WALK ThON by alicejenny



     I got involved with this project by a   handed all the work in time. I really         because, I took a big risk to run 25 laps
friend suggesting Walk-a-thin as my          liked the project, I thought it was fun to    and at the same time, I was raising
community and service. I then went to        run around the track with friends,            money for the kids in Hamad Hospital.
the first meeting to know how walk-a-        listening to music. I liked running the            I think that the next project for me
thon works and see if i really want this     25 laps because, I was feeling the pain       is Reading buddies because I like
as my community and service. What            that the sick kids in Hamad Hospital          reading to kids and having a small
made me want to continue this project        were feeling. I feel happy that I have        buddy to play with, and make them
was that it was about raising money for      raised more than a thousand QRs for           happy.
charity, which is what i like to do to       running 25 laps to help the sick kids.
help the sick children in Hamad                    When it was the day to run, I was a
Hospital.                                    bit nervous that I wouldn’t be able to
     The project is a fun raiser for the     run the 25 laps. I was in Yellow team
sick children in Hamad Hospital. We          and i was number seven. When I began
had to be sponsered by other poeple          running I didn’t really feel pain, but
who would give us money for every lap        when I got to the 8th lap I started
we walk/run.                                 getting tired, so I stopped and walked to
     This money that we raised goes to       get my energy back, I started running
the sick children in Hamad Hospital to       again and I kept feeling pain, but I
buy them toys and fun games to play          pushed my self by encouraging my self
with. The maximum                            that I could do it. At the end I did it. I
     laps that we had to run/walk was        was so HAPPY and PROUD of myself
25 laps.                                     that I ran 25 laps, I did stop in between
     I put in a lot effort and energy in     some laps to rest and drink some water.
this project. What i did was, I came to      I felt GLAD that i have raised that
every single meeting, I never missed         much money to help the kids.
one, then i focused on the work and                I think I was caring and a rick-taker

          Walk-a-Thon                         Walk-a-thon is a great experience for people all around the world
                                              to do. It is also a very fun experience, you might feel pain while
                                              running, but you will be happy when you see how much money

              2010                            you’ve raised and the smiles on the kids faces.

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