August Events at KL September Events at KL Letter by Allisonmartin


Events at KL                                  Letter from the Principal
22	   •	Kindergarten	Meet	&	Greet             Dear Parents and Guardians,
	     	 10-11am,	KL	Playground                Welcome to a new school year filled with the promise and commitment
24	   •	Kindergarten	Supply	Drop-Off,		       of King Lab administration and staff to ensure that all students have the
	     	 6:30-7pm	in	classroom                 opportunity to develop their interests, academic abilities, and natural tal-
	     •	Kindergarten/New	Student	             ents. I hope you and your family are having a wonderful summer break
	     	 Information	Night,	7pm,	Auditorium    and getting extra, much-needed family time. With the end of August
	     •	5th	Grade	Meet	the	Teacher,	7-8pm     in sight, I hope your child is ready to return to school fully rested and
25	   Meet the Teacher/Supply Drop-Off        energized for an upcoming school year filled with new challenges and
	     •	2nd	Grade,	11am-1pm
	     •	4th	Grade,	4-6pm	
                                                  In anticipation of the upcoming school year, the staff is concentrat-
	     •	7th/8th	Grade,	6:30-7:30pm	
                                              ing their efforts on specific school-wide domains that affect academic
26	   Meet the Teacher/Supply Drop-Off
	     •	1st	Grade,	12-2pm                     achievement as well as social and emotional development. The infor-
	     •	3rd	Grade,	2-4pm                      mation mentioned below is a snapshot of what happens and what will
	     •	6th	Grade,	5-6pm                      continue to happen in the building. This is not intended to limit the vast
31	   •	First	Day	of	School                   amount of instructional support and opportunities afforded to children.
	     •	First	Morning	Coffee,	8-9:30a.m.,		   Because King Lab has a number of programmatic initiatives taking place
	     	 Courtyard                             in and out of school, it is important to highlight and build upon them.
                                              School-Home	Communication/Involvement
September                                     For the upcoming school year, improvements to King Lab’s parent com-
Events at KL                                  munication systems will extend beyond the usual means of communica-
7		   •	Labor	Day	(No	School)                 tion. The WBKL (both the printed and email version, the e-WBKL) will
8	    •	K-4	Curriculum	Night,	7-8:30pm,		     continue to provide parents with a timely and regular home-school source
	     	 Auditorium                            of information. The administration will also include weekly messages
9	    •	5-8	Curriculum	Night,	7-8:30pm,		     regarding school-wide activities and important dates in the WBKL. In ad-
	     	 Auditorium                            dition, I will deliver a State of King Lab address twice each school year.
	     •	Band/Orchestra	Recruitment		
                                              Curriculum	and	Instruction
	     	 Assembly,	4th/5th	Grade
                                              An ongoing priority for King Lab is to deliver a relevant and rigor-
14	   •	Gift	Wrap	Kickoff	Assembly
                                              ous curriculum with an emphasis on Fine Arts integration supported by
23    •	Beginning	Band/Orchestra		
                                              scientifically-based instructional strategies, innovative ideas, and cutting-
	     	 Open	House,	3pm
	     •	Taste	of	King	Lab,	6-8pm,		           edge technology. The District’s desired initiatives focus on a number of
	     	 Cafeteria/Courtyard                   interventions that support both the general and special education popu-
                                              lations. Included in the initiatives is the continued focus on screening,
25    •	Principal/Morning	Coffee,	
                                              assessing, and evaluating student developmental needs in an effort to
	     	 8-9am,	Courtyard
                                              produce academic achievement and encourage natural talents. To com-
28	   •	Yom	Kippur	(No	School)
                                              plement and support ongoing priorities, the District has included teacher-
30	   •	King	Lab	PTA	Meeting,	7pm,		
	     	 School	Library                        training opportunities that are proven to be efficient and effective.
                                                                                                     (continued on page 2)
                                     In addition to the social and emotional support offered to students, King
New Staff at                         Lab will continue to explore, identify and implement student assistance
King Lab                             approaches to problem solving that encourage and promote positive peer
                                     relationships and teacher-student interactions. It is our belief that every
To add to King Lab’s phe-            student has a right to be respected, has a right to be safe, and has a right to
nomenal staff, we have hired         learn. Moreover, the evidence shows that a positive and nurturing school
twelve new staff members. We         environment has a positive statistical relationship to academic achievement.
have graciously extended the         Because creating such an environment is a building-wide focus, greater em-
District’s resources in the form     phasis will be placed on being more proactive and preventative. Basically,
of mentoring and curriculum
                                     the staff will serve as key enthusiastic supporters for our school.
awareness support to assist
in their smooth and seamless         Technology
transition. It is apparent that      With classrooms being inundated with technology, the staff and students are
the new staff members have a         able to expand their teaching and learning horizons. A considerable amount
commendable candid desire to         of learning that takes place in classrooms can be attributed to the effective
seek, understand, and quickly        and efficient use of technology coupled with a fascinating curriculum. Areas
become acclimated to the Evan-       like technology, differentiation, and social and emotional learning are seen
ston/Skokie community, King          more as educational tools which affect what happens in the classrooms daily.
Lab School, and programmatic         When visiting the classrooms, you will notice technology lessons are not
initiatives. On behalf of the        necessarily taught in isolation, but are incorporated in lessons. For example,
administration, we welcome the       teachers use technology to enhance their ability to effectively differentiate
following new staff members:         lessons and capabilities, whereas students make practical use of technology to
•	Ms.	Jennifer	Lloyd                 support research applications based on real-world experiences.
  Behavior Intervention Specialist   School-Wide	Leadership
•	Ms.	Jennifer	Halman                The King Lab staff is equipped and prepared to deliver a rigorous and
  Drama/Creative Movement            relevant curriculum. One of the reasons why this is possible has a lot to
•	TBA,	3rd Grade                     do with the level of professional expertise and the repertoire of teaching
                                     skills that staff members possess. At King Lab, this admirable teacher
•	Ms.	LaShanda	Davis		
                                     quality is appreciated and definitely needed. When opportunities present
	 4th Grade
                                     themselves, teachers take the initiative to deliver services based on data,
•	TBA, 5th Grade Math                best practices, and student needs. Furthermore, they are also encouraged
•	Ms.	Joan	Andler	                   to pursue higher learning opportunities in the field of education.
  7/8 Science and Social Studies         Most noteworthy is the fact that teachers, realizing the number of
                                     school and district improvement initiatives they have to face, go the extra
•	Ms.	Melissa	Glickman               mile to ensure that students receive an optimal educational experience.
  8th Grade Math                     Teachers have more prescriptive devices at their disposal to achieve desir-
•	TBA, Head Building Engineer        able outcomes. Also remember that school-wide leadership and services
                                     are not limited only to staff, but extend to parents and community mem-
•	Ms.	Robyn	Esposito
                                     bers wanting an opportunity to contribute to what is offered at King Lab.
  Media Arts
                                     There are parent liaison positions, such as serving on PTA, that provide a
•	Mr.	Olin	Scott                     linkage between the school and other community resources.
  Physical Education
                                     Class	Assignments	and	Schedules			
•	Mr.	Paul	Perry	                    Class assignments/schedules will be available for pickup at King Lab’s
  Psychologist                       main lobby starting Monday, August 17th between the hours of 8:00a.m.
•	Ms.	Emily	Lamar	                   and 1:00p.m. Between Tuesday, August 18th and Friday, August 21st, the
  Social Worker                      hours are between 8:00a.m. and 4:00p.m.; class schedules will be available
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                   A Note from...
           The King Lab Co-PTA Presidents                                                  Join us for
   Welcome back King Lab families! We extend a very warm welcome to all new
families as well as our new principal, Dr. Jeff Brown. We look forward to working            coffee...
with Dr. Brown in making King Lab the best school possible. We also encourage
ALL families to become involved in your child’s education. The King Lab PTA is               First Morning Coffee
a volunteer organization structured to help facilitate parents and guardians to              Monday, August 31
become more involved in their child’s education.                                          8-9:30am in the courtyard
   We hope you will take the time to look through all the material in this mail-
ing. We realize there is a lot to review, but it’s all important – especially the forms
that we’ve requested be returned to us.
   We look forward to an exciting new year. The King Lab PTA is open to ALL                    Morning Coffee
families.                                                                                   Friday, September 25
                                                                                           8-9am in the courtyard
        Carolyn Castellini                 Sharon Mitzen 

                                 King Lab Communications
   Contact Information Forms: A contact information form is included in your summer
   packet. This completed form is used by the King Lab PTA to produce the King Lab
   Directory. The e-mail contact information provided is used to generate the e-blast list
   used for families receiving the e-WBKL. By filling out and returning the enclosed form,
   you are assisting the PTA in keeping your family informed of school news and
   communications. The form can be returned to the PTA folder in the office. Additional
   copies are available on the King Lab Web site.

   WBKL: The WBKL is a weekly newsletter (bright yellow for the 2009-2010 school year) designed to provide short
   updates and information on timely matters. Hard copies of the WBKL are sent home weekly in Friday Folders (kin-
   dergarten through fourth grade) and through e-mail (the e-WBKL) to all families. We welcome your submissions. The
   WBKL deadline is Tuesday of each week. Publication is on Friday. Submissions may be sent to Amy Ceisel at aceisel@
       Through the e-WBKL, you will receive ALL PTA communications via e-mail: the WBKL, with links to the district’s
   Friday Folder information, PTA flyers, and community resources. In addition, you will receive reminders and an-
   nouncements. This year all King Lab Families (who have submitted contact info) will automatically receive the
   e-WBKL. Hard copies of the WBKL will be available in the PTA corner (located across from the auditorium). Kinder-
   garten through 4th grade families will also receive printed copies of PTA communications in their Friday Folders.

   The King Lab Website: For information about what’s going on at King Lab, visit
   You will find announcements, letters from Dr. Brown, the 2009-10 King Lab calendar, the revised 2009-10 Parent
   Handbook, all PTA communications and flyers, community flyers, PTA membership and directory, e-KL forms,
   middle school sports forms, the spirit wear order form, a staff directory and much more. If you have any sug-
   gestions for what you would like to see included on the site, please send them to Sharon Mitzen at cawallin@

   District 65 E-Newsletter Available: The District 65 Communications Office offers an electronic newsletter that in-
   cludes weekly updates, letters from the superintendent, “What Happened at the Last Board Meeting” and emergency
   school closing information via e-mail. To subscribe, go to the D65 Web site at, and using the Table
   of Contents, scroll down to the e-Newsletter Sign Up Link. The link will take you to a page where you can click on the
   “Go” button to complete your e-mail contact information.

                          PTA Quick Reference Guide
Fundraising News at King Lab
The PTA raises money to support and supplement every child’s developmental experience at King Lab. Almost 40 percent
of the funds raised by the PTA go to providing educational arts experiences for all students, including EISMA, drama and
dance residencies and cultural arts programming. The PTA also supports other educational activities such as author visits,
Battle of the Books, and the Science Olympiad.
     PTA funds are also used for school/family communications. The PTA pays for the printing of the summer mail-
ing, the King Lab Parent Handbook, school calendar, family directory, the weekly newsletter and the flyers families
receive about PTA-sponsored events. Additionally, PTA funds go toward building and supporting the King Lab
community. PTA funds pay for babysitting during PTA meetings, the First Morning and Principal’s coffees, Teacher
Appreciation Week and the Volunteer Appreciation Party. The PTA also supports the following events: Taste of King
Lab, Booster Club Pancake Breakfast, Springfest, the 4th Grade Celebration, the 8th Grade Party and Graduation, and
various middle school activities.
     A portion of the funds raised is donated to community organizations. The PTA donates to Kids and School Supplies,
Ted Fund, ESCCA and YEA. These organizations provide vital support to a portion of the King Lab community.
     Below is a list of the fundraising activities that take place over the course of the school year. The PTA does not expect
families to participate in every fundraiser nor in the same way. There are numerous options, so families may choose what
they are comfortable doing. Everyone’s participation in these activities, both in large and small ways, benefits all of our
children and is always appreciated.

  • Gift Wrap Sale: The Gift Wrap Sale is King Lab’s big-           Brown. Families and teachers may make donations to the
  gest fundraiser. The funds provided by this event are used        PTA scholarship fund throughout the year. If you would
  to underwrite virtually everything the PTA provides for           like to make a donation please make your check payable to
  the students. In mid-September, students are given pack-          King Lab PTA, enclose it in an envelope with your name
  ets of information about the products plus order forms.           and phone number (if you are making a donation in honor
  An online order form allows friends and family outside of         of a teacher or other person, also include the name of your
  Evanston to buy products and help the school. Completed           honoree) and place the envelope in the PTA box marked
  order forms and payment must be returned by October 2.            “scholarship fund” located next to the school office copier.
  Distribution takes place in mid November.                         • King Lab Directory Advertisements: Advertisements
  • Book Fair: The Book Fair is a fundraising event for             in the King Lab directory help offset the cost of printing
  school literacy programs. There is a wide selection of            the directory and supplement the PTA operating budget.
  books, games and toys for sale to students and parents.           • Donations: The King Lab PTA is always pleased to
  Parents can also purchase books for the library or their          accept donations to help support PTA-sponsored activities
  child’s classroom.                                                for students.
  • FineHeARTS Benefit: The FineHeARTS benefit is an                • Silent Auction Items: At several events throughout
  adults-only event that raises money for the arts at King          the school year (FineHeARTS and SpringFest), the PTA
  Lab. Funds are raised from silent auction items and a             raises funds through silent auctions. Providing a product
  raffle. Silent auction items are solicited from local mer-        or service for these events is another way that you can
  chants. King Lab community members share food, drinks             help the PTA raise funds.
  and conversation. King Lab parents and teachers provide                In addition to the fundraising activities listed above,
  live musical entertainment.                                       members of the King Lab community raise funds through-
  • 8th Grade Plant Sale: King Lab typically hosts a plant          out the year by shopping locally and on the Internet, at no
  sale in the spring. Information is sent home to parents in        extra cost:
  Friday Folders.                                                   • Dominick’s eScrip Program:	Every time you shop at
  • Scholarship Fund: Scholarship funds for field trips,            Dominick’s and use a Fresh Value Card, a percentage of
  extracurricular activities, gym uniforms and other fees are       your purchase can go to King Lab. You can pay in cash
  available through a special fund set up by the school and         or use a credit card. It applies any time you shop at any
  the PTA. If you need scholarship assistance, notify Dr.           Dominick’s. Dominick’s tallies how much your family

spends each month and contributes up to 4 percent             Volunteer and Support ESCCA!
of your monthly purchases to King Lab. The eScrip
                                                              ESCCA, the Evanston School Children’s
Program is an easy and effective way to earn a lot of
                                                              Clothing Association
additional funds for King Lab. You can also enroll
                                                              is a 78-year-old
friends and family members in and out of town who
shop a Dominick’s/Safeway. The PTA aims to reg-               organization
ister all parents/staff who are Dominick’s shoppers.          dedicated to
For more information contact Martha King at                   providing clothing                                        to District 65 school
• At,you can do your              children in need. Each District
online shopping and earn funds for King Lab at the            65 school is asked to provide four volunteers on scheduled
same time. Working with OneCause is easy. You                 dates throughout the year.
(as a supporter) don’t need to purchase anything you              All volunteering is done at the ESCCA Clothing Center, lo-
wouldn’t normally buy. Just shop from a OneCause              cated in the District 65 Building at 1500 McDaniel. The volunteer
partner merchant. There are hundreds of name brand            dates for the 2009-2010 school year are:
merchants, including Amazon, eBay, Home Depot,                    • Saturday, September 19, 9-11am
Office Depot, Office Max, LL Bean, Gap Kids. When                 • Thursday, October 22, 6:45-9:00pm
you click on a merchant link, you are taken to the                • Wednesday, December 2, 6:45-9:00pm
merchant’s website and a percentage of your total                 • Wednesday, January 20, 6:45-9:00pm
purchase will be contributed to King Lab. There is no             • Wednesday, February 24, 6:45-9:00pm
extra cost to you! For more information and how to                Each child referred receives a five-day wardrobe, a light
register, go to:                            jacket or winter coat, new gym shoes, boot and underclothes.
• General Mills Boxtops: Earn cash for King Lab               Volunteers either sort clothing or assist families in choosing
every time you shop for groceries. Clip box tops from         appropriate clothing from a predetermined list, depending
hundreds of products and drop them in the Boxtops             on the night they volunteer. At all serve and sort times, ESCCA
container in the school office on top of the PTA mail-        supervisors are there to orient and provide instruction to the
                                                              volunteers. This is an ideal volunteer opportunity for individuals
boxes. King Lab receives ten cents for every boxtop
                                                              with limited time who wish to provide a valuable service.
redeemed. Look for boxtops on these products: General
                                                                  In addition to volunteering, you can also help ESCCA by:
Mills cereals, Pillsbury refrigerator dough products,
                                                                  • Donating clothing. All clothing should be appropriate for
Yoplait yogurt multipacks, Betty Crocker baking mixes
                                                              school-age children, clean and in good condition. ESCCA is open
and Ziploc food storage bags. For more information
                                                              to receive donations on Wednesday mornings between 9a.m.
and additional box top products, go to www.boxtops-           and 11a.m., or you can place them in the drop box, which is                                               located directly behind the District 65 building.
• Target Stores: You can support King Lab just by                 • Making a financial contribution during the annual ESCCA
shopping with your Target® Visa® or Target Guest              fund drive to buy new coats, jeans, shoes for children served.
Card®. Through School Fundraising, Target will                Watch for more information later in the year.
donate an equal amount to 1%* of your qualifying                  To sign up or volunteer, obtain a tax receipt for your donation,
Target Visa or Target Guest Card purchases at Target          or learn more about how you can support ESCCA, contact Rhonda
stores or to the eligible K-12 school of           Present at 847-864-3147 or
your choice. In addition, ½%* of qualifying Target
Visa purchases outside of Target stores or
will go to the eligible K-12 school of your choice.
Schools receive their donations twice a year, and                         Thank you...
funds accumulate all year long. You can participate                  To Kathy Rudy for pulling together
by designating an eligible school on your Target Visa
                                                                    our King Lab Calendar, Lisa Stein for
Card or Target Guest Card application. You can get
an application at any Target store. If you already have           coordinating the summer mailing packet
a Target Visa Card or a Target Guest Card, you can                      and Amy Ceisel for designing
sign up for the School Fundraising program by calling                  the King Lab Summer Bulletin.
800-316-6142 or by visiting

                                         What’s Going On
                                    After School at King Lab?
                    The PTA sponsors a number of after school activities throughout the year.
                                    • Registration Forms are available in the school office.
• Clubs run for 45 min-1 hour beginning immediately after school. Check with your instructors for exact start/end times.
                          • A late bus is available for those students who normally ride the bus.
                                   • Classes are not held on partial/non-attendance days.
                            • Payment for all activities: Checks made payable to “King Lab PTA”
                      • Partial Scholarships are available for most activities (check flyers for details)
    • Information on all activities will be available through Friday Folders, the e-WBKL, and on the King Lab website.

 Club Name                      Description                                                             Eligible Students    Session Dates
 Day of Week
 CHESS CLUB (*)                 All	levels	(beginners	to	advanced	chess	players)	are	invited	to	join	   Open	to	all	grades   Sept	17,	2009	–	Dec	10,	2009
 Thursday	Afternoons            the	King	Lab	Chess	Club.	Classes	are	taught	by	Chess	Wizards	for	a	                          Jan	7,	2010	–	Mar	25,	2010
 TBD                            fee.		                                                                                       Apr	8,	2010	–	Jun	3,	2010
 TAE KWON DO CLUB (*)         King	Lab	School’s	Tae	Kwon	Do	Club	provides	our	young	people	with	        Open	to	all	grades   Sept	15,	2009	–	Dec	8,	2009
 Tuesday	Afternoons           a	unique	opportunity	to	have	fun,	learn	self-discipline,	and	improve	                          Jan	5,	2010	–	Mar	23,	2010
 Cafeteria                    their	self-esteem.	Grand	Master	Connelly,	a	Sixth	Degree	black	belt	                           Apr	6,	2010	–	Jun	8,	2010
                              and	nationally	recognized	martial	arts	educator,	teaches	classes.		
 FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB Introduce	your	child	to	foreign	language	at	an	early	age	when	they	              Kindergarten	–		     November	–	March		
 TBD                          are	most	receptive	to	language	development.	The	PTA	is	offering	          5th	grade            (exact	dates	TBD)
 TBD                          Spanish	and	French	through	the	Foreign	Language	Club	to	students	
                              in	Kindergarten	through	Sixth	grades.	Students	are	grouped	by	
                              age/experience	and	learn	the	language	with	proper	rhythm	and	
                              pronunciation	by	listening	to	the	teacher	and	repeating	simple	words	
                              and	phrases.	Foreign	language	skills	are	enhanced	through	a	variety	
                              of	fun	and	exciting	activities.		
 YOUNG REMBRANTS              Young	Rembrandts	teaches	drawing,	the	fundamental	skill	of	all	           Kindergarten	–		     TBD
 Wednesdays	(Tentative)       the	visual	arts.	Reflecting	how	children	learn	best,	the	classes	are	     4th	grade
 TBD                          structured,	entertaining,	and	engaging.	Classes	begin	in	the	fall,	
                              with	sessions	lasting	for	approximately	6	weeks.	New	lessons	are	
                              taught	during	each	session,	so	there	is	plenty	of	opportunity	to	learn	
                              something	new!
 DRAMA CLUB                   Play	On	is	dedicated	to	providing	young	people	with	quality	theatre	      1st	grade	–		        TBD
 Wednesdays	(tentative)       training	implemented	by	professionals	in	a	creative	and	nurtur-           4th	grade
 TBD                          ing	environment	with	the	focus	on	development	of	the	student	as	
                              individual	and	artist.	PLAY	ON	will	lead	students	through	a	variety	
                              of	fun	theatre	and	improv	games.	The	students	will	also	create	their	
                              own	characters	and	scenes,	and	perform	in	an	exciting	final	project.
 GIRLS RUNNING CLUB           The	purpose	of	the	club	is	to	provide	a	character	development	pro-        2nd	grade	–		        Practices	will	begin	in	April	and	
 All	practices	will	be	held		 gram,	using	running	to	teach	values	and	a	sense	of	self.		Participants	   5th	grade            will	go	through	the	end	of	the	
 outside,	weather	permitting. learn	about	the	life-long	benefits	of	healthy	eating	and	exercise,	                            school	year,	in	an	effort	to	train	
                              get	involved	in	their	community,	and	HAVE	FUN!!		The	club’s	goals	                             and	run	the	Ricky	Byrdsong	
                              are	achieved	through	training	to	participate	in	a	non-competitive	                             Youth	Fun	Run.
                              walk/run	event	with	self-esteem	enhancing	and	uplifting	workouts	
                              that	are	tied	with	a	community	service	project.
(*)		Registration	Form	included	in	summer	mailing                              6
(continued from page 2)
at Meet the Teacher/Supply Drop-offs. Any class schedule not picked up by
August 26th will be issued on the first day of school. School starts promptly at       District 65
8:00a.m., and dismisses at 2:45p.m. (in order to ensure that elementary students       Meetings & Events
get to their buses and after-school activities, they will be dismissed at 2:35p.m.).
Building-Wide	Improvements
To improve school climate, the District’s Building and Maintenance depart-             August	12:	
ment has undertaken a number of projects. These projects greatly improved              Board Finance Meeting,
King Lab’s physical surroundings to benefit the teaching and learning environ-         6-8pm, 1500 McDaniel
ment for staff and students. I would like to extend a special thank you to Mr.         August	17:	
Don Stevens and his crew for the extra care and attention given to create a            Board of Ed Meeting,
safer and more aesthetically pleasing environment. Once school starts, families        7-8pm, 1500 McDaniel
are invited to walk through and view the improvements made to our facilities.
                                                                                       September	8:	
Drop-off	and	Pick-up	Locations                                                         Board of Ed Working Meeting,
Drop-off and pickup directions are forthcoming. Included in this sum-                  7-9pm, 1500 McDaniel
mer packet is an announcement from the City of Evanston’s Public Works                 September	14:	
Department regarding the resurfacing project on Lake Street. Resurfacing               Board Finance Meeting,
efforts will start at Lake and McDaniel, and end at Lake and Elmwood. The              6-8pm, 1500 McDaniel
resurfacing project started July 20th and will continue until mid-October.
                                                                                       September	17:
A	New	Year...                                                                          • Ad Hoc Greening/
In closing, I look forward to a new year and a new beginning. Like the stu-            Sustainability Meeting,
dents at King Lab, I am very eager to start school in the relentless pursuit of        5:30-7pm
educational excellence. Most importantly, I also look forward to establishing          • PTA Council Meeting, 7pm
close associations with parents and the community that complement the edu-             (Both held at 1500 McDaniel)
cational process. The King Lab community will continue to blossom while at             September	21:
the same time restoring a renewed sense of pride.                                      Board of Ed Meeting,
     With the continued support from the Board of Education, Dr. Hardy                 7-8pm, 1500 McDaniel
Murphy and his phenomenal administrative team, and the entire King Lab
community, I look forward to providing the necessary stability to transform            September	23:
                                                                                       “Let’s Talk About It” Youth
the school into one that families can be proud of. If you have any questions
                                                                                       Depression and Suicide,
or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 847-859-8500 or brownj@dis-             7-9pm, Chute Middle School, And as always, “Intelligence plus character. This is the true goal        1400 Oakton St.
of education.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
                                                                                       September	30:
Respectfully yours,                                                                    “Let’s Talk About It” Youth
                                                                                       Depression and Suicide,
                                                                                       7-9pm, Haven Middle School,
                                                                                       2417 Prairie Ave.
Dr. Jeffrey D. Brown, Jr.

                        Taste of King Lab - September 23
 If you’re looking for a fun way to help at King Lab, please consider lending a hand at
 Taste of King Lab. The “Taste” will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 23 from 6 to 8p.m.
 We are looking for volunteers who can serve food from either 6 to 7p.m. or 7 to 8p.m.,
 or help clean up from 8 to 8:30p.m. This potluck is a great beginning-of-the-school-year mixer, with lots of
 wonderful food and good conversation. Make sure you join in on the fun – you and your child(ren) will have a
 great time! Please contact Amy Houseworth at if you can help out.

August and September                                                                First Morning Coffee
                                                                                    (younger	children	are	welcome)
Calendar of Events                                                                  Monday,	August	31st,	8-9am;		
                                                                                    School	courtyard/cafeteria
Kindergarten/New	Parent	Information	Night	                                          This	is	a	great	time	and	place	to	either	catch	
&	Kindergarten	Supply	Drop-Off                                                      up	with	old	friends	or	meet	new	ones.		See	
                                                                                    enclosed	flyer	for	details.
Monday,	August	24
Kindergarten Supply Drop-0ff in classroom from 6:30-7pm                             Curriculum Nights
The meeting will be held in the auditorium from 7-8pm                               K-4	Tuesday,	September	8th		7-8:30pm
                                                                                    5-8	Wednesday,	September	9th	7-8:30pm
Kindergarten families can drop-off school supplies in their child’s classroom.      This	evening	begins	in	the	auditorium	and	
If you wish to purchase a set of supplies for your child, there will be a few       continues	in	your	child’s	classroom.		In	the	
available at this time. (The PTA offered families the opportunity to simplify       auditorium	you	will	meet	representatives	
school supply purchases by ordering them through SchoolKidz. SchoolKidz             from	the	grades	present	as	well	as	the	arts’	
provides a box with all the requested materials determined by the school’s          teams	and	physical	education	department.	
teachers). Students from other grades should refer to the next section for supply   Babysitting	will	be	available.
drop-off dates/times.
                                                                                    Gift Wrap Kickoff and Assembly
Beginning at 7pm, Dr. Brown will be leading a meeting in the auditorium             Monday,	September	14th,	Auditorium.		
(located in the school’s main lobby) to help familiarize families new to King       Time:	TBA
Lab about policies and procedures. The Kindergarten Team will be the only           The	Gift	Wrap	Fundraiser	is	the	King	Lab	PTA’s	
other staff present. There will also be parents of elementary age King Lab          largest	fundraiser	of	the	year.		We	kick	off	
students available to answer questions.                                             with	a	high	energy	assembly	for	the	students	
Babysitting will be available.                                                      during	school.	All	gift	wrap	information	will	
                                                                                    be	distributed	at	the	conclusion	of	the		
                                                                                    assembly.	Parents	are	welcome	to	attend.	
Meet	the	Teacher/Supply	Drop-Off
Week	of	August	24th	in	the	student’s	classroom                                      Taste of King Lab
                                                                                    Wednesday,	September	23,	6-8pm,		
Students in grades 1st through 8th will have the opportunity to meet their
teacher and drop-off their school supplies. Supplies of students ordered through
                                                                                    This	evening	is	all	about	getting	together	and	
SupplyKidz in Spring 2009 will already be in your child’s classroom. If you
                                                                                    sharing	food	and	drinks.	It	is	open	to	all	King	
have not already picked up your child’s class assignment/schedule it will be
                                                                                    Lab	families.	See	enclosed	flyer	for	further	
available at this time. This visit is typically 5 to 10 minutes long.
Grade	       Day	of	Week	                     Time                                  Principal’s Coffee
1st          Wednesday, August 26             12-2pm                                (younger	children	are	welcome)
2nd          Tuesday, August 25               11am-1pm                              Friday,	August	25,	8-9am,		
3rd          Wednesday, August 26             4-6pm                                 Courtyard/Cafeteria			
4th          Tuesday, August 25               4-6pm                                 Similar	to	the	First	Coffee.		Scheduled	for	
5th          Monday, August 24                7-8pm                                 most	months	throughout	the	year.		See	
6th          Wednesday, August 26             5-6pm                                 enclosed	flyer	for	details.
7th          Tuesday, August 25               6:30-7:30pm                           PTA Meeting
8th          Tuesday, August 25               6:30-7:30pm                           Wednesday,	August	30th,	7pm,	Library
                                                                                    Come	find	out	what	the	PTA	is	up	to	and	
Kindergarten	Meet	&	Greet	on	King	Lab	Playground                                    bring	your	ideas	to	share.		Attendance	is	open	
Saturday,	August	22th	from	10–11am                                                  to	all.
Kindergarten and 1st grade students and their families are invited to come and      PTA Council Meeting
play at the King Lab Playground. This event is designed to give Kindergarten        Thursday,	August	17,	7pm,	JEH
students a chance to not only meet their fellow classmates, but meet children       These	meetings	bring	together	PTA		
who just went through what they will doing for the next year. Parents can also      representatives	from	all	the	Dist	65	schools.		
meet and ask each other questions.                                                  Attendance	is	open	to	all.


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