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									Scott Roche Invitational 2011
Menlo School Pool                                            Palo Alto H.S. Pool
Friday September 16

 Time     Game          Home        vs.    Away                Time    Game      Home          vs.      Away
12:00pm     M1           Menlo      vs.      Mitty            1:00pm    A1       Los Altos     vs. Valley Christian
 1:00pm     M2        Mt. Carmel    vs.   El Camino           1:55pm    A2    Menlo Atherton   vs.      Palo Alto
2:00pm      M3          La Jolla    vs.     Bonita            2:50pm    A3         Serra       vs. Sir Francis Drake
3:00pm      M4        De La Salle   vs.   El Dorado           3:45pm    A4    Rio Americano    vs.       Pitman
4:00pm      M5         loser M1     vs.    loser M2           4:45pm    A5       loser A1      vs.      loser A2
5:00pm      M6        winner M1     vs.   winner M2           5:40pm    A6      winner A1      vs.     winner A2
6:00pm      M7         loser M3     vs.   loser M4            6:35pm    A7       loser A3      vs.      loser A4
7:00pm      M8        winner M3     vs.   winner M4           7:30pm    A8      winner A3      vs.     winner A4

Saturday September 17

 Time     Game          Home        vs.    Away                Time    Game      Home          vs.      Away
 8:45am     G1         loser M6     vs.    loser M8           8:00am     E1      loser M5      vs.     loser M7
 9:55am     G2         loser A6     vs.    loser A8           9:00am     E2      loser A5      vs.     loser A7
11:05am     G3        winner M6     vs.   winner M8          10:00am     E3     winner M5      vs.    winner M7
12:15pm     G4        winner A6     vs.   winner A8          11:00am     E4     winner A5      vs.    winner A7
1:20pm      G5         loser G1     vs.    loser G2          12:00pm     E5      loser E1      vs.     loser E2
2:25pm      G6        winner G1     vs.   winner G2           1:00pm     E6     winner E1      vs.    winner E2
3:30pm      G7         loser G3     vs.    loser G4           2:00pm     E7      loser E3      vs.     loser E4
4:35pm      G8        winner G3     vs.   winner G4           3:00pm     E8     winner E3      vs.    winner E4

First team listed in bracket wears dark caps.
A "brutality" results in that player’s exclusion from the tournament.
A tie in regulation will be decided by three-minute "sudden termination" periods.
One time out and 2 20-second time out per game/team on Friday. Two time-outs and 1 20-sec. time out per game/team on Sat.
Friday: 6-min. quarters. Saturday: 7 min. quarters
Questions: Call Buffie Williams Asst. Athletic Director: 650-575-1382 or Jack Bowen 650-714-7745

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