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					Love Trouble

 Katie Swoverland
      Block 4
Act I Scene 1: A cold and stormy night in the study.
[Enter Anna]

Anna: I’m lost. I have nowhere to turn; I don’t know where to turn. Being in love with
two guys, crushes my heart. They are both great, yet, they both have faults. Still, I cannot
make a decision on who will make me happier. It seems it is clear to everyone, except
me. Oh diary, what do I do?
(Tears roll down her cheeks)

[Enter Maya]

Anna: Hey Maya.
(She sobs)

Maya: Hey Anna. What’s wrong?

Anna: My heart is in two different places.

Maya: Boy troubles. Is there anything I can do to help dry your tears?
(She taps her chin)

Anna: I doubt it. Unless you can bring one of the men I love here to keep forever.

Maya: Which one?

Anna: Whoever you think is better for me.

Maya: Ok.
                                                                     [Exit Maya and Anna]

Act I Scene 2: Anna’s parent’s room
[Enter Linda and Charlie]

Linda: I’m worried about Anna, honey.

Charlie: She will figure it out, she always does. (Wraps his arms around her) Maybe you
could talk to her about it.

Linda: Anna wouldn’t talk to me about it.

Charlie: At least try.
                                                                   [Exit Linda and Charlie]

Act I Scene 3: Antonio’s Living Room
[Enter Joseph and Antonio]
Joseph: You ever worried about losing someone you love a lot?

Antonio: As much as I hate to admit it, yes. (Stares at the ceiling before speaking again) I
can’t shake the one I love no matter what I do.

Joseph: She must be pretty special.

Antonio: She is. Her name is Anna. Do you know her?

Joseph: (Aside) Could that be the Anna I love? My Anna…(To Antonio) I think I do.

Antonio: Maybe we could get tog-

(A knock sounds on the door)

Joseph: Wonder who that is.

(Antonio opens the door and invites Maya in)
[Enter Maya]

Maya: Ah, Joseph and Antonio. I was looking for you both and someone told me I could
find you here. I need to talk with you both, one on one.

Antonio: (Aside) Maya, Anna’s best friend, something must be wrong. (To Maya) Who
do you need to speak with first?

Maya: I would like to speak to Joseph first. Excuse us.
(Joseph and Maya walk to the other side of the room, alone. Antonio looks around.)

Antonio: (Aside) Is Anna in trouble? Why would she not speak to me first?

Maya: Do you love Anna?

Joseph: Is this conversation between just you and me?

Maya: Yes, of course.

Joseph: With all my heart. It hurts that she’s in love with someone else.

Maya: How do you know she’s not in love with you?

Joseph: I don’t.

Maya: Have you ever hurt her?

Joseph: Maybe a couple of times, but I never meant to.
Maya: Ok. I need to talk to Antonio now.
(Walks over to Antonio)

Antonio: (Aside) Dear God, please tell me Anna is safe. (To Maya) Is Anna ok?

Joseph: (Aside) What was that about?

Maya: Anna is fine. I need to ask you questions about her though.

Antonio: Ok.

Maya: Do you love her?

Antonio: At times.

Maya: Do you care for her?

Antonio: Of course I do. I wouldn’t have asked you if she was ok if I didn’t.

Maya: True. Have you ever hurt her?

Antonio: Why is this any of your business?

Maya: I’m trying to help you. (Raises eyebrow) Now, have you?

Antonio: I’m sure I have hurt her before.
(Maya walks over to Joseph)

Maya: Come with me to see Anna.

Joseph: Alright.
                                                        [Exit Antonio, Maya, and Joseph]

Act I Scene 4: Anna’s House
[Enter Linda]

Linda: This house work is never done. (Turns on vacuum) Hmm Hmmm Hmmmmm
(Turns off the vacuum as a knock comes on the door)

[Enter Maya and Joseph]

Maya: Hey mom, number two. Where’s Anna?

Linda: In her room.
(Maya and Joseph walk to Anna’s room)
                                                                                [Exit Linda]
[Enter Anna]

Maya: (To Joseph) Wait here.
(She walks into Anna’s room)

Anna: Have you brought back the one?

Maya: Yes. (To Joseph) Come in here.

Joseph: Hey Anna.
(Anna looks depressed and answers tonelessly)

Anna: Hey.

Maya: Isn’t this what you wanted?

Anna: (To Maya) I love Antonio.

Maya: (To Anna) But Joseph is better for you.

Anna: (To Maya) You don’t know what we have.

Joseph: (Aside) Should I stay or go? She doesn’t seem happy to see me.

Maya: (To Anna) Then why didn’t YOU choose?

Anna: Because I care for them both.

Maya: Choose.

Joseph: (Aside) What are they talking about?

Anna: Joseph, you are the better choice between you and Antonio, but I cannot choose
you. I am sorry.
(Joseph tears up and leaves)
                                                                           [Exit Joseph]

Maya: I hear your mother coming up the stairs. I’ll see you later.
                                                                            [Exit Maya]
[Enter Linda]

Anna: Hey mom.

Linda: What happened?

Anna: What do you mean?
Linda: I saw Joseph leave with tears running down his face. What did you do?

Anna: Made a choice.

Linda: You chose Antonio?

Anna: Yes.
(Linda throws a book across the room)

Linda: What!? What about Joseph?
(Anna starts to cry)

Anna: What does it matter? Just be happy for me.

Linda: Joseph is way better. I can’t be happy for you, you’ve made the wrong choice.

Anna: Fine. I’m leaving.
                                                                    [Exit Anna and Linda]

Act I Scene 5: A park bench where Anna sits. Sunny.
[Enter Anna]

Anna: (Aside) What am I suppose to do? I know Joseph is better, yet I’m in love with
Antonio. I can’t make them both happy. I need to follow my heart. I wish I knew what it
was telling me.

[Enter Antonio]
(He sits down next to her)

Antonio: What’s wrong?

Anna: I don’t know anymore. I don’t think we are working out, but then again love
always finds a way. If you found time to see me, things would be a lot better. (She cries)

Antonio: What are you saying?

Anna: I need time to figure out what I need and want. I’m sorry. I will always love you.
(Antonio tears up)

Antonio: Ok…If you ever need a friend…I’m here. I love you.
                                                                            [Exit Antonio]
[Enter Joseph]

Joseph: Why are you crying?

Anna: I just broke up with Antonio…
Joseph: For me?

Anna: In a way, yes. I need to find myself.

Joseph: I’m here. (Kisses Anna’s forehead) I love you. (Wraps his arms around her)

Anna: And I love you. We may not be together anytime soon, but I’m following my
heart. I need you and I will be happy.
                                                               [Exit Anna and Joseph]

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