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					                        TABLE OF CONTENTS

INTRODUCTION                                          1



SCHOOL CALENDAR                                       3


EARLY DISMISSAL                                       5





ADDRESS & PHONE NUMBER CHANGES                        7


CLASS TREATS, LUNCH & BREAKFAST                       8-9

FOR YOUR EARS ONLY, VOLUNTEERS                        9

NOTES FROM THE NURSE, TITLE 1                         10


DISCIPLINE GUIDELINES                                 12

SCHOOL BUS REGULATIONS, LIBRARY                       13

NETIQUETTE                                            13-14

ASBESTOS NOTIFICATION                                 14

BOARD POLICIES                                        14

        This booklet has been prepared to serve as a guide to help you familiarize yourself
with the school policies we will be following during the school year. These policies represent
an accumulation of ideas that have been formulated over the past years. There are probably
many questions that are not answered by this booklet, in which case feel free to ask. An open
line of communication between home and school is very important. Please feel free to make
any suggestions for improving this booklet.


      The mission for Holden R-III School District is for all students, upon graduation, to
have marketable skills or the basis to be eligible for post-secondary educational opportunities.

                        ELEMENTARY MISSION STATEMENT

        The Holden R-III School District believes each student, regardless of past experiences,
can learn and we are committed to high expectations of ourselves and our students.


                                We can't hide our Eaglet pride.

                       HOLDEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SONG

                                We can't hide our Eaglet pride.
                            It's something that goes deep inside.
                       Our town, our school, our friends, and teachers,
                                We are proud of every feature.
                                  We are working hard to see,
                             That we are the best that we can be.
                                      No doubt about it,
                                   We'll stand and shout it!
                                We can't hide our Eaglet pride!

                                     SCHOOL COLORS

                                    Royal Blue and White
       Various days throughout the year will be designated as "Spirit Days". On these days,
students who wish to participate will wear blue and white or their Eagle shirts.

                                            Page 1
                       2004-05 HOLDEN ELEMENTARY
                               FACULTY AND STAFF

Robyn Sisk        Dr. Lindell Harrison            Donna Fizer
732-4136                732-5568               732-6071 or 732-6541

KINDERGARTEN                GRADE ONE                      GRADE TWO
Kari Collett                Helen Hodges                   Pam Pirch
Sally Davidson              Carmen Lambert                 Cyndy Hartwell
Candy Johnson               Linda Slone                    Beverly Chaney
Jaime Arbo                  Patricia Morris          Ruth Brockhaus
Carolyn Chesnut

Tracy Ewens                 Rebecca Brower
Susan Fluharty              Rose Wilson – aide
                            Juanita Hertzog – aide

Lisa Baker           Librarian            James Becker               Music
Robin Campbell       Art                  Amy Morrison                      P.E.
Lisa Schmidli        Counselor            Marion Robey               T.A.R.G.E.T.
Dianna Jennings      Speech Therapist     Dana Patton                Speech Therapist
Tracy Shumate        Secretary            Brandy Roberson            Secretary/Aide
Beth Shuler          Nurse                Gloria Trosper             Library Aide

Christy Bailey              Arline Aldrich           Kathy Burks      Karen Parks
Stephanie Turner            Ginger Smith             Sandra Abel      Sally Reed
Karen Wallace               Karen Zentz              Grace Perkins    Liz Brown
Neva Hobbs

PRESCHOOL – Stephanie Atkinson – Teacher/Director           Christina Lohmann – Assistant

DAY PLUS - Catherine Evans - Director     Rachel Hockett       Deanna Yehle

Delann Lewis - Parents As Teachers                          732-4136
Larry Arnone - Director of Auxiliary Services               732-6541
INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL                                         732-6071
MIDDLE SCHOOL                                               732-4125
HIGH SCHOOL                                                 732-5523

                                         Page 2
Page 3
                           ATTENDANCE AND HOMEWORK

        Regular and punctual school attendance is vitally important to a child's educational
experience. Valuable instruction and learning activities are missed by a child when he or she
is absent or tardy. Therefore, all children should be in school on time every day that school is
in session.
        For the first eight absences during a semester to be excused, parents must send a
note with a student returning to school or call the school on the day the student is
absent. When a student is absent eight days during a semester a letter will be sent to
parents. Absences beyond eight days will be unexcused unless the student brings a note
from a physician or the parent contacts the principal.
        Students with unexcused absences will, upon returning to school, stay inside
during recesses until work missed during the unexcused absence is complete. Make up
work will not be sent home with students who have an unexcused absence. A conference
with the teacher, the parents, the student, the counselor, and the principal will be
scheduled to discuss a student with excessive unexcused absences.
         Students may obtain assignments missed during an excused absence from the teacher
and turn them in completed for credit. If you plan to get homework for your child who is ill,
you will need to make that request before 10:00 a.m. It will be ready for you to pick up at the
elementary office at 3:00 p.m. Requests made for homework after 10:00 a.m. will be ready
the following day at 3:00 p.m.

                                   ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL

        Classes begin at 8:10 a.m. each day. If you are bringing your children to school,
please have them in their classrooms between 7:55 a.m. and 8:10 a.m. Students who walk to
school, ride a bicycle, or are transported by parents are asked to arrive at the Elementary
School no earlier than 7:55 a.m. Never leave a student at the school before 7:45 a.m.
(unless he/she is enrolled in the before school child care program). There is no supervision
provided for students before that time. If you bring your child to school each morning,
you are encouraged to say good-bye at the front doors and allow your child to walk to class
independently. If you need to go to the classroom to speak to the teacher, you will need to go
to the office, sign in, and get a “Visitor” badge.
         If you are going to pick up your child at the end of the day, please send a note to
school and be sure the child knows what you are going to do. When your child's class is
dismissed at 3:10 p.m., he or she will accompany the teacher to the cafeteria and you may
meet him/her there. Earlier dismissals are discouraged unless there is an emergency. If you
must pick up your child before the end of the school day, you must sign the child out at the
office. After you have signed the child out, office personnel will call the classroom and ask
the teacher to send the child to the office to meet you. Wait at the office for your child.
Children will not be released to parents at classroom doors.

                                            Page 4
        Never take your child from a bus line. If you need to pick up your child and
students have already begun loading buses, go directly to the elementary office. All buses
have radios and office personnel will radio the bus driver and have the child sent to the
cafeteria to meet you. For safety reasons, children will not be allowed to walk to cars unless
accompanied by the person picking them up.
        All parents and visitors are to check in at the office anytime they are on the
school grounds. Parents who bring their children to school or pick them up after school
should load and unload their cars on the west side of the Elementary School.

                                   EARLY DISMISSAL

       During the winter months there is always a chance of early dismissal due to snow and
ice. Be sure your child knows in advance what to do on these days. Announcements will be
made on KXKX, KOKO (Warrensburg), and TV Channels 4, 5, and 9. SCHOOL

                                     SPECIAL NOTES

        If your child is to go home a different way than usual or is to go home with another
child, please send a note to your child's teacher. Include the child's first and last names,
the regular bus number, the date, your signature, and specific instructions. The note
goes to the teacher and then to the office to be processed. Please plan ahead and send a note
if you are going to pick up your child after school rather than calling during the day. If you
must call to notify us of a change in plans, please do so before 1:00 p.m. rather than waiting
until bus time.
        Students who wish to ride a bicycle to school must have a permission note signed by
the parent on file in the office. Students who ride bicycles are expected to arrive between
7:55 a.m. and 8:10 a.m. and go directly home after being dismissed in the afternoon.
        Only normal school supplies should be brought to school, unless you receive a
note from your child's teacher concerning a special activity. Toys (including balls),
make-up, radios, all types of trading cards (including baseball, football, Yu-Gi-Oh!), CD
and cassette players, CD’s and tapes, etc. are not to be brought to school.
        Please do not send notes requesting that your child stay in at recess unless he/she has
been ill. A student returning to school after recovering from an illness should generally not
need to stay in more than one day. If your child will need to stay in from recess more than
two days, you will need to provide a note from the child’s doctor stating the reason the child
should not go outside and the number of days the child should stay inside. Recesses are
only fifteen minutes long. If a child has not been ill and is dressed properly there should be
no problem with going outside.


                                            Page 5
        Holden Elementary School is legally responsible for the safety of its students during
the school day. Therefore, students will not be excused before the end of the school day
without a request for early dismissal by the student’s parent or guardian. Telephone requests
for early dismissal will be honored only if the caller can be positively identified as the
student’s parent or guardian. In the case of children of separated or divorced parents, the
school will release a student to the parent whose address has been designated as the address
for educational purposes by order of the court without contacting the other parent. If no
court order concerning custody is on file, the student will be released to either parent.
        If a court order providing for joint legal custody is on file, a student will be released to
the parent whose address has not been designated as the address for educational purposes. In
such a case, when no prior notice of the early removal has been given, the school will attempt
to contact the educational-purposes parent. The purpose of the contact is to notify the parent,
and not to seek permission. This procedure will also apply where the court order indicates
joint custody, but does not designate the child’s address for educational purposes. The
parents together may in writing waive these courtesy calls.
        A parent without at least joint legal custody, as demonstrated by a copy of a valid
judgment or other court order on file with the district, may NOT collect the child from school
during the school day without permission from the parent with sole legal custody.
Parents are encouraged to address these issues in the parenting plan and to provide the school
with any orders restricting or establishing parental rights.


       Videotaping may occur in the classrooms from time to time. Students will know
when they are being videotaped.

                                    PARTY INVITATIONS

        Party invitations may be given to classmates at school if every student in the class will
be receiving one.


        Desks are school property and may be searched. School officials also have the right
to search personal property (backpack, purse, etc.) if they have reason to believe a student has

                                 ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE

        Students in the Holden Elementary School are encouraged to do their best at all times.
Those who excel in the academic areas and those who show the most improvement over a
period of time will receive special recognition.

                                    PROGRESS REPORTS
                                         Page 6
         Students' completed work will be sent home on a daily or weekly basis. Report cards
will be sent home four times during the school year. Midterm reports will be sent to parents
of all students at the end of the first four and one half weeks of each quarter. The following
grading scale will be used to assign letter grades:
                 LETTER GRADE                        PERCENTAGE
                         A                              95-100
                         A-                             90-94
                         B+                             87-89
                         B                              83-86
                         B-                             80-82
                         C+                             77-79
                         C                              73-76
                         C-                             70-72
                         D+                             67-69
                         D                              63-66
                         D-                             60-62
                         F                              59 and below
         Please feel free to contact your child's teacher about his/her progress anytime. Your
involvement is of utmost importance to your child's success in school.

                            PROMOTION AND RETENTION

         An elementary student will be considered for retention for one or both of the
following reasons:
                    • failure to master a majority of the basic skills and objectives in reading
                       and math for his/her grade level
                    • excessive absences have resulted in “gaps” in the student’s learning
         The teacher will notify the parents of students at risk of being retained by the end of
the first semester. A conference will be scheduled to discuss intervention strategies to prevent

                         STUDENT USE OF THE TELEPHONE

      Students may obtain permission from the teacher or principal to use the telephone for
emergencies only.


       It is very important that we have a current home address and phone number for each
student, as well as each parent's place of employment and phone number. If this information
changes during the school year, please send the new information to the elementary office.
Parents must also provide two emergency telephone numbers which are currently in service.

                                            Page 7
Students enrolled in the Holden R-III Schools without two emergency phone numbers will
not be allowed to attend after five school days.

                              DIRECTORY INFORMATION

       The following directory information can be released by the elementary office:
          Students' names, Parents' names, Addresses and Telephone numbers
If you do not want this information given out by the school, please contact the
elementary office at 732-4136.

                                   DRESS STANDARDS

       There is a direct relationship between student appearance and student behavior.
Where students are required to meet certain dress standards, problems tend to decline.
Students also tend to develop a greater respect for one another. The following dress
standards have been set for the Holden Elementary School:
               1. Shoes must be worn at all times.
               2. Caps and hats may not be worn in the building.
               3. The midriff area must be covered.
               4. Shorts of a reasonable length may be worn during warm weather.
               5. Students may not wear articles of clothing that advertise alcohol or
                 tobacco or have profane words or messages.
       We request your cooperation in seeing that your child is appropriately dressed on
winter days. We go outside for recess on all days it isn't raining, snowing, or excessively
cold. Warm coats, hats, and gloves are essential for winter wear.

                                 EDIBLE CLASS TREATS

        Please do not send hard candy, suckers, and gum to school for your child to
share with classmates since children can easily choke on them.
        Due to health concerns, all treats (birthday, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's, etc.)
sent to school to be distributed to your child's classmates must be commercially packaged.
Students will not be allowed to pass out homemade treats.
        Germs and diseases, such as Hepatitis A, can be spread by improper handling of food.
You can help your child stay well by teaching him or her not to eat or drink after other
students and to wash his or her hands often, especially after using the bathroom.

                                LUNCH AND BREAKFAST

                                            Page 8
        A breakfast program is available in the cafeteria each morning for children whose
parents would like for them to participate. Full pay breakfast costs $.90 per day. Reduced
breakfast price is $.30 per day. Students may choose a hot lunch or a sack lunch that is served
Monday through Thursday. The cost of full pay lunch is $1.50 per day. Reduced lunch price
$.40 per day. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch will also qualify for free or
reduced breakfast.
        Breakfast and lunch menus will be posted each week. Parents must pay by the week
or the month. If a student’s account reaches a NEGATIVE balance, he or she will be
given an alternative nutritious, government approved balanced meal. Report cards may
be held at the end of each quarter for lunch charges, library fines, or other unpaid fines.
        One carton of milk is served with each meal purchased at school. Additional milk is
$.25 per carton. Students who do not drink milk may bring their own thermos. (Please do
not send glass bottles or cans of pop.)
        Money sent for lunch accounts must be in a sealed envelope with the child’s name,
teacher’s name and the amount enclosed. Money sent weekly or monthly will be credited to
the child's account. At the point of service, the child's code will be scanned. The amount of
the meal will then be debited from their account. Any monies remaining in a child's account
at the end of the school year will be credited to his or her lunch account the following school
        Parents are always welcome to eat lunch with their children. You will need to get a
“Visitor” badge from the office and wait for your child’s class to come to the cafeteria. You
may get in line with your child, get your lunch, and eat with your child at his/her regular class
lunch table in the cafeteria.

                                  FOR YOUR EARS ONLY

         Hearing is very important to a child's ability to progress satisfactorily in school. For
this reason, your school takes a special interest in the hearing ability of its students and
periodically checks their ears for any problems that could affect hearing.
         The speech therapist uses a compact ear-testing computer that checks pure-tones
(ability to hear at different pitch levels) and impedance (checks middle ear and Eustachian
tube function). This is very helpful to children who tend to have lots of colds, allergies and
other related ear, nose and throat problems.
         Grades K, 1, and 3 are given routine hearing checks during the school year. However,
these services are available to ALL THE STUDENTS anytime during school hours.
         Please feel free to contact the elementary speech therapist (732-4136) if you would
like to have your child's ears checked.


        Volunteers at the Elementary School help students and teachers in many ways. They
are a valuable part of our school team. If you would like to volunteer to help, please call the
elementary office or your child's teacher. WE NEED YOU!

                                             Page 9
                                NOTES FROM THE NURSE

        Giving of medicine to children during school hours shall be discouraged and restricted
to necessary medication that cannot be given on an alternative schedule. When medication is
to be administered by school officials, the medicine must be in the original container with a
label affixed by a pharmacy with the physician's name, the student's name, and the name and
dosage of medication. In addition, the request must be filled out and signed by the parent.
        Non-prescription drugs will not be given except on written orders from a physician
detailing the name of student, the name of the drug, the dosage, and time interval that the
drug is to be given, as well as stating the medical condition for which it is to be given
        The parent of the child must assume responsibility for informing school personnel of
any change in the child's health or change in medication. All medication must be transported
to and from school by an adult. No medication is permitted on district school buses. School
personnel will not administer the first dose of any medication.
        Since many elementary age children are still learning the importance of cleanliness,
parents are encouraged to help with this at home. A clean child with clean clothes will have a
better self-image. He/she will also be setting an example for classmates to follow.
        To keep head lice under control, we have two schoolwide checks per year. Many
parents check their children often. If lice or nits are found, they should be treated
immediately and reported to the school. All nits must be removed and the child's head must
be checked by the school nurse before he or she may return to class. Classmates are then
checked by the nurse. With continued cooperation from parents, we hope to keep head lice
to a minimum.
        If a minor accident occurs at school, first aid will be administered. Parents will be
notified of more serious accidents. Parents will also be notified if their child has a fever or has
become ill at school. Please do not send your child to school if you know that morning he or
she has a fever or is ill.

                                            TITLE 1

        Title 1 classes are offered at the Elementary School. The Title 1 program involves a
lower teacher-pupil ratio. Therefore, students receive a great deal of teacher attention and

                                             Page 10
        Title 1 teachers and aides work with regular classroom teachers to coordinate
instruction in order to develop a more adequate learning environment for Title1 students.
Meeting the identified needs of each student is the top priority as Title1 teachers, aides and
classroom teachers work together.
        The majority of Title 1 classes grades K-2 in the Holden Elementary School will be
held within the regular classroom. The "In-Class" program is designed to promote
appropriate grade level performance in reading, language arts, and/or math. Small group
instruction may also given during a regularly scheduled pull out time.


        The purpose of the Holden R-III Elementary Guidance program is to foster the social,
intellectual, and emotional growth of its students. Basically the elementary program is
designed as a "preventive" guidance program. Although the needs of this age child may not
be as apparent as those of older youngsters, they do exist and may become critical if they are
not adequately provided for at this level.
        The major functions of the elementary program which aid student growth are:

         SCHOOL AND CLASS ADJUSTMENT - The counseling program assists students,
individually or in small groups, in their adjustment to school work, peer relations, home-
school related problems, school rules violations, new programs or other educational concerns.
Individual students are counseled when they are referred by the building principal, by
classroom teachers, by parents or when students come to the counselor on their own

       TEST ADMINISTRATION AND INTERPRETATION - The counselor is responsible
for coordinating the elementary school's standardized achievement testing program and also
conducts individual testing when necessary.

         SELF-AWARENESS - CAREER AWARENESS - The emphasis at the elementary
level is on self-awareness activities leading to career exploration. The counselor initiates
school wide activities in this area, assists teachers in education programs and conducts class
sessions for students whenever possible.

       PARENT AND TEACHER CONSULTATION - The counselor is available to inform
parents of techniques and methods which may assist their children with school adjustment,
emotional growth, family-school relationships, and other guidance topics of interest to
parents. The counselor is also available to help teachers on matters of child growth and
development, test interpretation, and the improvement of positive behaviors for school

        Additional duties of the elementary counselor include record management for
transferring students, staff consultation for special services, and student orientation programs.
                                              Page 11
The hope is that the elementary guidance program will assist school personnel, parents, and
students in achieving a positive and rewarding educational experience in the Holden R-III
School District.

       If you have any questions, please contact the elementary counselor -- stop by or
phone 732-4136.

                                DISCIPLINE GUIDELINES

     1. Follow teacher's directions and school rules
     2. Keep hands, feet, and other objects to self

       If a child repeatedly misbehaves in class or the misbehavior is of a serious nature,
he/she may be sent to the office for disciplinary action. One or a combination of the
following disciplinary actions may be taken:

INFORMAL TALK: The principal will talk to the student about his/her behavior.

CONFERENCE: A conference with the student, parent, teacher, and principal will be

PARENT NOTIFICATION: A parent or legal guardian will be notified of misbehavior by
telephone, personal contact, or a letter.

DETENTION: The student and parent will be informed of a detention by the principal.

DISCIPLINARY REASSIGNMENT: A reassignment of a misbehaving student to a
separate supervised environment may be given. This may include a referral to counseling, a
schedule change, or a temporary change in placement such as time out or assignment to a
"buddy room".

IN-SCHOOL SUSPENSION: The student will be informed of an in-school suspension and
the parent or legal guardian will be notified by mail or telephone of the in-school suspension.
Students will be given the assignments to be completed during the in-school suspension.

LOSS OF PRIVILEGES: A student will lose recess time or will not be allowed to
participate in special activities.

                                            Page 12
OUT OF SCHOOL SUSPENSION: A student will be given one to ten days of suspension.
The number of days will depend on the seriousness of the misbehavior or the number of
previous out-of-school suspensions. Parent or legal guardian will be notified and may appeal
the suspension to the superintendent.

EXPULSION: The superintendent may impose a suspension of up to 90 school days. In
cases of severe and unresolved problems, the superintendent may recommend to the Board
of Education that a student be expelled from school.

                           HOLDEN R-III SCHOOL DISTRICT
                            SCHOOL BUS REGULATIONS

•   Place all trash in the cans at the front or rear of the bus.
•   Follow all directions given to you by the bus driver.
•   Remain seated while the bus is in motion.
•   Be courteous and respectful to other passengers and the driver.
•   Keep all objects and extremities inside the bus.
•   The use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs of any kind is prohibited.
•   Please do not bring non-school items on the bus.


         The library program at Holden Elementary is an integral part of the reading instruction
curriculum and the reading that children do in their library books is very important to their
growth in this critical skill. All children in the school have a scheduled library period each
week to return and check out library materials. Please be aware of your child's library day
and help to get the books returned on time, as new materials cannot be checked out until the
old ones are returned.
         Beginning in kindergarten, children are taught to be responsible for the books they
check out, both at school and at home. We do not charge an overdue book fine, but if a book
is lost or damaged beyond normal wear while your child has it checked out, there is a fine
assessed. The amount of the fine will be determined by the librarian and will vary according
to the severity of the damage and the age and replacement cost of the book.
         You can help your child to become an avid and critical reader, and one who enjoys
good books, by having a quiet time set aside each day for reading, either with you or alone as
reading skills develop. Our goal is to help all of our students become competent and eager
readers who are able to read at or above grade level by the end of third grade.


       The district policy concerning use of the computer network goes home with each
student the first day of school. Parents and students should read the policy and sign the

                                            Page 13
Internet Usage Agreement that accompanies the policy. A signed agreement must be on file
in the office in order for a student to use the computer at school. Please review the netiquette
guidelines below governing use of the network with your child. He/She will be expected to
abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette. These include (but are not limited
to) the following:
         a) Be polite. Do not get abusive in your messages to others.
         b) Use appropriate language. Do not swear, use vulgarities or any other
             inappropriate language. Illegal activities are strictly forbidden.
         c) Do not reveal the personal address or phone numbers of students. Use the school
         d) Note that electronic mail (e-mail) is not guaranteed to be private. People who
             operate the system do have access to all mail. Messages relating to or in support
             of illegal activities may be reported to the authorities.
         e) Do not use the network in such a way that would disrupt the use of the network
             by other users.

ASBESTOS NOTIFICATION – Due to Federal laws, Holden R-III School District
contracted with Mead Environmental Services, Inc. of Overland Park, KS, to perform an
asbestos assessment at the various district buildings. Some areas of asbestos have been
identified, but have been diagnosed as “nonfriable” for the most part and are not presently
considered as a hazard to the buildings’ occupants. However, the law mandates that such
materials must be either removed or maintained so that no future hazard exists. The School
District has opted to manage the majority of asbestos-containing materials in the schools for
at least the next two years and have taken positive measures to ensure its present sound

All those interested in the specific procedures, location and nature of the asbestos-containing
materials are invited to view the Management Plan and Inspection Report prepared by Mead
Environmental Services, Inc. Those documents are located at each building Principal’s Office
and at the Superintendent’s Office.

BOARD POLICIES - The Holden R-III School District Policy Manual is posted on the
district website ( and is also maintained in notebook format in the district
superintendent’s office. The following policies are referenced in the district manual:
                AC            Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment
                AC-R          Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment
                              Compliance Grievance Procedure
                EBAB          Hazardous Materials
                ABAB-AP       Hazardous Materials (Asbestos Control)
                EBC           Emergency Plans/Safety Drills
                EF            Food Services Management
                EFB           Free and Reduced-Cost Food Services
                IGAEB         Human Sexuality Curriculum
                                            Page 14
IL      Assessment Program
JFCJ    Weapons in School
JFG     Interrogations, Interviews and Searches
JG      Student Discipline
JG-R    Student Discipline
JHC     Student Health Services and Requirements
JO      Student Records
JO-R    Student Records
KB      Public Information Program
KB-AP   Public Information Program
KI      Public Solicitations/Advertising in District Facilities

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