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Notice of new Loss Adjuster Privacy Act system of records by farmservice



     Notices                                                                                                       Federal Register
                                                                                                                   Vol. 68, No. 61

                                                                                                                   Monday, March 31, 2003

     This section of the FEDERAL REGISTER                       RMA promotes and regulates sound                   Affairs, United States Senate, the
     contains documents other than rules or                  risk management solutions to improve                  Chairman, Committee on Government
     proposed rules that are applicable to the               the economic stability of American                    Reform, U.S. House of Representatives,
     public. Notices of hearings and investigations,         agriculture. The Agency is responsible                and the Administrator, Office of
     committee meetings, agency decisions and                for supervision of the Federal Crop                   Information and Regulatory Affairs,
     rulings, delegations of authority, filing of
     petitions and applications and agency
                                                             Insurance Corporation (FCIC) and the                  Office of Management and Budget on
     statements of organization and functions are            administration and oversight of                       March 21, 2003.
     examples of documents appearing in this                 programs authorized under the Federal                   Signed at Washington, DC, on March 21,
     section.                                                Crop Insurance Act. As an example, the                2003.
                                                             Federal Crop Insurance program covers                 Ann M. Veneman,
                                                             production losses due to unavoidable                  Secretary of Agriculture.
     DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE                               causes such as drought, excessive
                                                             moisture, hail, and wind. Risk                        USDA/FCIC–11
     Office of the Secretary                                 Management tools are available to
                                                                                                                   SYSTEM NAME:
                                                             producers through commercial
     Privacy Act of 1974; Report of a New                    insurance companies that have entered                    Loss Adjuster,
     System of Records                                       into a financial arrangement with FCIC.               SECURITY CLASSIFICATION:
     AGENCY: Office of the Secretary, USDA.                  Under this agreement, the company
                                                             agrees to deliver a product to eligible                  None.
     ACTION: Notice of new privacy act
     system of records.                                      buyers.                                               SYSTEM LOCATION:
                                                                The purpose of the loss adjuster                     Kansas City Office, Federal Crop
     SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given that                    system is to identify persons performing              Insurance Corporation, Risk
     the United States Department of                         loss adjustment services (i.e.,                       Management Agency, 6501 Beacon
     Agriculture (USDA) proposes to create a                 performing field inspections, verifying
     new Privacy Act system of records,                                                                            Drive, Stop 0814, Kansas City, Missouri
                                                             cause of loss, determining total                      64133–4676 and regional offices for the
     FCIC–11, entitled ‘‘Loss Adjuster.’’ The                production); detect disparate or
     system will be maintained by the                                                                              Federal Crop Insurance Corporation.
                                                             inconsistent performance among all loss               Addresses of the regional offices may be
     Federal Crop Insurance Corporation                      adjustors; capture data that contains the
     (FCIC), a wholly-owned Government                                                                             obtained from the Deputy
                                                             social security account number of loss                Administrator, Insurance Services, Risk
     Corporation administered by the Risk                    adjusters for actuarial purposes in
     Management Agency (RMA), an agency                                                                            Management Agency, United States
                                                             determining risk classification; and                  Department of Agriculture, 1400
     of USDA. The primary purpose of the                     analyze and evaluate general program
     loss adjuster system is to aid in the                                                                         Independence Avenue, SW, Stop 0805,
                                                             performance at various phases of                      room 6709–S, Washington, DC 20250–
     administration and management of the                    program delivery. Routine uses include
     Federal crop insurance program.                                                                               0803.
                                                             identifying loss adjusters who are
     EFFECTIVE DATE: This notice will be                     ineligible for participation due to                   CATEGORIES OF INDIVIDUALS COVERED BY THE
     adopted without further publication on                  disqualification, suspension, debarment               SYSTEM:
     April 30, 2003 unless modified by a                     or other ineligibility and for other                    The system consists of information on
     subsequent notice to incorporate                        general administrative needs. The                     any individual who is under contract
     comments received from the public.                      system contains records of identification             with or employed by a private insurance
     Although the Privacy Act requires only                  for a loss adjustor to include the name,              company reinsured by FCIC and who is
     that the portion of the system which                    social security number, loss adjuster                 authorized to perform loss adjustment
     describes the ‘‘routine uses’’ of the                   code, State, county and private                       and related activities under the laws of
     system be published for comment,                        insurance company that insures the                    the State and the Standard Reinsurance
     USDA invites comment on all portions                    policy for which the loss adjustment                  Agreement.
     of this notice. Comments must be                        activities are performed, the individual                Categories of Records in the System:
     received by the contact person listed                   policy number, state and county, private                The system consists of standardized
     below on or before April 30, 2003.                      insurance company, amount of                          records containing identifying
     FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:                        premium collected, and amount of                      information on individuals such as
     Director, Actuarial Division, Risk                      indemnity paid for all applicable losses              name, social security number, loss
     Management Agency, 6501 Beacon                          adjusted by the loss adjuster, and any                adjuster code, the State, county and
     Drive, Kansas City, Mo 64133,                           information relating to any                           private insurance company that insures
     Telephone: (816) 926–6487.                              disqualification, suspension, debarment               the policy for which the loss adjustment
     SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Pursuant                     or other ineligibility.                               activities are performed, and the
     to the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. 552a, USDA                    The loss adjuster system is                        individual policy number, State and
     is creating a new system of records,                    maintained by the Actuarial Division,                 county, private insurance company,
     FCIC–11, entitled ‘‘Loss Adjuster’’ to be               Research and Development, RMA,                        amount of premium collected, and
     maintained by the Federal Crop                          Kansas City, Missouri.                                amount of indemnity paid for all
     Insurance Corporation (FCIC), a wholly-                    A ‘‘Report on New System,’’ required               applicable losses adjusted by the loss
     owned Government Corporation                            by 5 U.S.C. 552a(r), as implemented by                adjuster and any information relating to
     administered by the Risk Management                     OMB Circular A–130, was sent to the                   disqualification, suspension, debarment,
     Agency (RMA), an agency of USDA.                        Chairman, Committee on Governmental                   and any other ineligibility.

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                                    Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 61 / Monday, March 31, 2003 / Notices                                               15427

     AUTHORITY FOR MAINTENANCE OF THE SYSTEM:                POLICIES AND PRACTICES FOR STORING,                   question, and any other pertinent
                                                             RETRIEVING, ACCESSING, RETAINING, AND                 information to help identify the file.
        7 U.S.C. 1501 et seq.                                DISPOSING OF RECORDS IN THE SYSTEM:
                                                                                                                   CONTESTING RECORD PROCEDURES:
     SYSTEM, INCLUDING CATEGORIES OF USES AND                  Records are maintained electronically,                 Procedures for contesting records are
     THE PURPOSES OF SUCH USES:                              on computer printouts and in the file                 the same as the procedures for record
                                                             folders at the Kansas City Office.                    access. Include the reason for contesting
        Records contained in this system may                                                                       the record and the proposed amendment
     be used as follows:                                     RETRIEVABILITY:                                       to the information with supporting
        (1) Referral to the appropriate agency,                Records may be indexed and retrieved                documentation to show how the record
     whether Federal, State, local or foreign,               by name, social security number, and                  is inaccurate.
     charged with the responsibility of                      loss adjuster code.
     investigating or prosecuting a violation                                                                      RECORD SOURCE CATEGORIES:
                                                             SAFEGUARDS:                                              Information in this system comes
     of law, or of enforcing or implementing
     a statute, rule, regulation, or order                     Records are accessible only to                      primarily from the insurance company
     issued pursuant thereto, of any record                  authorized personnel, on computer                     due to financial arrangement with FCIC
     within this system when information                     printouts and in the file folders at the              (i.e. Standard Reinsurance Agreement),
     available indicates a violation or                      Kansas City Office. The electronic                    or from other Federal agencies.
     potential violation of law, whether civil,              records are controlled by password
                                                             protection and the computer network is                EXEMPTIONS CLAIMED FOR THE SYSTEM:
     criminal, or regulatory in nature, and
     whether arising by general statute or                   protected by means of a firewall.                        None.
     particular program statute or by rule,                  RETENTION AND DISPOSAL:                               [FR Doc. 03–7630 Filed 3–28–03; 8:45 am]
     regulation or order issued pursuant                                                                           BILLING CODE 3410–08–P
                                                               Electronic records are maintained
                                                             indefinitely. Hard copy records are
        (2) Disclosure to a court, magistrate,               maintained until expiration of the
     or administrative tribunal, or to                                                                             DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
                                                             record retention period established by
     opposing counsel in a proceeding before                 the National Archivist.                               Food and Nutrition Service
     a court, magistrate, or administrative
     tribunal, of any record within the                      SYSTEM MANAGER(S) AND ADDRESS:
                                                                                                                   Agency Information Collection
     system that constitutes evidence in that                  Director, Actuarial Division, Risk                  Activities: Proposed Collection;
     proceeding, or which is sought in the                   Management Agency, Federal Crop                       Comment Request; Form FNS–471,
     course of discovery, to the extent that                 Insurance Corporation, 6501 Beacon                    Coupon Account and Destruction
     FCIC determines that the records sought                 Drive, Stop 0814, Kansas City, Missouri               Report
     are relevant to the proceeding.                         64133–4676. Telephone: (816) 926–
        (3) Disclosure to a congressional office             6487.                                                 AGENCY: Food and Nutrition Service,
     from the record of an individual in                                                                           USDA.
                                                             NOTIFICATION PROCEDURE:
     response to any inquiry from the                                                                              ACTION: Notice.
                                                               An individual may request
     congressional office made at the request                information regarding this system of                  SUMMARY: In accordance with the
     of that individual.                                     records or information as to whether the              Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, this
        (4) Disclosure to private insurance                  system contains records pertaining to                 notice invites the general public and
     companies to monitor loss adjuster                      such individual from the Kansas City                  other public agencies to comment on a
     activity, performance, and loss histories               Office. The request for information                   proposed revision of a currently
     and take such corrective action as                      should contain the individual’s name,                 approved information collection
     necessary.                                              address and social security number.                   contained in Form FNS–471, Coupon
        (5) Disclosure to contractors or other               Before information about any record is                Account and Destruction Report.
     Federal agencies to conduct research                    released, the System Manager may
                                                                                                                   DATES: Written comments must be
     and analysis to identify patterns, trends,              require the individual to provide proof
                                                                                                                   submitted on or before May 30, 2003.
     anomalies, instances and relationships                  of identity or require the requester to
                                                             furnish an authorization from the                     ADDRESSES: Send comments and
     of private insurance companies, agents,
                                                             individual to permit release of                       requests for copies of this information
     loss adjusters and policyholders that
                                                             information.                                          collection to: Lizbeth Silbermann, Chief,
     may be indicative of fraud, waste, and
                                                                                                                   Electronic Benefits Transfer Branch,
     abuse.                                                  RECORD ACCESS PROCEDURES:                             Benefit Redemption Division, Food and
        (6) Disclosure to private insurance                     An individual may obtain information               Nutrition Service, U.S. Department of
     companies, contractors, and other                       as to the procedures for gaining access               Agriculture, 3101 Park Center Drive,
     applicable Federal agencies to                          to a record in the system, which                      Alexandria, VA 22302.
     determine whether information has                       pertains to such individual, by                          Comments are invited on: (a) Whether
     been accurately provided to FCIC and                    submitting a written request to the                   the proposed collection of information
     the private insurance companies and to                  Privacy Act Officer, The Program                      is necessary for the proper performance
     determine compliance with program                       Support Staff, Room 6620–SB, AG Stop                  of the functions of the agency, including
     requirements.                                           0821, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW.,                  whether the information will have
        (7) Disclosure to private insurance                  Washington, DC 20250–0821. The                        practical utility; (b) the accuracy of the
     companies, contractors, cooperators,                    envelope and letters should be marked                 agency’s estimate of the burden of the
     partners of FCIC, and other Federal                     ‘‘Privacy Act Request.’’ A request for                proposed collection of information,
     agencies for any purpose relating to the                information should contain: Name,                     including the validity of the
     sale, service, administration, analysis, or             address, ZIP code, tax identification                 methodology and assumptions used; (c)
     evaluation of the Federal crop insurance                number social security number, name of                ways to enhance the quality, utility, and
     program.                                                the system of records, year of records in             clarity of the information to be

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