About Implant Dentistry in Houston: Frequently Asked Questions, PART 3 by HoustonDentalImplant


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									    This article, part 3 of 4, answers the questions
frequently asked about dental implants as a solution to
          single and multiple missing teeth.
In our two previous article posts, qualified and experienced implant dentist, Dr. Wayne
Brueggen, has been providing answers to some of the questions frequently asked about
implant dentistry in Houston. In this, the third installment of a four-part FAQ series, he
shall continue to provide insight into one of modern dentistry’s greatest innovations:
Houston dental implants.

FAQ # 8: What is the procedure required to have Houston dental implants placed?

The first step in your journey to smile restoration or - in the case of edentulous (not having
a single original adult tooth left) and near edentulous patients - oral rehabilitation, is an
                                        initial consultation with Dr. Wayne Brueggen.
                                        During this visit, you will undergo a thorough
                                        clinical examination and give a detailed medical
                                        history so that the doctor can make an accurate
                                        diagnosis of your oral problem/s and recommend
                                        an appropriate course of action. Implant dentistry in
                                        Houston provides sophisticated and long term
                                        solutions to patients presenting with single and
                                        multiple missing teeth, so – if you have lost one or
                                        more of your pearly whites - this will be the goal Dr.
                                        Wayne Brueggen will work with you towards.

                                        The next step involved in implant dentistry in
                                        Houston will be your surgery! You will have the
                                        option for sedation and, depending upon the
complexity of your case, either local or general anesthesia. Either way, Dr. Wayne Brueggen
will make sure that you are completely comfortable and relaxed and that your experience is
pain-free. The first stage of the surgery will be to prepare your mouth to receive a dental
implant, which may involve the removal of the old tooth root (if it still resides in the socket)
and the elimination of infection. Dr. Wayne Brueggen will then place the implant and a
ceramic tooth crown; a procedure which seldom takes more than an hour. Once you have
recovered from the anesthesia, you are free to return home to a light meal and a good
night’s rest. If you feel up to it, you may even return to work the next day! The results of
implant dentistry in Houston will ensure that you are able to eat, speak and smile with
confidence again.

FAQ # 9: Will I need to take time off from work if I have Houston dental implants

                                  Whether you will be ready to return to work the day
                                  after implant dentistry in Houston depends entirely
                                  upon you. Some patients prefer to take two or three days
                                  to rest, while others return to work the very next day! It
                                  is, however, recommended by Dr. Wayne Brueggen that
                                  you book yourself off for at least two days subsequent to
                                  implant dentistry in Houston. If you feel bright and
                                  ready enough after one day, then feel free to return to
                                  your responsibilities. Please note that the pain
                                  medication generally prescribed by implant dentistry in
                                  Houston may make you feel drowsy and it may impair
                                  your concentration. For these reasons, you should
                                  organize a lift to and from work until you are no longer
                                  on analgesics.

                                  Implant Dentistry in Houston: Stay Tuned

For the fourth and final installment of this article series on implant dentistry in Houston,
stay tuned! Qualified and experienced dentist, Dr. Wayne Brueggen will be answering some
final questions on Houston dental implants.

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