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       2005    Industrial Beauty, George Billis Gallery: New York, NY
               Contemporary Realism, William Havu Gallery: Denver, CO

       2004    Industrial Beauty, George Billis Gallery: New York, NY
               15th National Print Exhibition, College of Notre Dame: Baltimore, MD
               31st Annual Juried Competition, Masur Museum of Art: Monroe, LA
               27th Annual Art on Paper, Maryland Federation of Art: Annapolis, MD
               3rd National Art Exhibition, Lincoln Center: Fort Collins, CO

       2003    Newer Genres: Twenty Years of the Rutgers Archives for Printmaking Studios
                        Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
               Prints U.S.A.2003, Springfield Art Museum: MO
               Group Show, William Havu Gallery: Denver, CO
               Georgetown International Art Competition, Fraser Gallery: Washington DC
               Paint Our Town: Old, New, Now! , Art Students League of Denver: Denver, CO

       2002    Of Place and Time, William Havu Gallery: Denver, CO

       2001    Rick Dula 16-Year Retrospective, Magnolia Editions: Oakland, CA

       1998    Contents and Contexts: Lithography after 200 years, Honolulu Academy of Arts,
               The Urban Landscape, Long Beach Arts: Long Beach, CA
               Biennial Statewide Watercolor Competition, Triton Museum: Santa Clara, CA

       1997    Alumni Printmakers, Cal State University at Hayward: CA
               California Prints from Wood, Collectors Gallery, Oakland Museum: CA

       1996    Biennial Statewide Watercolor Competition, Triton Museum: Santa Clara, CA

       1995    Juried Exhibition, Gallery Route One: Pt. Reyes, CA

       1994    USA Within Limits, Galeria Milan: Sao Paolo, Brazil
               Introductions, Campbell-Thiebaud Gallery: San Francisco, CA
               Recent Acquisitions, California Museum of Art: Santa Rosa, CA

       1993    9th Biennial Drawing and Print Competition, Triton Museum: Santa Clara, CA
               The Local Landscape, Hewlett-Packard Corporation: Palo Alto, CA

       1992    Directions in Bay Area Printmaking: Three Decades, Palo Alto Cultural Center:
                       Palo Alto, CA
               Selected Prints by California Artists, Olga Dollar Gallery: San Francisco, CA

       1991    Street Sites, Stanford School for the Humanities: Palo Alto, CA
               Art on Paper, U.S. Department of State: Washington, DC
      1990    Surface Printing in the 1980s, Rutgers Archives, Zimmerli Art Museum, State
                        University of New Jersey
              First Pull, Syntax Gallery: Palo Alto, CA

      1989    Spiritus Loci, Pence Gallery: Davis, CA
              Prints, Collector's Gallery, Oakland Museum: Oakland, CA

      1988    California Prints '88, Mills College Art Gallery, Jane Baerwald Aron Art Center:
                      Oakland, CA
              California Society of Printmakers, The Art Corridor, Sacred Heart Schools: Menlo
                      Park, CA

      1987    Experiences in Offset Lithography, University of the Arts, Borowsky Center:
                     Philadelphia, PA
              Process/Prints, Bank of America World Center: San Francisco, CA

      1986    Process/Prints, Richmond Art Center: Richmond, CA
              Northern California Regional Print Competition, Palo Alto Art Commission: Palo
                     Alto, CA

      1985    New Art in the West, Vorpal Gallery: San Francisco, CA
              Recent Acquisitions of the Achenbach Foundation, Achenbach Foundation For
                    Graphic Arts, Palace of the Legion of Honor: San Francisco, CA

              Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, San Francisco, CA
              Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA
              Pana Create Co. Ltd, Osaka, Japan
              The David and Lucille Packard Foundation Collection
              Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Power, Oakland, CA
              Rutgers Archives, Zimmerli Museum, New Brunswick, NJ
              Southern Oregon State College, Ashland, OR
              John Sperling, The Apollo Group, Phoenix, AZ
              Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MO
              U.S. Department of State, Washington DC

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