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									         September Newsletter
          Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church
        A member congregation of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
                            1102 Seventh Avenue SW, Pipestone, MN 56164
                                   Church Office: (507) 825-4124

                                        Rev. Jon C. Olson, Pastor
                          Pastor’s Cell Phone in Emergency: (507) 215-1887
                                   Pastor’s Email: pastorolson@iw.net
                   Office/Bulletin/Newsletter Email: oursavioursecretary@yahoo.com
                                9:15 am Sunday School and Bible Class
                                       10:30 am Divine Service
    The Lord’s Supper is offered on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, & most Festival Days of the Church Year

         Why Do I Have to Go Through Confirmation?
               A Message from the Pastor to First Year Confirmands
                 (Parents please read the following with your child)

You've listened to the liturgy and hymns each Sunday morning teach you the
Christian faith. You have also had teaching in Sunday School meant to prepare
you for Confirmation Classes. The reasons you are beginning instruction in the
Small Catechism are:                                                                 Inside This Issue
       Confirmation prepares you to make your own public profession of the         Letter from Pastor…...….p. 1
        Christian Faith that was first made for you at your baptism by your
        parents and sponsors. In this way Confirmation is actually a                Note to Parents.………...p. 2
        re-affirmation of these promises made at your Holy Baptism.                 LWML Joyshops .............p. 3
       Most importantly, Confirmation provides a fundamental understanding         Community News….……p. 4
        of the Christian Faith so that you can attend Holy Communion and            Rededication at St Paul ..p. 5
        receive it's full benefits (I Cor. 10-11)
                                                                                    Mission to Berens River .p. 6
       Confirmation is also about experiencing the joy of serving the Lord's
        Church, and sharing in the responsibilities given to the Church to          Birthday, Etc …………….p. 8
        proclaim the Gospel in Word and Sacrament throughout all generations.       Sick and Homebound .....p. 9
                                                                                    Church Officers ............p. 10
I look forward to getting to know each of you as we study the Word of God           September Calendar ....p. 11
together, beginning September 10th, as it is taught in the Small Catechism of the
Lutheran Church.                                                                      Don’t forget the
                                                                                        Service time
Sincerely in Christ,                                                                       change!
                                                                                     Sept. 7th at 10:30am
Pastor Olson

 Confirmation in the Lutheran Church
                              A Message for Parents
  Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and
   established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving. (Colossians 2:6-7)

                         Early Christian Church Practice
The practice of Confirmation is not recorded in Holy Scripture. Nowhere are we
commanded to "confirm" people. However, St. Paul & St. Peter, Moses, Jesus and many
others commanded us to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the Christian faith
(Colossians 2:6-7), to "continue in the things you have learned" (II Timothy 3:15-17),
and put one's faith into practice each day by any means possible (Deuteronomy 6:4ff.).
       And Jesus came and said to them, "All authority in heaven and on earth
       has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,
       baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy
       Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And
       behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:18-20)
From the beginnings of the Christian Church adults and children were baptized and
taught the Christian Faith as Jesus commanded.

                                What Is Confirmation?
"Confirmation" is a form or rite developed by the Church. The Lutheran Church does
not teach that Confirmation is a sacrament. Rather, during the Rite of Confirmation, a
baptized person publicly "confirms" their faith before God, their Pastor and to the
Congregation. Our Lutheran Confessions teach that,
       The custom has been retained among us of not administering the
       sacrament to those who have not previously been examined and
       absolved. (Augsburg Confession, Article XXV, ln.1)
Therefore, in every case, the Rite of Confirmation involves some period of formal
instruction and examination. Here at Our Saviour’s that time period begins in early
September and ends just before Palm Sunday. During this time, Confirmation Classes
(Catechism Instruction) are presented on the teachings of the Lutheran Church
contained in Dr. Martin Luther's Small Catechism. Luther's Small Catechism contains
six essential areas ("chief parts") of the Christian faith.
These Chief Parts include:
  1) The Ten Commandments (What God Expects of Us)
   2) The Apostles' Creed (Who God Is)
   3) The Lord's Prayer (How To Pray)
   4) The Office Of The Keys And Confession (How To Be Forgiven And Forgive Others)
   5) The Sacrament of Holy Baptism (What Baptism Is & Does)
   6) The Sacrament of the Altar (What The Lord's Supper Is And Does)

                          Minnesota South LWML
                        Joyshops 2008

        Hot Topics !
 That we assist each participant to recognize
    the power of God’s grace in their life.
   “But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my
 power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all
the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ
         may rest upon me.” --2 Corinthians 12:9 ESV

 “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
                  --Matthew 28:20b ESV

          Registration: 8:15 am           Closing 2:30 pm
Saturday, September 13
          St Paul Lutheran, Rost Twp., Lakefield

       Send registration of $10 payable to MN So LWML and mail to:
      Margaret Hohenstein, 22449 Knollwood Ln, Winona, MN 55987.
                       Registration due September 5.

                     Ladies Guild News                                     Altar Guild
Sharing Warmth & Love                                             The Altar Guild will meet
Several members have been busy creating quilts this year. We      Saturday, September 20 at
thought it would be good to share where the quilts are sent. In   10:00 am.
2008, 48 quilts have been distributed to the following:
                                                                  We will go over service
Ashton Care Center                     6
                                                                  schedules for the coming year
Pipestone Hospital                     6
                                                                  and discuss an altar guild
Surgery                                6
Grain Train                            4
McKennan’s Children’s Closet           2                          As always, current and
Baby Quilts                           10                          interested members are
       Baptism’s                6                                 welcome to attend.
       Graduate                 1
                                                                  If you are not able to attend the
       Hospice Silent Auction 2
                                                                  September 20th meeting and
       Museum Fundraiser        1
                                                                  desire more information, please
Randy Yupp                             1
                                                                  call Emily Olson at 215-2137.
Needy Families in Pipestone            8
Nursing Home Admission                 1
                                                                          MN South LWML
Thanks to all who give their time to help with this project.          Joyshops 2008
Supporting a Seminary Student                                     When:
We are supporting a new seminary student, John Henry, who will    Saturday, September 13, 2008
be attending Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne,        Where:
Indiana. Please pray for him for success in his years ahead.      St Paul Lutheran. Lakefield
September Ladies Guild Meeting                                            Hot Topics! and
Join us at our September 8th meeting as our missionaries Carl &           Super Powers!
Melanie Knight share some of their experiences in Botswana           Please see page 3 of this
through a DVD presentation.                                       newsletter for more information.
Our lunch will be served by Faye Long.
Visitors and new members are always welcome.
                                        Linda Winter, President

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                          Mission Trip to Berens River
                                   by Rebecca Stotz

I just want to start out by saying thank-you to all who supported me for this trip – all
of it was greatly appreciated!

On Saturday, July 5th, four others and I left for our mission trip to Berens River,
Manitoba, Canada. We drove until we reached Winnipeg, Manitoba, where we stayed
for a night at the High Priest’s parsonage. When we were staying there, we met
another group from Ontario, Canada that was going to Little Grand Rapids for a
mission trip. We toured around the parsonage while we were staying there and saw
some pretty interesting sites! The next morning, we packed up our things and headed
to the airport in Pine Dock, where both groups flew out of for the mission trips. To get
to Pine dock, we had to drive on 100 miles of gravel, which really dirtied up the van!
Our group didn’t have to leave until 4:00 pm, but the Ontario group had to leave at
noon, so when we got there, we ate at a restaurant quick and said our good-byes.
Finally at 4 o’clock, we boarded our commercial plane and headed for Berens River,
which was roughly a 20-minute flight. When we reached Berens River, Genevieve, our
unofficial “tour guide” brought us to the Catholic mission, where we would be holding
the vacation Bible School, and got us settled. After we did that, we decided to explore
the town a little bit so we could get to know the area better; we actually didn’t get far
because the town is very spread out.

The next day, which was the 7th of July, was the first day we were supposed to start
VBS, but apparently, nobody knew about us coming, so long story short, we had to go
around (on the back of a truck, and advertise for the VBS. The first official day of VBS
came, we were so excited nervous, anxious, and happy at the same time-or at least I
was…I don’t know about the others-but I’m pretty sure they were feeling similar
things. That first day alone was awesome because about 30-40 youth showed up for
our VBS and we were very glad that many showed up since we were a little doubtful
that no more than30 would show up. The rest of the days flew by in a flash, but I
remember so many things from those tour days that wouldn’t all fit into these couple
pages I’m typing!

There were many youth that touched my heart in many ways – one of them being a
little boy named Brody. He and his sister Chelsea were the first natives we met
because they were good friends with Genevieve. When we went out to advertise, they
were the ones who helped us get the invitations to the residents. Chelsea is an eleven-
year-old girl who had more energy than anyone there - with a little bit of attitude
mixed in, but who wouldn’t at that age! She was also very sweet and helped out
whenever necessary. Her brother Brody is a very energetic, happy five year old that
brightened our days there. One thing I would remember for a long time is when one of
us would ask how he is doing, he would reply “I’m being good” or “I’m being really good”
– it was so cute and made us chuckle whenever he said it.

The other things that touched me is how much love there youth crave – they want to be
close to you, they want hugs, then want to hold your hand – because the king of
families these youth live within don’t have the family structure we like to have, since
the government in Manitoba made any child after the age of three to into a public
school system (this act was enacted over 100 years ago…when the government thought
they knew best, and a lot of the time, they still don’t). Since strong family bonds were
important to the Native Americans, this system went against their grain and
eventually made them lose their heritage over the past 100 years. The youth have
many other things that make their life seem not all that well. For example, they joked
about how their parents couldn’t get to the couch after they’ve had too much to drink.
This shows how they’ve just accepted the fact that their parents are complete drunks –
so they cover their pain up by joking about it. Another good example is all the
pressures to have a boyfriend/girlfriend…as young as 9 years old! A couple of the girls
there actually asked us lady teachers if we were married, engaged, or had a boyfriend
…I said “no” to all three. There are many other issues I could mention, but they are
simply to numerous to count and they would take up another whole few pages.

One of the other things I want to briefly mention is the living conditions in Berens
River. Berens River is a reservation on the east side of Lake Winnipeg, and the only
town on that side with a population of approximately 1,800. The town was very spread
out, and it took a long time to just walk a few miles. The house conditions ranged from
really run down to almost average living conditions because it all depended on the
family’s position in the tribe.

I thank God everyday that I had this opportunity to go on this mission trip and to
spread His Word to the youth of Berens River. I pray that I have the opportunity to go
again next year to see how those children have changed and grown throughout the
year. Again, a huge thank-you to all who supported me while on this trip.

                                      God Bless,
                                     Rebecca Stotz

Happy Baptismal Birthday                        OFFICE NEWS
                                             Deadline for items to be
  Brady Weinkauf –September 10th              placed in the Sunday
   Timothy Stotz – September 14th             bulletin is 1:00 pm on
                                              Wednesday afternoon.
  Joshua Klumper – September 16th
                                             Deadline for items to be
  Todd Thompson – September 16th              placed in the September
   Valerie Kontz – September 25th             newsletter is 12:30 pm on
   Timothy Suda – September 28th               Tuesday, August 26th.
                                               Please note that some
                                               articles may need to be
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY:                            edited.

     Sandy Bucher – September 4th        Items can be emailed to me at
Jenny VandenBosch – September 10th       oursavioursecratary.@yahoo.com
    Timothy Suda – September 11th        or placed in the basket on my
                                         desk or in my bulletin box. I can
       Ione Rae – September 12th         also be reached by phone during
      Alan Cox – September 13th          the day at 348-4099 or in the
    Rebecca Stotz – September 13th       evenings at 348-8004.
    Arden Forde – September 14th
  Kodi Hendricks – September 14th
    Daniel Miller - September 14th
  Dawn Brockberg – September 16th        HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
      Vi Bucher – September 18th             Harold & Alice Winter –
      Amy Pietz – September 18th                September 4, 1999
   Emily Bootsma – September 22nd        Chuck & Joyce Hammer - Sept 8,
   Heather Miller – September 23rd                     1973
    Karen Currier – September 28th         Kellie Taylor - Sept 12. 1998
   Duane Forseth – September 29th         Paul & Gloria Evans - Sept 18,
                                           Ed & Gloria Smidt - Sept 20,
                                         Arden & Clara Forde – Sept 24,
                                          Raechelle Kor – Sept 28, 2002

            Our Saviour’s Sick and Homebound
      Florine Johnson                        Robert & Mavis Ripley
      520 5th Street SW                      503 2nd Avenue NE
      Pipestone, MN56164                     Pipestone, MN 56164
      (507) 825-4579                         (507) 825-4015

Out of Town:
      Vernon Krusemark                       Lee & Ida Rose
      Sunrise Manor Nursing Home             210 East 3rd Avenue
      Box 280, Room # 170                    Flandreau, SD 57028
      Tyler MN 56178                         (605) 997-3554
      (507) 247-8800
      Evelyn Smestad                         Ray Stueven
      Goldfinch Estates & Care Center        47725 251st St
      850 Goldfinch Street                   Baltic SD 57003
      Fairmont, MN 56031                     (605) 529-5235

Ashton Care Center:          916 4th Avenue SW
                             Pipestone MN 56164
                             (507) 825-6000
      Pearl Buffington                       Dolly Gniffke

Good Samaritan Village:      1311 N Hiawatha Avenue
                             Pipestone MN 56164
                             (507) 825-5428
      Nora Griebel                           Aurelia Stueven
            (507) 825-3872                         (507) 825-4532
      Hank Gerdes
      Alvera Reese                           Dorothy Tepley
            (507) 825-2273                         (507) 825-2329

Falls Landing:               1101 N Hiawatha Avenue
                             Pipestone MN 56164
                             (507) 562-6648
      Joyce Jacobson
           (507) 825-3668

Ridgeview Estates:           903 2nd Ave SE
                             Pipestone, MN 56164
      Elden & Eloise Olsen
            (507) 825-5615

             2008 Officers and Board Members
                of Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church

President:              Terry Vanden Bosch   Elder Areas
                        (507) 562-2881       Following each elder’s name and
                                             phone number are letters of the
Treasurer:              Doug Stotz           alphabet. Each elder looks after that
                        (507) 825-5014       segment of the membership whose
Financial               Joyce Hammer
                                             last name begins with those letters.

Secretary:              (507) 825-3711
                                             Gary Hailey                   A-F
                                             (507) 825-2209
Council                 Nancy Haraldson      Jack Bucher                   G-K
Secretary:              (507) 825-2236       (507) 825-4090
                                             Larry Haraldson L-Z
Head Elder:             Larry Haraldson      (507) 825-2236
                        (507) 825-2336
                                             The members of the Board of
Chair, Board of                              Elders work closely with the
                        Eileen Runia
Stewardship:            (507) 825-3258       Pastor for the spiritual well-
                                             being of the Congregation.
Trustee:                Dennis Winter        Concerns about the Divine
                        (507) 825-5210       Service, service times,
Chair, Board of                              pastoral care, church
Christian               Amy VandenBosch      membership, or similar items
Education:              (507) 562-2881       should be addressed to
                                             Pastor or the Elders.
Co-Chair, Bd.
Christian Ed. &         Nancy Haraldson
                        (507) 825-2236
                                             The members of the Board of
Sunday School                                Christian Education give
Superintendent:                              attention to education
                                             materials and programs.
Chair, Board of         Sheri Cox            Concerns about Sunday
Evangelism:             (507) 825-2510
                                             School, VBS, Adult Classes,
                                             or similar items should be
OSLC Ladies Guild
                        Linda Winter         addressed to the Board of
                        (507) 825-5210       Christian Education.
Vice-President:         Eileen Runia         The members of the Board of
                        (507) 825-3258
Secretary:                                   Trustees give attention to the
                        Bonnie Bucher
                        (507) 825-4090
                                             Church’s physical properties.
Treasurer:                                   Concerns about maintenance
                        Marlene Smallfield
                        (507) 825-4075       of the church, or similar items
                                             should be addressed to the
Chair, Altar:           Emily Olson          Trustees.
                        (507) 215-2137

               Our Saviour’s September 2008 Calendar
Sun                        Mon                  Tue                                     Wed                          Thu                                Fri                Sat
                           1                    2                                       3                            4                                  5                  6
                                                    Pastor @ G.S.~8:00 am-Noon          Church Council Meeting           Pastor @ Good Samaritan
                                                     @ R.E.~2:15 pm, Bible Study                                          Society~8:00 am-Noon
                                                                                                 ~ 8:00pm
                                                                                                                     Pipestone Circuit Winkel,
                                                                                                                     Trinity Lutheran , Jasper ~ Noon

7 Sixteenth Sunday after 8                      9                                       10                           11                                 12                 13
        Trinity                  Ladies Guild       Pastor @ G.S.~8:00 am-Noon          Youth Catechism Classes          Pastor @ Good Samaritan                                 LWML Joyshop –
SS/Bible Class 9:15 am                          Ridgeview Estates Bible Study 2:15 pm                                     Society~8:00 am-Noon
                                  ~7:00 pm                                                  1st Year 4:15-5:30 pm                                                                St. Paul Lutheran,
     Rally Day &                                    Pipestone Ministerial                   2 nd Year 5:15-6:30 pm
SS Teacher Installation                                      ~ 9:00 am                                                                                                                Lakefield
Divine Service                                                                                                                                                                       ~ 8:15 am
  ~10:30 am
St Paul Rededication
  Service, 1:00 pm
14                         15                   16                                      17                           18                                 19                 20
Seventeenth Sunday after                        Ridgeview Estates Bible Study 2:15 pm   Youth Catechism Classes                                                                     Altar Guild
                                                                                            1st Year 4:15-5:30 pm                                                                    ~10:00 am
SS/Bible Class 9:15 am
                                                                                            2 nd Year 5:15-6:30 pm
Divine Service                                                                                                                                                              Blessing of the Civil Marriage
    No Communion                                                                                                                                                            of Linda (Westly) & Shane Vos
     ~10:30 am                                                                                                                                                                        ~ 11:00 am

21                         22                   23                                      24                           25                                 26                 27
 Eighteenth Sunday after                        Ridgeview Estates Bible Study 2:15 pm   Youth Catechism Classes
                                                                                            1st Year 4:15-5:30 pm
SS/Bible Class 9:15 am
                                                                                            2 nd Year 5:15-6:30 pm
Divine Service
      ~10:30 am
28                         29                   30
 Nineteenth Sunday after                        Ridgeview Estates Bible Study 2:15 pm
SS/Bible Class 9:15 am
Divine Service                                                                                                                        Rev. Jon C. Olson, Pastor
    No Communion
                                                                                                                                      Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church
     ~10:30 am                                                                                                                        1102 Seventh Avenue SW
                                                                                                                                      Pipestone, MN 56164
                                                                                                                                      Church Office: (507) 825-4124
                                                                                                     10                               Emergency Contact Number: (507) 215-1887

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