; Summertime in Alabama_ Hot and humid_ Local friends_ neighboring
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Summertime in Alabama_ Hot and humid_ Local friends_ neighboring


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									Summertime in Alabama!

Hot and humid!

Local friends, neighboring parishes, Salesian Cooperators, Gospel Roads, a parish youth
group from Kansas, volunteers from John Carroll Catholic High School, a youth group
from Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Birmingham, coach Allen Murphy, and Sister Rita
Vogelsang, S.O.S., helped to make the summer program at Holy Rosary a complete
success. The Ladies Guild from St. Theresa, along with the Vietnamese Catholic
Community of Birmingham provided meals. In addition the Knights of Columbus helped
with transportation during this five week program. Without these groups we would not be
able to run our summer program at Holy Rosary.

The fee to participate was five dollars – a dollar a week. Most cannot afford it. We are
indeed blessed especially with the help of St. Peter’s Parish Social Justice Committee
who provide food, money, and clothing during the year and especially during the

We have also received donations from complete strangers, some who were campers there
many years ago and hand you a dollar or two for the kids!

Hot and humid, to say the least. But it certainly has been a memorable summer for
youngsters who have nothing.

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