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LOAmeetupnotes1 Oct2010.doc - Meetup


									What Can You Do? What Actions can you take to Allow more Money Into your life?
Bountiful Living w/Law of Attraction Meet-Up Bellevue, WA
October 26, 2010

      Rampage of Appreciation – write several every day
      Play “Wouldn't/Won't it be nice if/when...?”
      Role Play
      Talk to yourself every day in the mirror – to the person you want to be
      Buy one expensive thing – shoes, shirt, hat...
      vacation in your own backyard (ie. Seattle)
      visualize
      meditate
      make up a new story – one wealth and well being
      Test drive a new car
      massage – relaxation
      Go to the Street of Dreams – go to open houses in expensive neighborhoods
      window shopping
      hire a personal shopper – hire a house cleaning service – hire a personal chef – if you can't do it
       right away, research who does it, what it costs, what's involved, etc.
      Don't save the good stuff – use your china for dinner
      buy expensive perfume/aftershave and USE it
      Make friends with a rich person
      Work at your passion -your heart's delight
      Eliminate the word “debt” from your vocabulary
      Call credit cards “Investment cards”
      Thank your bills
      Ask a wealthy person's advice
      Buy gadgets
      Positive attitude towards money – Money is not evil
      Visualize being wealthy
      Give money away
      Prosperity is beneficial
      Put $.25 in a jar whenever you have a negative thought about money
      Wear Green – the color of money
      keep a $100 bill in your wallet
      “Feel” unlimited
      Get your hair done
      Do a spa day, and FEEL worthy
      Bill paying – I am SO abundant – I can afford this
      Paying taxes – I must be rich if I pay this much in taxes!
      Put an infinity symbol in your checkbook
      The universe in unlimited and I am a child of the universe
      write 10 things money means to you and put in your wallet and read every day
      appreciate what you have and know you are capable of more
      when you see wealth know that if they did it so can you
      test drive a Lexus (or whatever your dream car is)
   move items out of your life and know more will come
   give to charity
   “Money is my friend and my source and comes easily to me”
   ship the oars – go with the flow – release resistance
   Get into JOY every day
   Allow it
   Let go of your stories of lack
   positive self talk
   Learn to handle money – fiscal responsibility
   go out on a yacht
   enjoy rich people
   positive anticipation
   bargain enjoy!
   Buy used
   feel good
   refinance
   go through the motions of spending
   Abraham's checkbook game
   write yourself a check for a large sum of money
   Abraham's $100 game – keep a $100 bill in your wallet and mentally spend it many times a day,
    saying to yourself “I could have that if I wanted to” knowing it's really true
   always keep cash in your wallet

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