2

    Derick H. came to Marklund in the summer of 1993. Deb and Rick               “They are special people and I
    H. had been on the waiting list for six months but had started their         admire and respect them. They
                                                                                                                        “Derick is very happy
    placement search like many parents months earlier. Deb recalls leaving       accept me as a part of their
    many facilities with an unsettled feeling; “Over my dead body would          family, as do I. It was only
                                                                                                                        and actually prefers
    my son ever be placed here.” Deb’s decision was also compounded with         natural that when I remarried
    the recent loss of her parents, who were very instrumental in Derick’s       it would be with our Marlund
                                                                                                                        being at Marklund
    care until a tragic motor vehicle accident in November 1992. Her             family. Randy and I wanted it
    parents were hit by a drunk driver at 8:15 a.m. on their way to care for     to be simple so that the
                                                                                                                        with his friends.”
    Derick. Deb’s mother died as a result of the accident in November and        children at Marklund could be
    her father passed away later in January due to complications from his        a part of the ceremony. We
                                                                                                                        – DERICK’S MOM
    injuries. Her parents were very special to Derick and their passing was      really wanted it to be focused
    exceptionally difficult for her but she couldn’t begin to imagine the        around the kids.”, said Deb.
    traumatic effect it may have on Derick. She wasn’t even sure if Derick       Pastor Don agreed to perform
    would understand death or if the loss might cause him to seize. She          the service although he hadn’t
    remembers taking Derick to the hospital to visit with his grandfather,       preformed a wedding service in awhile. Pastor Don made a simple
    prior to his passing, thinking it would lift both of their spirits only to   analogy of love to a car’s idling process. It starts off very strong and
    find that it made Derick more agitated since his grandfather was on a        remains steady throughout the journey. The children decorated the
    ventilator and unable to speak. Derick cherished a toy that was given        home for the special event on October 15, 2005, and wrote poems
    to him by his grandparents. “He carried it with him wherever he went.”       and letters to Randy and Deb. It was truly a special day for the
                                                                                 Marklund family.
    During Deb and Derick’s first visit to Marklund, Derick dropped his
    toy. Irene Kasnicka, Director of Nursing at the time, picked up the toy      Derick, who remains a prankster, has a new toy. He carries a rubber
    and gave it back to Derick. Deb says that she remembers Irene’s instant      chicken, not just any rubber chicken, it’s Mr. Chicken. Mr. Chicken
    connection with Derick and believes Marklund has been a good                 also received special attention on the wedding day with his very
    experience for Derick from that point on. Deb and Irene remember             own tuxedo.
    that moment very well. Irene also remembers Deb’s fear of the staff not
    knowing her son as well as she does. Irene stated, “We will get to know      Marklund was honored to be a part of Randy & Deb Smetter’s
    him as we know our own children.” Deb said that about five years ago         wedding service but even more pleased to have a larger family circle.
    she confided with Irene that her earlier statement had come true.
    “Derick is very happy and actually prefers being at Marklund with his

             O      U      R         F    U     N     D     -    R     A     I   S    I     N       G            E      F   F   O    R   T    S


       OUR TOP DONORS!                                                           LEFT to RIGHT:
                                                                                                                            Marklund received a
                                                                                                                            check in the amount of
    The 10th Annual Top Hat Ball Celebration was held at Navy Pier on            Karen J Golden, Marklund Board
    February 11, 2006. The annual event has raised over $1.5 million             Chairman; Timothy J. Szerlong,             $30,000.00 from HUB
    dollars in the past ten years. We are encouraged by its success and          Managing Director-Northern Zone HUB;
    excited to set new goals to support Marklund’s vision for the future.        Joel Rusco, Marlund President;             for finishing fifth out of
                                                                                 Bill Zanoni, President of Hub Illinois;
    The new venue at Navy Pier’s Ballroom was an elegant addition to the         Mike Alert, Executive Vice President       forty-five teams in the
    annual event. Guests enjoyed viewing the auction items as well as the        of Hub Illinois; and Jeff Lawler.
    lake from this spacious area. This year’s event surpassed our goal and the                                              Chubb Charity Challenge
    auction exceeded earnings from the previous year’s event. The live                                                      Golf Tournament, a
    auction raised over $107,000 this year. Robert Paddock of Paddock
    Publications-Daily Herald was the recipient of the “Friend of the Year”                                                 nationwide fundraising
    award. For 19 years, the Daily Herald has supported Marklund in
    various ways; the largest being its solicitation program for prospective                                                event.
    newspaper subscribers where part of the subscription payment goes
    directly to Marklund. Marklund receives between $30,000-40,000
    annually from this program alone (pictured on cover).

    Special recognition was given to Hub International of Illinois, LTD.
    Marklund was selected as their team’s charity during the Chubb Charity
    Challenge Golf Tournament a nationwide fundraising event held in
    September. The team finished fifth out of forty-five teams and delivered
    a check for $30,000.00 to Joel Rusco, Marklund’s President, and Karen
    J. Golden, Chairman of the Board.


    BOWLING NIGHT: Baird &                 SEPTEMBER FEST: Marklund’s
    Warner of St. Charles invites you      3rd Annual September Fest will
    to the first annual “A Night in the    be held on Saturday, September
    Gutter” a bowling event to
            ,                              9, 2006, at the Mill Creek
    benefit Marklund. Join us at           Campus. Music, Food, and Fun
    the St. Charles Bowl, 2520             for the whole family.
    East Main Street in St. Charles
    from 6-10 p.m. on Thursday,            For event information, contact                       ABOVE: Marklund Ice
    May 11, 2006. Tickets are $15 a        Tracy Methling at 630.593.5488,                      sculpture at the 10th
    person and include 3 games of          or                           Annual Top Hat Ball.
    bowling, shoe rental and food.
    To reserve a spot, please call                                                              RIGHT: Greg Osko,
    Larry Smith at Baird & Warner                                                               Co-Chair of 10th
    at 630.345.7487.                                                                            Annual Top Hat Ball,
                                                                                                and wife Sandra.

C    care letter        dedicated to those who care about Marklund                                                                                       4
                 O      U      R           F       U   N     D     -    R     A      I     S   I       N   G            E     F      F     O       R      T      S

                                                              2006 TOP HAT BALL

               Did You
                                                              Dinner Chairmen                                        Patron
                                                              Greg Osko, Trust Company of Illinois                   Allegro Communications, Inc.

       KNOW?                                                  Joel Thompson

                                                              Vice Chairs
                                                                                                                     John Armbruster
                                                                                                                     Richard P. & Sharon Delawder
                                                                                                                     John & Felicia Eberle
                                                              Michael J. Ahlert, HUB International Illinois          The Hartford
                                                              Jim & Lynn Armbruster, ATMI & Waubonsee                Gary & Jean Lederer
                                                                 Development                                         Lockton Companies
       If you are buying or selling Real Estate,
                                                              Richard Braun, System Sensor                           Isabella Merritt
       Marklund offers a benefit for you to get
                                                              William & Louise Dolen, Architectural Resources &      Byron & Anne Morton
       a cash dividend after closing. Contact
                                                                 Technologies                                        Ron Moyer
       Tracy Methling at 630.593.5488 or
                                                              Karen Golden, RR Donnelly                              Northshore Benefits Group for more
                                                              Randy Lindenberg, FCL Builders                         O’Hagan, Smith & Amundsen, L.L.C
                                                              Robert Levy, Northshore Benefits Group                 Jonathan Paranjothy
                                                              Kate McCracken, Hoscheit, McGuirk,                     S. Mechanical
       The Batavia Knights of Columbus
                                                                 McCracken, and Cuscaden, P.C.                       Steve & Julie Sanders
       donated $4,000 from their candy
                                                              John Sheaffer, Sheaffer & Roland, Inc.
       days proceeds.
                                                              10th Anniversary Champion
       Porter, Pipe & Supply, Co. donated all
                                                              ATMI Precast
       proceeds from their holiday party. The
                                                              HUB International Illinois
       donation will be applied towards a golf
                                                              Joel Thompson
       sponsorship for a total gift of $10,000!
                                                              Grand Benefactor
       Baird & Warner of St. Charles, Larry
                                                              System Sensor
       Smith, presented Marklund with a check
                                                              Trust Company of Illinois
       for $1,500.
       The family of Joseph Freed donated
                                                              Alright Concrete, Co.
       two minivans with lifts and several
                                                              Aon Corporation
       power chairs valued at approximately
       $70,000. Cindy Bell, Mr. Freed’s
                                                              William & Louise Dolen                         Marklund’s Joel Rusco and Karen Golden with WGN’s Allison
       assistant, was familiar with Marklund
                                                              FCL Builders, Inc.                             Payne and Steve Sanders. Marklund sends a heart-felt thank
       through the Toy Drop and made the
                                                              Karen Golden & Lee Gunter                      you to Steve (and his wife, Julie) for being Honorary Chair of
                                                              Nesko Electric, Co.                            the ball since 1998.
                                                              TotalWorks, Inc.
       Bridgestone Firestone donated
                                                              West Suburban Bank
       $3,000 for new beds.
       Dennis O’Brien & Friends Concert
                                                              Cecchin Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
       raised $2,000 for the General
                                                              Community Bank of Wheaton/Glen Ellyn
       Operating Fund and was made possible
       by Baird & Warner of St. Charles.

                                                              A DAY OF GOLF: Any bad day on the golf course is better than any good
    Step on Out and
                                                              day in the office! Get your foursomes together for a day of fun at our 24th

    PLAY SOME                                                 Annual Gale Sayers-Marklund Golf Classic on May 9, 2006, at Indian
                                                              Lakes Resort. Each foursome will have the opportunity to golf with a

    GOLF!                                                     rising star of the National Golf Association. To reserve a spot or for more
                                                              information, contact Tracy Methling at 630.593.5488.

                                                           Individual golfers:            Foursomes:                  Hole Sponsorship:                 Individual Dinner Guest:
                                                           $400/$500*                     $1600/$2,000*               $350/$500*                        $100*

                                                           *price represents the East Trail Course/Blackhawk Trail Course
           VOLUNTEER                                   CORNER THE FAKO’S
                                        La Grange Park residents make their mark on Marklund

                                                       When asked to recall his favorite memory,
                                                       George said it would be hard to single out
                                                       just one.                                                                        Thank

                                                       “I remember one time my wife and I had
                                                       terrible days at work,” said George. “Later
                                                       that night, we went on a Marklund outing to
                                                       see ‘The Lion King.’ Once we got inside the
                                                       show with the kids, it took our minds off of
                                                       everything else.”
                                                                                                         A special thanks to all of the individuals
                                                       Over the years, the Fakos’ commitment to          who requested or gave donations to
                                                       Marklund grew as they witnessed the care and      Marklund in honor of a family member
                                                       attention the staff gives to the clients.         or friend, or in memory of their loved
                                                                                                         one’s death. Please accept our deepest
                                                       “Lisa Koziol, is a pleasure to work with,” said   sympathy in your loss and our most
                                                       George.                                           sincere appreciation for remembering
                                                       Time is not the only commodity the Fakos          Marklund.
    George and Arlana Fako of La Grange Park           spend on Marklund clients. For the past five
    have no children of their own, but have            years, they have monetarily sponsored             We are especially grateful to the families of
    managed to touch the lives of countless            several children at Marklund’s Bloomingdale       our residents who recently have lost loved
    children in the care of the Marklund Philip        Center as part of the Guardian Angel              ones and chose to have memorial contribu-
    Center for Children in Bloomingdale.               Program. Accounts are set up for residents        tions made to Marklund. There was a
                                                       who may not have enough money for clothes         tremendous outpouring of support from the
    “Their loving, patient and attentive ways          and other necessities. Guardian angels then       friends and families of Delores Euliano,
    with our residents is obvious to all,” said Lisa   make a monetary donation on a monthly             Carmel Loch, and William Toffenetti.
    Koziol, Marklund therapeutic activity aide         basis for every resident they sponsor. The
    (TAA). “They have left nothing less than a         Fakos are currently sponsoring four clients.
    lasting impression on everyone at Marklund.”                                                         In memory of:
                                                       “George and Arlana have already shown so          Anthony Bernardi, Aris Bite, Harold Blue,
    In the early 90s, George, a manager at             much affection and dedication toward our          William Bradley, Patricia Bronars,
    International Truck and Engine Corporation,        residents,” said Koziol. “Their generosity just   LeRoy Close, Grandma Rose Creely,
    participated in Christmas collections benefit-     goes on endlessly. Especially on community        George Deak, Willard Domaratius,
    ing Marklund and soon thereafter began             outings, they are always asking ‘What do the      Delores Euliano, Constantine “Gus” Filides,
    receiving Marklund newsletters. In February        children need?’ They never allow any of the       Michelle Fernandez, Lola Gianini,
    1994, George and Arlana, a registered nurse        residents to pay a single cent for their          Christopher Graham, Claire & Stan
    at Maple Medical Center, decided to do more        purchases.”                                       Haverkampf, Grace Henderson,
                                                                                                         Nikolay Klen, Barbie Koch, Jeff
    to help Marklund’s special clientele.                                                                Kowalczyk, Edward Robert Krause,
                                                       Encouraged by Marklund’s expansion,               Jason M. Lemke, Michele Lester,
    Eleven and a half years later, the Fakos have      George and Arlana hope to set aside more          Carmel Loch, Victoria Lynn Marchese,
    become popular fixtures in the Marklund            time to volunteer in the future. Marklund         William Murphy, Adrian Nunez,
    community, visiting two or three times a           estimates that the Fakos have volunteered         George “Pete” Peterman, Scottie Realy,
    month to accompany Marklund clients on             1,689 collective hours. But for the Fakos, that   Bernieta Reel, Priscilla Fae Reel,
    special group outings. They also spend time        number hardly seems like a lot.                   Dennie Schwalb, John Sweet,
    reading and talking to the kids.                                                                     Wren Thomas, William D. Toffenetti,
                                                       “I guess that’s accurate,” figures George.        Brett Wien, William Zoller
    “We’ve gotten to know many of the clients          “I don’t think it’s that much. I’d like to do
    over the years,” said George. “We’ve become        more. It’s a good feeling to be with these        In honor of:
    friends with them and like to help as much as      children. To get to know them and help them       Nathan Armbruster, The Robert Bernard
    we can in any way we can.”                         — it’s good to be part of something like that.”   Family, Patti Box, Berdina Gladstone,
                                                                                                         Richard Guerard, Derick Holub, Bruce
    In general, the Fakos enjoy spending time          For more information on volounteering             Jensen, Jim Jurich, Christine Klen, Bob &
    with the children, whether on outings or at        at Marklund, contact Cathy Nikrandt at            Kathy Korvas, Mary Krasner, Bill & Jeanette
    annual events like Marklund’s Summer               630.593.5468, or          Kuhn, Andrew Lederer, Gail Ludewig, Lisa
    Games.                                                                                               Newton, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Piazza, Dale
                                                                                                         Plass, Regina Tedei, Stanley Tew, Joey
                                                                                                         Toffenetti, Aaditi Wadia, Ken Welch,
                                                                                                         Debe Welch, Wheaton Swim Club
                                                                                                         Coaches, Erin Wick, Don & Michele
                                                                                                         Wood, Helen Yast

C    care letter      dedicated to those who care about Marklund                                                                                         6
    EMPLOYEE                       SPOTLIGHT
    The Maintenance Department

    Marklund is very fortunate to have a dedicated and flexible
    maintenance team. The whole group always comes through with
    any Marklund-wide request. It only takes a moment to realize their
    significance to the Marklund culture.

    Jim Rippenger celebrates three years of service with Marklund this May.   Jim Rippenger received his plumbing and heating training through the
    Kerry Berg and Brian Beck started in the fall of 2004 and Michael         U.S. Army. His primary responsibility is the Marklund Philip Center
    Ronnenberg joined the team in January of 2005. They will all do           for Children- Children’s Home and Marklund Day School, which is a
    anything without question and do a fantastic job at it. In fact,          much older facility. He enjoys the challenges of projects and repairs
    Terry Arya, VP of Development, even said that Jim (over at MCH)           that require some creative engineering skills with an older building.
    donated in-kind to Marklund under the cuff...apparently, he purchased     The kids’ smiles keep him coming to work everyday. Jim and his wife,
    the digital camera that they have over there. Michael generously          Yvonne, have been married for 18 years and enjoy horseback riding,
    purchased raffle tickets for the Top Hat Ball and Marklund’s              bird watching, and other observations of nature.
    September Fest. The list goes on.

    Their eclectic backgrounds compliment each other nicely. Kerry Berg
                                                                                   Pictured from left to right:
    has approximately 18 years of experience in operations maintenance in
    small machinery, equipment, and steel. He holds certification as a
                                                                                   Kerry Berg, (Lead Maintenance Engineer),
    diesel mechanic. Kerry mentioned that it’s so fulfilling when a client
    asks him to fix something and he can do it for them. His favorite part
                                                                                   Brian Beck, Jim Rippenger, and
    of his job is how personally rewarding it is to help Marklund clients.
    When Kerry is not working on improvement projects for Marklund, he
                                                                                   Michael Ronnenberg.
    has plenty of home improvement projects to keep him busy. He enjoys
    spending time at home with his wife of 5 years, Abby, and their two
    four-legged kids, Bailey, a yellow lab, and Bosco, a chocolate lab.

    Brian Beck’s background is mechanical engineering-
    heating and air conditioning. He also is a certified
    emergency medical technician. Brian believes that he
    really makes a difference through his job. He says the
    teamwork of the maintenance crew, Marklund staff, and
    clients provide him with rewards far greater than
    monetary. “Let’s face it, we could make more money
    elsewhere, but how many people get to come to work
    and be a hero each day? I take their security and safety
    very seriously.” Brian also enjoys spending time with his
    friends, and three children, Caleb, Tristen, and Landen.

    Michael Ronnenberg received ship maintenance training
    through the Navy, and served as the lead import engineer
    during his tenure with the military. He holds a Bachelor
    of Arts degree with 3 years of industrial maintenance and
    7 years of Radiation Health Physics-large scale environ-
    mental clean-up projects. Michael enjoys the project vari-
    ety at Marklund. “I have an appreciation and sense of grounding when
    I come to work each day.” He admits to having many hobbies. He has             The best Marklund memory for each team member
    a commitment to Martial Arts, skateboarding, and playing guitar in his         involves one of the clients and the caring bond they have
    in-home studio but enjoys his new role as a father to his four-month-          for the children. Each of the team members had a hero in
    old son, Quinn. Michael and his wife, Grace Wang, have been married            their lives, a father or grandfather that provided support
    for two years.                                                                 and guidance for them. It is very easy to see that our
                                                                                   handy men not only do work with theirs hands but also
                                                                                   their hearts.

                                                                               In Memory of Michael Berg, Kerry Berg’s father who passed
                                                                               away last July. Your legacy lives on.

                                                         1 South 450 Wyatt Drive                                             Organization
                                                         Geneva, IL 60134                                                  U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                              Permit #3
                                                                                                                           Bloomingdale, IL

Marklund is a private, not-for-profit network of services
providing a full life experience for infants, children and adults
with severe and profound developmental disabilities. Our
goal is to help each individual reach his or her highest
potential and live as full a life as possible. Marklund’s sites,
located throughout Chicagoland area’s northern and western
suburbs, include: Marklund at Mill Creek; Marklund Philip
Center for Children; Marklund Resale Store.

The Marklund Care Letter is published by
Marklund, 1 South 450 Wyatt Drive,
Geneva, IL 60134, 630.593.5500.
              Anne Craft
Writer and Editor:

                                                                                                                for more information
                                                                                                                     Tracy Methling at
                                                                                                              630.593.5488 or email
                                                                                                            10:45 am Shot-Gun Start
                                                                                                                         May 9, 2006
                                                                              Classic on May 9, 2006!
    or email
    Call Cathy at 630.593.5468 for information                        us for dinner at our Annual Golf
                                                                                                                     Bloomingdale, IL
                                                                                                                 Indian Lakes Resort
 Mill Creek                                                         If you are not a golfer, please join
 Saturday, June 10, 2006 at Marklund Hyde Center at
 Marklund Philip Center for Children in Bloomingdale
 Saturday, June 3, 2006

                                        Summer Games                                      SAVE-THE-DATE
   EVENTS                                                                                             Golf Classic
                                                                                     24th Annual Gale Sayers-Marklund

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