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The Religious Advisors Association at MSU is seeking four _4


									                           2011 Summer Work Opportunities at AOP
       The Religious Advisors Association (RAA) at MSU is seeking four (4) undergraduate student
workers, who are outgoing and friendly, to work the following schedule during the Academic Orientation
Program (AOP) at MSU -- approximately 115 hours.

        The workers will work with the AOP staff and will encourage incoming students and/or their parents
to complete religious preference forms. The four mandatory training sessions with AOP staff will take place
in Wilson Auditorium from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm on Tuesday, May 17; Tuesday, May 24; Wednesday, June
1; and Thursday, June 9. The pay will be $10.00/hour ($7.40 from MSU AOP and $2.60 from RAA). Must
be an undergraduate student enrolled at MSU during Spring 2011 and Fall 2011.

        The four students will work the following schedule:

        8:00am-about 1:00pm       Tues-Fri, June 14-17
        8:00am-about 1:00pm       Tues-Fri, June 21-24
        1:00pm-about 6:00pm       Mon, June 27 (transfer)
        8:00am-about 1:00pm       Wed- Fri, June 29 - July 1
        8:00am-about 1:00pm       Tues-Fri, July 5-8
        1:00pm-about 6:00pm       Mon, July 11 (transfer)
        8:00am-about 1:00pm       Wed-Fri, July 13-15
        8:00am-about 1:00pm       Tues- Thurs, July 19-21
        1:00pm-about 6:00pm       Fri, July 22 (transfer)

(The following hours would be helpful.)
1:00pm-about 6:00pm Wed, August 24
11:00am-about 8:00pm Sunday, August 28 *( this is the only day of fall AOP for domestic students so
advising and thus check out may go as late as 8pm so we will let them know more details closer to the date)

If you are interested in one of these positions, please complete the form below and return it ASAP to:

David Dressel,
David Dressel, Martin Luther Chapel, 444 Abbot Rd., East Lansing, MI 48823

Date:   _________________________

Name _________________________________Social Security No. _______________________
Phone No. _____________________________E-Mail Address: __________________________
Current Address __________________________ City ______________ State ___ Zip ______
Summer Address _________________________ City ______________ State ___ Zip ______

Previous work experience: (include employer’s name and address and your main job responsibilities)

How comfortable are you with initiating conversation with students and/or


1) Applicant turns in their application to David Dressel
       (Bring Social Security Card and Driver’s License)
2) Interview with David Dressel

After completing # 1 and # 2, then

3) Fill out AOP application online at:
        (Make sure you indicate on your application that you “will be working for RAA.”)
4) Meet with an AOP Coordinator
5) Attend all training meetings
         (Bring Social Security Card and Driver’s License to first training meeting as well)

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