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					Mintues of meeting held on 4/20/10:

Several notifications from team members that they could not attend.

Doug G
Marc Berryman
Sue Drombetta
Chuck Kemerer
Matt Franke

Issues discussed:
1) Nancy opened meeting and discussed attendance issues. All in same boat with workload and participation. It is
understandable if can not attend all meetings. Still, Nancy will be discussing participation with those that miss
most meetings or many consecutive meetings to verify interest. Matt Franke took action item to solicit more
participation from PSAP personnel.
2) Reviewed Roger's list of issues/items as they pertained to each item on original list given to group from
Council. Also, reviewed comments from Chuck K. and Nancy S. shared with team previous to cc. Much discussion
on each but consensus was to work on item 2 (Broadband/IP Services) and a toned down version of item 1
(Transferring of call data). Matt suggested we try to work on both at same time to get full advantage and
participation from team members. Team agreed and we will see how it progresses. Item 1 (Transferring call data)
- it was decided indeed that movement toward Next Gen should address this issue. Not sure with all aspects of
task that anything can be accomplished in a reasonable timeframe to make a difference before changes due to
NextGen would take affect. Chuck K's comments indicated that data sharing across adjacent county borders (to
another LEC) is more common and critical. Team did agree that we might be able to address adjacent county calls
with ALI instead of larger picture.
Item 2 (Broadband/IP services) - Nancy discussed and reemphasized Roger's comments on this issue. Discussed as
a critical and timely subject to attack. Nancy reminded team (Chuck K also referred to ATT's ABC of wireless
document) of the NENA documentation that was provided and published during early days of Wireless
implementations and how helpful the documentation was to all especially PSAPs. Nancy suggested possibly
addressing this issue and having the first order to create such a document for Broadband(IP Services) Chuck K
agreed as well as other team members.
3) Nancy took action item to go back to Council to discuss items 3) VoIP Location Issues 4) PBX Location Issues as
possibly fitting better in to an Opertions group and solicit feedback and/or more clarification of the listed task.
Item 5 (Quality of Location in 911) also. Team agreed that accuracy of Wireless calls and how to achieve would
possibly be within this groups responsibility. Sue Drombetta suggested not to address N-1-1 services in this group
as the issue is already being addressed within other entities.
4) Nancy suggested and team agreed that as long as at least 5 (five) team members were in attendance at
meetings and conference calls that the progress, voting and decisions as they relate to a topic being addressed will
be a full representation of the team.
5) Nancy will set next meeting for approximatley one week.

Team, please send me a note if anything is incorrect or missing from meeting minutes.

Nancy C. Serafino
Public Safety Sales Engineer
Work - 419-755-7366

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