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									City of Barrie Circulation List
To:        Council Members
           Department Heads

From:      Dawn A. McAlpine
           City Clerk

Date:      August 24, 2009


 Item #    Description                                                       Proposed Action
           Memo from W. McArthur, Director of Engineering dated August        Receive for information
      A1   24, 2009 regarding the Bayview Drive and Baldwin Lane
           Pedestrian Safety.
           Memo from J. Taylor, Director of Planning Services dated           Receive for information
      A2   August 24, 2009 regarding Affordable Housing – Wave 3
           Federal/Provincial Funding.
           Memo from B. Parkin, Director of Corporate Asset Management        Receive for information
      A3   dated August 24, 2009 regarding Corporate Asset Management
           Strategy Development – Update.
      B1   Meeting agenda for the Heritage Barrie Committee meeting to        Receive for information
           be held on August 25, 2009.
      B2   Meeting agenda for the Accessibility Advisory Committee            Receive for information
           meeting to be held on August 27, 2009.
      B3   Meeting agenda for the Economic Development Committee              Receive for information
           meeting to be held on August 27, 2009.
           Media Release from the City of Barrie dated August 14, 2009,       Receive for information
           2009 entitled “City Warns Residents About Possible Scam”.
           Media Release from the City of Barrie dated August 18, 2009        Receive for information
      C2   entitled “City of Barrie Beaches to Close August 23 for the
           Summer and Lampman Lane Pool to Close August 21”.
           Media Release from the City of Barrie dated August 20, 2009        Receive for information
           entitled “Another Delltones Performance”.
           Correspondence from Paul J. Ecker regarding the Historic           Receive for information
           Neighbourhoods Strategy and the Allandale Station Lands.
           Correspondence from Mark Fisher, Co-President and Norman           Receive for information
           Ineson, 2nd Vice-President of the Barrie Historical Association
           dated August 14, 2009 regarding Arts, Culture and Heritage
           Questions and Allandale Village Development.
           Member Communication from the Association of Municipalities        Receive for information
      C6   of Ontario dated August 14, 2009 entitled “Waste Electronics
           and Electrical Equipment (WEEE)”.
Circulation List
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           Minutes from the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority   Receive for information
           Meeting held on July 24, 2009 (Revised).
The City of                                                                       Engineering Department
                                                                                   MEMORANDUM TO
 DIIt                  IL                                                     GENERAL COMMITTEE

TO:            Mayor D. Aspden and Members of General Committee

FROM:          R. W. McArthur, P. Eng, Director of Engineering

NOTED:         R. J. Forward, MBA, MSc, P. Eng., General Marer of Infrastructure, Development & Culture /2w'

               J. M. Babulic, Chief Administrative Officer

RE:            Bayview Drive and Baldwin Lane Pedestrian safety

DATE:          August 24, 2009

This memorandum has been prepared for General Committee's information.

On December 15, 2008 City Council adopted Motion 08-G-580 regarding the implementation of
pedestrian safety measures on Bayview Drive. The following motions are those which apply directly to
the intersection of Bayview Drive and Baldwin Lane;

                That Traffic By-law 80-1 38 be amended to permit the installation of a "Stop" signs
                for eastbound vehicles on Baldwin Lane which make a right hand turn.

        2.      That the "Stop" signs, stop bars, crosswalks, etc., as outlined in Staff Report
                ENGO88-08 be installed.

In Staffs' review of the operation of the T-intersection at Bayview Drive and Baldwin Lane, in regard to
pedestrian safety, it was recommend that the Yield Sign for eastbound, right turning vehicles be replaced
with a "Stop" sign and painted stop bar. The installation of the "Stop" sign has increased pedestrian
safety as motorists are required to stop at the stop bar prior to entering the intersection. The stopping of
the vehicles has provided a safer opportunity for pedestrians to cross the roadway. It was also
recommended that painted crosswalks be installed to increase the awareness of pedestrians at the

Due to the timing of the adopted Motion 08-G-580 Staff were unable to install the "Stop" sign in the ideal
location due to winter weather, however, best efforts were made to have the sign installed on an existing
hydro pole in an adequate temporary location until weather conditions allowed for the sign to be relocated
to its present position. Staff also installed "New" signs and a "Stop Ahead" sign to advise motorists of the
change in traffic control at the intersection. These signs were installed for approximately 60 days. The
approved pavement markings were also installed in the Spring of 2009 when weather conditions were
conducive for their installation. Refer to Appendix "A" for the existing conditions at the intersection.

Barrie Police Service has been on-site multiple times, at the request of staff, to enforce "Stop" sign
compliance for the newly installed "Stop" sign. Barrie Police Service cannot confirm the quantity of traffic
violations issued but have indicated that their Officers have issued numerous violations.

Staff attributes the non compliance of the newly installed "Stop" sign to poor driver behaviour as the
application of the sign has been used correctly.

The City of                                                                  Engineering Department
                                                                              MEMORANDUM TO
BAP& E                                                                   GENERAL COMMITTEE
The following complaints regarding the intersection have been received by staff:

        1.   Motorists are disobeying the newly installed "Stop" sign.

        2. A flashing red light may remind motorist to stop.

        3. The traffic on Baldwin Lane has increased significantly over the years since the development
           of retail space at the end of Baldwin Lane.

        4.   Now that the "Stop" sign is present the purpose of the divided turn lane has been defeated
             and the intersection needs to be properly restructured.

        5.   Motorists are not obeying the 40 km/h variable time flashing 40 km/h zone on Bayview Drive.

        6. There is a significant volume of trucks which use Baldwin Lane causing noise and they fail to
           come to a stop as they speed up the hill.

The following are Staffs' response to the above concerns:

             Motorists disobeying the "Stop" sign are a result of driver inattentiveness and poor driving
             behaviour. Staff have attempted to correct this by requesting Barrie Police Service to
             conduct enforcement at the intersection.

        2. The installation of a red flashing beacon on top of the "Stop" sign at this location is not
           recommended as the sight lines of the "Stop" sign are not obstructed and, therefore, the
           beacon is not required.

             Baldwin Lane has approximately 4,500 vehicles per day and has not shown any significant
             increase in traffic volume in recent years.

        4.   Due to the existing roadway geometrics the existing acceleration lane from Baldwin Lane to
             Bayview Drive provides an opportunity for right turning motorists to accelerate up the hill from
             the "Stop" sign and merge safely with traffic on Bayview Drive.

        5.   Motorists disobeying the 40 km/h variable time flashing 40 km/h zone on Bayview Drive is a
             result of poor driving behaviour and Staff have requested Barrie Police Service to conduct
             speed enforcement.

             Heavy trucks are prohibited on Baldwin Lane; however, trucks making deliveries to
             destinations on Baldwin Lane are permitted on the roadway. Staff are currently implementing
             a permissive truck route system throughout Barrie which will address any cut-through truck
             traffic which may be using Baldwin Lane as a short cut. Upon the full implementation of the
             permissive truck route staff will request Barrie Police Service to conduct heavy truck
             enforcement on Baldwin Lane. Staff has requested Barrie Police Service to conduct speed
             and "Stop" sign compliance in the area.

Based on the most recent 24 hour traffic studies and 8 hour pedestrian studies conducted on both
Bayview Drive and Baldwin Lane and under the guidance of the Ontario Traffic Manual, volumes do not
warrant the installation of a traffic control signal or an intersection pedestrian signal at this location.

Staff will continue to monitor the location for possible future consideration for traffic control signals or a
possible intersection pedestrian signal at this location.


    Jeff Sharp, A.Sc.T.
    Senior Traffic Technologist

    Ralph Scheunemann, P. Eng.
    Manager of Infrastructure Planning

    R. W. McArthur, P. Eng.
    Director of Engineering

The City of                   Engineering Department
                               MEMORANDUM TO
BiE                          GENERAL COMMITTEE
              APPENDIX "A"

                                                                           GENERAL COMMITTEE
TO:                Mayor 0. Aspden and Members of General Committee                          Filj,DO4-AFF
FROM:              James Taylor, M.C.LP., R.PP., MBA, Director of Planning Services

NOTED:             R. Forward, MBA, M.Sc., P. Eng.
                   General Manager of Infrastructure, Development & Culture

                   Jon Babulic, Chief Administrative Officer

RE:                Affordable Housing - Wave 3 Federal/Provincial Funding

DATE:              August 24, 2009

The Federal and Provincial governments have recently announced a New Rental Housing Component of
the Affordable Housing Program (AHP) Extension (2009) that will lead to the creation of new affordable
housing units, with a specific focus on the provision of housing for low-income seniors and persons with
disabilities. Over two fiscal years (2009-2010 and 2010-2011) the combined total of $540M for
investment in affordable housing programs is provided as follows:

      •   $365M for the development of affordable housing for low income seniors and people with

          $175M to extend the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program to provide housing for
          families, senior citizens, persons living with mental illness and victims of domestic violence

The New Rental Housing Component will:

      •   Increase the supply of rental housing for households on, or eligible to be on, social housing
          waiting lists;

      •   Increase the supply of affordable housing for low-income seniors and persons with disabilities;

      •   Ensure that safe, adequate and affordable rental housing is available to Ontario households.

The money must be committed over the next two years, some of it by the end of March 2010 to provide at
least 4500 new units of affordable housing across Ontario. The average combined Federal and
Provincial AHP contribution is $120,000 per unit to a maximum of $150,000. Units must be offered at
rents that are at or below 80% of the CMHC Average Market Rent for the community.

In anticipation of the funding being made available, in April 2009 the County of Simcoe, in an effort to
expedite consideration of proposed affordable housing projects, issued a Request for Proposals. A total
of 13 proposals were received which would amount to 822 units within Barrie, Orillia, Collingwood,
Midland, Innisfil and Essa.

The Program Guidelines identify that Service Managers must reccommend project proposals for each
year of the Program to the Province. The first call for submissions to the Province for provincial
consideration and approval must be made before the end of July 2009. With this round of funding dollars,
Service Managers will not be receiving a notional allocation of units, but rather funding will be allocated
on a first come first served basis. Provincially approved projects must spend the funding dollars within
the specified year as funding will not be carried over. If the funding for the first fiscal year (2009- 2010) is
exhausted prior to the end of the fiscal year, there will be no commitment to fund any further requests in
the subsequent year.

The City of                                                          Planning Services Department
D AT1T)                 r                                                    MEMORANDUM TO
DLUN\.J IL                                                                GENERAL COMMITTEE
In the first fiscal year, the Province will only approve projects that they feel will be shovel-ready, meaning
that they must obtain a building permit within four months of initial Provincial funding approval (entering
into a Contribution Agreement).

There are 4 projects proposed in the City of Barrie that are being considered by the County at this time to
be recommended to the Province. These projects total 336 affordable rental housing units. The subject
parcels are currently zoned to accommodate residential use. All 4 will require site plan approval.

The proposals and locations are as follows:

          1. A development, proposing 164 medium density units, located on the southwest side of Harvie
              and Veterans within Ward 7.

          2. A development of 114 units located at Madeline Drive and Dean Avenue within Ward 9.

          3. A development of 31 units at the south end of Arch Brown Court, east of Stanley Street in
             Ward 3.

          4. A 27 unit development located at 45 Bradford Street, south of Simcoe Street within Ward 2.

Upon consideration and approval from the Province, and given the tight Provincial timelines, applicants
will be aggressive in receiving site plan approvals and registration in order to finalize building permits to
satisfy shovel-ready projects in order to utilize the funding dollars.

J F/cpa

The City of                                              Corporate Asset Management Department
D                                                                          MEMORANDUM TO
D1%t\IN £                                                             GENERAL COMMITTEE

TO:          Mayor D. Aspden and Members of General Committee

FROM:        B. G. Parkin, P. Eng., Director of Corporate Asset Management (Interim)

NOTED:R. J. Forward, MBA, M.Sc., P. Eng., General Manag7r of Infrastructure, Development & Culture

             J. M. Babulic, Chief Administrative Officer                 I
RE:          Corporate Asset Management Strategy DevelopS't(ent - Update
             (File: C08-CO)

DATE:        August 24, 2009

The purpose of this memo is to update General Committee on the status of the Corporate Asset
Management Strategy Development, as first presented in Staff Report 1DC007-08 (Corporate Asset
Management Strategy Development) in December 2008, as well as the Corporation's effort to comply
with new Public Sector Accounting Board practices and recent steps that have been taken to secure a
Computerized Maintenance Management System for linear infrastructure.

Municipally owned assets, such as roads, sewers, water treatment and distribution systems, facilities and
fleet vehicles, support the fabric of modern living and should not be taken for granted. They are the
foundation for the distribution of services and provide the platform for both economic and social
development. If maintained in a state of good repair, City assets are the cornerstone of public health and
wellness and can also mitigate potential adverse environmental impacts of society. It is for these reasons
that it is essential that the City of Barrie develop a long range strategy for the management of all
corporate assets.

Furthermore, the development of a comprehensive approach to the management of all corporate assets
is in response to Council's Strategic Priority to Initiate an Infrastructure Renewal Program to Prioritize
Rehabilitation and Repair of Roads, Pipes and Other City Assets. It also, however, directly supports the

      •   Increase Fiscal Responsibility to Ensure Controlled Spending and Best Value for Tax Dollars;

      •   Implement Revitalization Plans for the City Centre;

      •   Enhance Public Spaces Throughout the City;

      •   Ensure a Balanced Approach to Growth Management;

      •   Attract, Retain and Expand Business for Barrie; and

      •   Position Barrie at the Forefront of Environmental Issues.

Under the guidance of the Executive Management Team and the authority of the Chief Administrative
Officer, the Department of Corporate Asset Management (CAM) was created on an interim basis at the
end of 2008. Prior to the interim re-structuring, the Policy & Development Branch of the Engineering
Department, was developing policies and practices to provide the corporation with improved tools to
better manage the City's infrastructure assets. This module of eight staff formed the core of the new
interim department, and over the past few months has started to broaden its focus to assume strategic
and tactical level responsibility for all corporate assets. No additional staff resources were required to
address the initial mandate of the interim department.

The City of                                                                  Corporate Asset Management Department
D A:flfl Tr                                                                                    MEMORANDUM TO
1JI1TtS44 LI                                                                              GENERAL COMMITTEE

One of the first, and main tasks of the interim department is to facilitate the development of a Corporate
Asset Management Strategy. As the workplan capacity of staff in the interim department is largely
occupied at the tactical level of managing the City's infrastructure assets including continuing to work on
data collection to support future asset management initiatives (eg. gathering condition information on
linear infrastructure assets) and redefining the capital planning process (including preparation of the 2010
- 2019 Capital Plan), external resources have been retained to guide the City through the strategy

In June of 2009, following a request for proposal procurement process, the City retained GHD Inc., an
internationally recognized asset management firm, to assist with the Corporate Asset Management
Strategy Development and initial stages of implementation.

GHD's long-term asset management program involves balancing continuous improvement of the seven
asset management elements (shown in the figure below) and the "world's best practices" they embody.
GHD uses a comprehensive Gap Analysis tool to compare an organization's capacity in each element
area with the best appropriate practice for the organization at any point in time. The gap is used to
develop an asset management improvement program (figure courtesy of GHD Inc.).

                                                                   Iytormt ion
                                                                     Systems         )
                              Lifecycle                                      - -
                             Process&                                  ..!                  Data&
                              Practices                                                   KnowIede
                                                                   Total Asset
                           Organisational              '                           .--
                               issues              )                                     People Issues

                                                                    Tactics         )

                                                           Sustainable - Best Value
                                                               Seniice Delivery

To ensure a consistent implementation of the corporate asset management strategy and a common
understanding across the organization, a detailed communications and change management plan will be
developed. Elements of this will also be communicated throughout the community.

The development and implementation of a corporate asset management policy framework, business
processes and asset management plans by asset type, form the bulk of this project. The policy
framework will broadly outline how and why asset management will be undertaken across the City, as
well as to set the broad framework for undertaking asset management in a structured and coordinated
way and outline the processes that will be undertaken to manage the City's assets. Asset Management
Plans will be developed for each asset class that will outline levels of service, asset information including
inventory, installation, valuation, asset ratings from condition, capacity and performance, financial
efficiency and ratings for risk. Asset Management Plans will also detail capital renewal investment
strategies including refurbishment options with triggers, timing and costs and replacement options with
triggers, timing and costs. Through connecting maintenance to failure modes, asset maintenance
strategies will also be discussed across each asset class with the intent of minimizing lifecycle costs.

The City of                                             Corporate Asset Management Department

BiI4 E                                                                    MEMORANDUM TO
                                                                            GENERAL COMMITTEE

Organizational and operational reviews of each business unit will also be undertaken in the context of the
role they play in managing the City's assets at either a strategic, tactical or operational level. In keeping
with the previously outlined approach, GHD will also be undertaking a review of the systems that are
currently employed by the City and identifying opportunities to optimize those systems or the need for
new systems. This work will be presented in the form of an IT System Architectural Plan.

To foster and encourage a culture of continuous improvement through increased creativity and
innovation, performance measurement programs will be developed and implemented. Corporate assets
will be measured against desired levels of service with respect to condition, capacity and performance as
defined and utilized in the Integrated Decision Support System for the prioritization of capital works.
Using the Balanced Scorecard system, asset management processes will also be measured to ensure
the most efficient and effective use of corporate resources and the optimization of business processes.

In the fourth quarter of 2009, the Corporate Asset Management Department, in conjunction with GHD, will
present to City Council the first annual Corporate Asset Status Report. This report will evolve over time
into a key annual document that will provide information on asset inventory, condition as well as an
integrated approach to risk assessment and management. This will enable staff to develop asset
investment priorities, recommendations and annual budgets. It will foster improved stewardship over the
Corporation's assets and will enable knowledgeable asset investment decisions by City Council.

Public Sector Accounting Board 3150 Compliance
As noted in FINO15-08, staff have been concentrating on ensuring that the corporation is moving towards
being PS 3150 compliant which involves taking an inventory of all the City's tangible capital assets (TCA),
establishing condition ratings for them, and establishing valuation and amortization information. Staff
have completed the valuation of the City's TCA as they existed at December 31, 2007, with the exception
of bridges and land. These two components are projected to be finalized by the end of September 2009.

The following table indicates the historical cost, the accumulated amortization and the net book value of
the City's TCA as of December 31, 2007. Historical cost represents the cost that the City would have
paid for the asset when it was acquired; this is a requirement under PS 3150. Net Book Value (NBV),
represents the unconsumed cost of a TCA attributable to its remaining service life.

As of December 31, 2007 (figures are unaudited)

                   Asset Class                          Historical         Net Book
                                                        Cost               Value
                   Land Improvements                         50,350,395      31,328,388
                   Buildings                                151,301,236     100,075,793
                   Machinery & Equipment                    187,781,638     114,291,483
                   Fleet                                     35,710,684      34,695,809
                   Infrastructure                           744,267,982     563,670,035
                   Computer Equipment                         6,840,378       3,780,955
                   Furniture & Fixtures                        1,233,997        797,502
                   Leasehold Improvements                     4,939,744       3,827,216
                   Total                                   1,182,426,057    852,467,184

The City of                                            Corporate Asset Management Department
D flT) TT?                                                                    MEMORANDUM TO
DIct\j4 11                                                                 GENERAL COMMITTEE

As noted above this table does not include land and bridge information.

Staff are currently working on completing the inventory and valuation exercise for all TCA that was
acquired in 2008. This exercise is projected to be completed by the end of August 2009. Once this is
complete, staff will begin to review 2009 asset additions and deletions.

In addition, staff are in the process of implementing a Fixed Asset Accounting software module that will
assist us in tracking the City's tangible capital assets. Once this system goes live (September 2009), staff
will be better able to report on the stock and use of the City's TCA.

Other Asset Management Activities - Computerized Maintenance Management
The foundation of an effective asset management program is accurate reliable data. Data on all City
assets currently being collected is in support of the City's efforts to meet new Public Sector Accounting
Board (PSAB 3150) accounting standards. This data and the knowledge that is gained through this
process will be leveraged to fundamentally change the way the Corporation plans for and prioritizes
capital works as well as how it maintains all City assets. It is essential, however, the data remains
accurate and reliable for financial reporting, life-cycle analysis as well as maintenance management
practices. It is for these reasons that the City is moving to implement a Computerized Maintenance
Management System (CMMS) to improve the management of linear infrastructure on an operational level.

The CMMS falls under the larger umbrella of Corporate Asset Management and is a best practice activity
that is becoming the standard for Canadian municipalities. CMMS software maintains a database of
information about assets and various operations. The purpose of this information is to assist Operations
staff in maintaining City infrastructure through preventative maintenance programs and tracking of
operational activities, as well as maintenance works in support of operating mandate and budgets. The
CMMS will serve as a comprehensive work order system, which will be the starting point for tracking calls,
complaints, and service requests. Each work unit will have a clear picture of all work orders assigned to
its team, how they are prioritized, where the work is to be done geographically, the resources that are
necessary for the work (both in terms of labour and materials), and where these resources are located.
As issues are logged in the system, given a priority (based on the severity of issue and number of similar
calls logged regarding the same issue), and assigned to a geographical location, Operations teams will
be able to systematically work to resolve each service or work order request. The GIS functionality will
assist Operations staff in tracking operational and maintenance activities and associated trends. Analysis
of this data will help to identify the need for preventative maintenance programs and capital asset

In January 2008 the City embarked on a procurement process to select a CMMS. After a thorough
evaluation process, ESRI's Cityworks CMMS was chosen as the preferred system. The award to ESRI
was finalized in July 2009 and software implementation is now underway. It is expected to take several
months for the first module of the system to "go live", with subsequent modules phased in over the next
year or so.

Successful implementation and utilization of the CMMS will lead to improvements in time (to complete
work orders), quality (of work done and equipment/assets maintained), cost (reduction of costs through
overall efficiencies), and more effective use of resources and budget.

    1. Time - Monitor and analyze "cycle time" to identify areas of potential efficiency improvement. The
       CMMS can be utilized to measure different aspects of cycle time (i.e. response time, service time,
       downtime, etc.)

The City of                                           Corporate Asset Management Department
D AT)fl TT?                                                                 MEMORANDUM TO
1IiTSIs4 LI                                                              GENERAL COMMITTEE
   2.   Quality - The CMMS can be used to track recurring problems. In order to ensure a problem does
        not keep recurring, we need to isolate the root of the cause and change the process to fix the
        deficiency. The CMMS data can be used for root cause analysis as well as checking supplier
        history to uncover any problems with the quality of spare parts, or the process of receiving,
        storing and issuing inventory items.

   3.   Cost - The CMMS can report on areas of high cost and drill down to the supporting cost detail,
        especially if activity-based costing is employed. This information can be analyzed to determine if
        new processes can then be put in to place to reduce costs. Once the changes have been
        implemented, the CMMS can be used to monitor whether or not expected benefits are achieved.

   4.   Resources and Budget - The CMMS can report information related to activity, cost, pending
        workloads, and trends. This will assist with determining the proper allocation of funds for
        Operating and Capital budgets to enable responsible and effective management of City assets.
        Once the changes have been implemented, the CMMS can be used to monitor whether or not
        expected benefits are achieved.

Should you require any additional information or wish to discuss the aforementioned in greater detail,
please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.



B. G. Parkin, P. Eng.
Director of Corporate Asset Management (Interim)

                                           CITY OF BARRIE
                                          HERITAGE BARRIE

                                          MEETING AGENDA

6' Meeting                                                         Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Georgian Room                                                                      7:00 p.m.

Agenda Items:

     1.        Bills and Accounts
    2.         Email from Susan Peters re: Resignation
    3.         Committee Membership
    4.         Annual Conferences: CHO/ACO and Heritage Canada
    5.         Summer Walking Tours
    6.         Doors Open 2009
    7.         Nine Mile Portage Heritage Trail Brochure Reprint
    8.         Heritage Designations Update
    9.         Municipal Register and Inventory


•   Mayor Aspden
•   Members of City Council
•   Department Heads
•   Meeting Participants

C05-Development Services Committee Agenda
                                                                                             ITh   '-\

                                         CITY OF BARRIE


7th Meeting                                                               August 27, 2009
Sir Robert Barrie Room                                                          4:00 p.m.

Agenda Item                                                                Comment!
                                                                           Action By

1.             Accessibility Reserve Fund                                   E. Archer

2.             Proposed Accessible Built Environment Standard              L. Pearson

3.             City of Sarnia Letter - Financial Assistance to             L. Pearson
               Municipalities for the Implementation of Accessibility

4.             Chamber of Commerce and Barrie BIA presentation -               All
               Customer Service Standard

5.             Accessibility Audits of City Parks                          L. Pearson

6.             Queen's Park Accessibility Audit                           0. Edwards

7.             Accessibility Co-ordinator Position                         L. Pearson

8.             Standing Agenda Items & Format of Minutes                       All

9.             Sidewalk Entrance - Wellington Street                        A. Stein

10.            Transportation Committee Update                             K. Brodeur!
                                                                        M. Papp-Belayneh

11.            Royal Victoria Hospital Expansion Update                        All

12.            Accessibility Incentive Program for Businesses in the       K. Brodeur
               Downtown Core Sub-Committee Update

 Please advise Janice Sadgrovo, City Clerk's Office 739-4220 Extension 4577 or
                jsadgrove(âbarriaca if you are unable to attend


Mayor D. Aspden
Members of Council
General Managers
Department Heads
Committee Members
C05 - Accessibility Advisory Committee Agenda                                            1
                                   CITY OF BARRIE
                          ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE
                                     MEETING AGENDA

    Meeting                                                August 27, 2009
Sir Robert Barrie Room                                     2:00 3:45 p.m.

Agenda Item(s):
        Economic Strategy Presentation and Update
        by Millier Dickinson Blais


•     Mayor D.Aspden
•     Chief Administrative Officer
•     General Managers
•     Members of Council
•     Meeting Participants

C05-Economic Development Committee
 The City of                                                            MEDIA RELEASE
BA                           E                                                            August 14, 2009


                    City Warns Residents About Possible Scam
(Barrie, ON) - The City of Barrie would like to inform residents that the City is not involved with an apparent door
to door campaign currently underway where it is alleged that the City's drinking water is being tested.
This past January and April similar scams were identified and recently staff have been receiving calls again from
residents who have had unidentified individuals coming to their door stating that they are testing the City's
drinking water. These individuals are not connected with the City of Barrie.

"Regulatory sampling is conducted regularly on the City of Barrie drinking water system, however these samples
are not obtained from residential home services," says Sandra Brunet, Manager of Water Operations. "Whenever
City of Barrie Water Customer Services staff require a residential sample from a home, they will do so by
appointment only."

The City would like to remind residents of the following:

1.      If a City representative needs to visit a residence or business, an appointment will have been mutually
        agreed upon in advance.
2.      City Employees will be carrying appropriate identification
3.      City vehicles will be used for service calls

Barrie residents are encouraged to contact the City at 739-4220 ext. 4805 if any further clarification is required in
identifying City employees. Suspicious activity should be reported directly to the Barrie Police Service.

                                                        -   30   -

For more information, please contact:
Cheri Harris
Communications Advisor
Communications and Intergovernmental Affairs
739-4220 ext. 4714

About Barrie - Barrie is an exciting, caring and progressive community that 135,000 people call home. Situated
90 km north of the Greater Toronto Area on beautiful Kern penfelt Bay, Barrie offers an excellent life style and
multitude of recreational opportunities. We are committed to the growth of prosperity of Central Ontario's leading
City and most dynamic waterfront community.
 The City of                                                                         MEDIA RELEASE
                                                                                                Aug 18, 2009
BA1                         E

             City of Barrie Beaches to Close August 23 for the Summer
                    and Lam pman Lane Pool to Close August 21
Barrio, ON - Sunday August 23, 2009 marks the conclusion of the season for several favourite swimming spots in
the City of Barrie. Centennial Beach and Johnson's Beach will no longer have on duty lifeguards present. In
addition the following facilities remain unsupervised Minet's Point Park, Tyndale Park Beach, Heritage Park
Splash Pad and Wilkins Beach.

Enjoy the remainder of summer at Barrie's beaches and pools, but remember to be Water Smart. There is no
substitute for parent supervision.

The last day at the Lampman Lane Community Centre for swimming will be on Friday August 21, 2009. The City
of Barrie would like to welcome everyone to a free of charge pool party on the closing day between 1:30pm and
3:30pm. Due to lifeguard participant ratios only the first 75 people will be admitted. Everyone is welcome to come
and join in on the fun, games and prizes.

                                                       -   30-

For more information, please contact:

Sharon Blaicher
Leisure, Transit and Facilities Department
739-4220, ext. 4533

About Barrie - Barrie is an exciting, caring and progressive community that 135,000 people call home. Situated
90 km north of the Greater Toronto Area on beautiful Kempenfelt Bay, Barrie offers an excellent life style and
multitude of recreational opportunities. We are committed to the growth of prosperity of Central Ontario's leading
City and most dynamic waterfront community.
  The City of                                                                 MEDIA RELEASE
                                                                           Thursday, August 20, 2009
  BA                         F

                                       Another Deiltones Performance

(Barrie, ON) The Siparia Delitones Steel Band who have been visiting Barrie from Trinidad and Tobago are
launching their brand new CD in Barrie as a way of honoring Barrie residents for opening up their hearts to them
during their visit to Ontario's premiere waterfront community. The group of musicians aged 16 to 24, who were
born and raised in South Trinidad, thrilled City staff and residents at a welcoming ceremony in the Rotunda at City
Hall on Thursday August 6th 2009. They return at 4:00 pm on Friday Aug. 21st 2009 to the Rotunda at City Hall to
celebrate the launch of their new CD which will feature selections from a variety of musical idioms, many arranged
by the groups mentor and arranger Carlton Alexander. The Delitones are being hosted in Barrie by Ricardo Rowe
of the Caribbean Institute, organizer of Barrie's Caribfest. Their visit to Canada is supported by the Trinidad and
Tobago Entertainment Company. They are eager to share their musical talents with Barrie residents yet another
time. CDs will be available at the launch.

                                                       -   30   -

For more information, please contact:

Elaine Britnell
Department of Culture
(705) 739-4299

About Barrie - Barrie is an exciting, caring and progressive community that 135,000 people call home. Situated
90 km north of the Greater Toronto Area on beautiful Kempenfelt Bay, Barrie offers an excellent life style and
multitude of recreational opportunities. We are committed to the growth of prosperity of Central Ontario's leading
City and most dynamic waterfront community.
Back to the Future What If?

City Council and residents will soon read and process the YMCAICGC consultation report. Perhaps we
may read, learn or view the possible currently formless shapes of the proposed evolving rail lands'
anticipated development that might possibly happen in the future, or not, maybe.

This last statement is deliberately vague, poorly structured, and confusing, echoing the stumbling process
that has brought us to this junction.

It did not have to be this way

In spring 2008 Council considered two seemingly unrelated undertakings. The Historic Neighbourhoods
Strategy and an Expression of Interest for the Allandale rail lands.

Many North American cities have successfully adopted the HNS mindset for city planning. Residents
become actively involved from the outset to determine future development plans for their

HNS cities experience greatly increased cooperation and support for construction projects. Little if any
opposition delays the decision making process because people have collaborated from the beginning and
helped shape the end result.

Instead, Council decided to combine station restoration with development of the rail lands of Allandale.
We are all too aware of what has happened with this well-intended but flawed process.

Now, let's do some back-to-the-future "what-if' speculating.

In May 2008 Council launches the Historic Neighbourhoods Strategy with a "name your neighbourhood"
contest, instead of July 2009. This forward-thinking project establishes open committees for each of the
seven historic neighbourhoods.

Within weeks some pivotal issues are identified and collaborative decisions are made.

A downtown historic building is spared the wrecking ball because of an effective network of newly
empowered residents. Weaknesses in the city's approach to tracking historic buildings are identified.
City Council leads the way in expanding an outdated data base and preserving other heritage properties.

Forces within City Hall try to fast-track the demolition of the Dunlop Arena by use of an omnibus bill.
Neighbourhood and city residents unite successfully and keep the historic building for other purposes,
mirroring the successful efforts of residents of Kingston.

With neighbourhood support Fire Hall #1 expands on site using adjoining city-owned properties for stage
1. Stage 2 sees the demolition of the old out-dated structure and stage 3 sees the construction and
completion of the new fire hall where the old one once stood.

The folks in Allandale Junction convince Council to restore the old station and keep it as a city owned
treasure for public use. In April 2009 the successful restoration excites residents and creates many ideas
for long range development plans for the area.

In June 2009 Expressions of Interest are requested and submissions presented to council on Aug 24th,
2009. They meet existing zoning requirements and other community vision guidelines. Construction
commences in October.

The people have experienced that a new process has worked. They know that they are listened to.
Historic Barrie neighbourhoods experience a renaissance over the next few years.

Back to reality.
The YMCAICGC proposal will continue to be divisive.

Let's have truly open town hall forums ASAP coordinated by the HNS and council to honestly air
residents concerns.

What do we have to lose?

What if ........

Paul J Ecker
August 14, 2009

 Dear Mr. Moore:

   Yesterday, August 13, 2009, I received your e-mail regarding "key-person interviews
with the arts community" sent to Jim Willis, the treasurer of the Barrie Historical
Association. Mr. Willis, in turn passed it on to me. I am not sure what protocol you are
following but Dr. Al Scarth                             and myself
                              re the current co-presidmts of the Bathe Historical
Association, Please direct any further communication to the two of us.

  We are also confused as to who you are acting for since no disclosure is provided. Is
"SOLUTIONS ink" employed by the YMCA/Correct Group? As yet, the YMCA/Correct
Group has also failed to identify your status. Are you acting on behalf of the City of
Barrie or for both the City and the YMCA/Correct Group, at the same time, or entirely on
your own? You appeared to be in charge of the public consultation meeting at City Hall
on July10 and acted in an unannounced capacity as chairperson of the meeting of July 16
at the South Shore Centre. Please clarify this situation for us.

  Assuming that you are acting on behalf of the YMCA/Correct Group, it is our
understanding that the ongoing consultations with "Specific Community Leaders and
Groups" was to be completed by July 30 and submitted to Council on August 10. Hearing
nothing we assumed that we were not included in this group which is unfortunate since
otherwise we would have had ample time to prepare a response. Furthermore, there was
no publication or information forthcoming from the YMCA/Correct Group as to exactly
who constituted the "Specific Community Leaders and Groups." We have recently held
our August executive meeting and many of the executive are on holidays for the next two
weeks which leaves us disappointed in the way this entire matter has been handled.

   With respect to the questions posed in your e-mail, it is the position of the Association
that very little of a substantive nature is being discussed aside from the station itself. With
regard to the station we see its primary function as a railway museum, including adequate
outdoor space for the restored engine and caboose and other associated artifacts.
Appropriate interior space should be retained for public events and /or rented out for
occasional use. No part of the structures should be dedicated to permanent use by the
YMCA/Correct Group or anyone else.

    Regarding the "Commercial Development Areas" the present plans do not show it as a
"large commercial development component" but as a relatively small portion of the entire
site crowded into the western side of the property, when the "Allandale Village" concept
should surround and support the station buildings.

   With respect to "Public Places and Public Programming" we note your statement that
"There is a heritage setback area around the station that allows for it to be visible from
the waterfront." The Ontario Heritage Trust letter to Council of September 11, 2008,

specifies the necessity of maintaining sight lines to the station in all directions not just
from the waterfront. Moreover, building massing either by the overwhelming structures
of the YMCA and the proposed condo/hotel must not impact unduly on the station
buildings. At present, nothing has changed in the YMCA/Correct Group proposal which
makes it impossible to talk about "adjoining public areas" or "other public spaces" that
are completely undefined at present, to say nothing of exactly where "cultural
experiences and animation including signage, concerts, festivals and events" would take

   In short, we see the cart before the horse. It must be determined first where the major
structures are going to be placed on the site before discussing the cultural attributes that
may be developed. That is why we suggest that the condo/hotel needs to be located on the
extreme south-west corner of the site while the YMCA should be situated at the extreme
south-east corner of the property, with green space/public space in front of it instead of
acres of asphalt. Then it would not dominate the site but serve as a less obtrusive
backdrop. The "Vifiage" as mentioned before should encompass and enhance the station.

    Finally, we note that "All responses are completely confidential and identities of
respondents are held solely by Solutions and will not be disclosed." We assume that this
means not even to the YMCA/Correct Group or Council and are not sure of the reason for
this, but we prefer that are our views are publicly known. Therefore, we will send a copy
of our response directly to the YMCA/Correct Group and the City of Barrie Council.

Yours Sincerely,

Mark W. Fisher (Co-President)

Norman meson (2h1d Vice-President)

Barrie Historical Association
Box 316
Barrie, ON.
L4M 4T5

     Fw: Key Person responses
     From: Jim Willis
     Sent: August 13, 2000 11:16:25 PM
     To: Douci Hamilton                                   Mark Fishen                  Al Scarth

           Attachments:                                                                               cc
           ink.jpg (11.6 KB)

     I got this in the BHA emaiL.. Jim Willis
     From William Moore
        l1ayAugüt 13,2009 2:54 PM
     Subject: Key Person responses

    I am concluding key-person interviews with the arts community on the station lands. Of course
    I wanted to open the response to you as well.

    I would love to hear your thoughts in answering the following arts, culture and heritage
    questions. All responses are completely confidential and identities of respondents are held
    solely by Solutions and will not be disclosed.

    Allandale Village Development - & Arts, Culture and Heritage Questions

    1. Big Picture
      • What is your big-picture arts, culture and heritage vision for the Allandale Village

    2. Allandale Train Station
    There are three distinct areas of the historic train station:

           o The Depot
           • The Restaurant
           o The Loggias
           • The Office Building (the square building)

     • What do you believe is the best arts, culture and heritage use (or uses), including
       programming, for the Allandale Train Station?

    3. Public Places and Public Programming
    There is a heritage setback area around the station that allows for it to be visible from the
    waterfront. There are also adjoining public areas, adjoining commercial ground floor areas and,
    as well, other public spaces in the development. There is potential in these areas or cultural
    experiences and animation including signage, concerts, festivals and events.
      • What thoughts do you have for arts, culture and heritage programming or animation of
        these spaces?

http://byl 21 w.bay 121 .maiiive.comlmailiPrintShell.aspx?type=message&cpids=5c6f1 88b...          8/15/2009
                                                                                                               -        -

  4 Commercial Development Areas
  The Allandale Village development has a large commercial development component with
  significant ground floor and commercial rental areas
    • What kind of arts, cultural or creative industries approach or experience would you like to
       see as part of the commercial development?

  William Moore SOLUTIONS ink   1856 Quantz Crescent I Innisfll ON L9S 1X2 705 791-3981

http://byl 21 w.bay 121 .maiLliveconVmail/PrintShell.aspx?type=message&cpids5c6fl 88b...                           8/15/2009
                                                        200 University Aye, Suite 801
                                                        Toronto, ON M5H 3C6
                    O ri
                                                        Tel.: (416) 971-9856 I Fax: (416) 971-6191

                                                                        ALERT N°: 09/061

To the attention of the Clerk and Council               FOR MORE INFORMATiON CONTACT:
                                                        Milena Avramovic, AMO Senior Policy Advisor
August 14, 2009                                         (416) 971-9856 ext 342

         Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment (WEEE)

Minister Gerretson approves Phase 2 of the Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment
Plan (WEEE)


The first phase of the WEEE program was approved in July of 2008 and came into effect on
April 1, 2009. The second phase which was just approved is to take effect on April 1, 2010.

The program, with an estimated cost of $74 million in the first year of operation, is fully paid
for by Producers (manufacturers, brand owners and first importers) of electronics introduced
into the Ontario marketplace. This is a shift of costs of managing waste from municipal
taxpayers onto those who are responsible for the design and introduction of products into
the marketplace.

Phase 2 of the program revises and builds on Phase I of the program. Phase I captures
computers and peripherals (mice, keyboards), monitors, printers and televisions. Phase 2
expands the program to also capture telephones, copiers, stereos, radios, MP3 players and
other audio-visual equipment.

Both Phases of the program:
• Collect, transport and process e-waste according to best practices;
• Promote the program and educate Ontarians on their options to manage e-waste;
• Increase the number of convenient options for consumers and businesses to return their
   electronics for reuse and recycling;
• Directs used electronics for recycling based primarily on environmental criteria (e.g.,
   recycling rate achieved by processors);
• Tracks waste electronics from collection through transportation and processing to final
   destination to ensure accountability; and
• Researches and develops better ways to manage difficult materials.

The collection, reuse and recycling targets established by the program will ensure that
strong environmental benefits will be realized. The revised (Phase 1 and Phase 2) program
aims to increase the collection of used electronics for reuse and recycling to over 60% in
year 5.
                                                                                   Association of
                                                1-2                      Municipalities of Ontario

This In formation is available in the Policy Issues section of the AMO website at www. amo. on. ca.

                                                                                  Association of
                                                   2-2                   Municipalities of Ontario

Board Members Present:                          Staff Present:
Councillor V. Hackson, Chair                    D. Gayle Wood, Chief Administrative Officer
Councillor B. Drew, Vice Chair                  B. Kemp, Director, Conservation Lands
Councillor, S. Agnew                            K. Neale, A/Director, Corporate Services
Mr. E. Bull                                     M. Walters, Director, Watershed Management
Councillor G. Campbell                          B. Booth, Manager, Planning
Regional Councillor J. Grant                    P. Davies, Manager, Watershed Stewardship
Mayor R. Grossi                                 T. Hogenbirk, Manager, Engineering &
Councillor B. Huson                             Technical Services
Councillor E. MacEachern                        K. Christensen, Coordinator, Human Resources
Councillori. McCallum                           G. Casey, Coordinator, Board/CAO, Projects
CouncillorA. Nutall                             and Services
Councillori. O'Donnell
Councillori. Rupke
Regional Councillori. Taylor
Deputy Mayor G. Wauchope
Mayori. Young
Councillor K. Ferdinands
Regional Councillor H. Herrema
Mayor R. Stevens

       None reported for the record of this meeting.

       Chair Hackson advised that the Board will be moving to "Closed Session" in order to
       receive a verbal update related to a confidential legal matter.

       Moved by:     J. Grant              Seconded by: E. MacEachern

       BOD-11O-09    RESOLVED THAT the content of the Agenda for the July 24th meeting of
                     the Authority's Board of Directors be approved as amended to include
                     the "Closed Session" update.
    Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
,   Board of Directors Meeting No. BOD-07-09
    July 24th 2009 Minutes

    Page 2 of 8


            (a) Board of Directors

            Moved by:      B. Drew                Seconded by: J. O'Donnell

            BOD-111-09     RESOLVED THAT the minutes of Board of Directors Meeting No. BOD-
                           06-09 held on June 26th 2009, be adopted and approved as printed and
            CARRI ED

            (b) Administrative Committee

            Moved by:      J. Rupke               Seconded by: S. Agnew

            BOD-112-09     RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the Administrative Committee meeting
                           No. AC-06-09, held on July 10th 2009, be adopted and approved as
                           printed and circulated.
            CARRI ED


            (a) Lake Simcoe Protection Plan
            The CAO provided an update advising that staff continue to have discussions with
            provincial staff with relation to roles and responsibilities for the implementation of the
            Lake Simcoe Protection Plan.

            A meeting will be scheduled the week of August 10th to finalize the roles and
            responsibilities and a comprehensive report will be brought to the Board at their
            meeting in August. In addition, Chair Hackson will be extending an invitation to the
            Assistant Deputy Minister to attend the August Board Meeting in order to address any
            questions the Board may have as they relate to the Authority's role in the
            implementation of the Plan.

            The CAO indicated that the Province will be hosting a workshop in September for
            Authority and municipal planning staff. Once details become available they will be
            circulated to the Board.
    Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Q   Board of Directors Meeting No. BOD-07-09
    July 24th 2009 Minutes
    Page 3 of 8

          In response to the concern of the Board Members regarding how municipalities will
          have their concerns addressed in relation to the Plan, the CAO recommended that each
          municipality invite provincial staff to their respective Council meetings in order to have
          such discussions.

          Moved by:      R. Grossi                      Seconded by: G. Wauchope

          BOD-113-09     RESOLVED THAT the LSRCA Board of Directors invite the Ministry of the
                         Environment to the August 28th 2009, Board Meeting to discuss the
                         Lake Simcoe Protection Plan; and
                         FURTHER THAT the Authority advise the watershed municipalities of
                         this resolution and highly recommend that each municipal council
                         request the Ministry of the Environment attend a meeting of their
                         Council in order to discuss the implementation of the Lake Simcoe
                         Protection Plan, the impact on each municipality and the delivery of the
                         provincial priorities identified in the Plan.

          (b) Thiess Riverprize
          Chair Hackson announced that the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority has been
          shortlisted for the International Riverprize Award.

          As the symposium will be held the week of September 21-24, 2009 the September 24th
          meeting of the Authority's Board will be cancelled with the next regularly scheduled
          meeting to be held on October 23rd 2009. This will also be a meeting of the Lakes
          Simcoe and Couchiching/Black River Source Protection Authority.

          (c) LSRCA Staff Appreciation Breakfast
          Chair Hackson advised that the Board will be hosting a LSRCA Staff Appreciation
          Breakfast on Friday, August 28', 2009. This will be held at Madsen's Greenhouse
          beginning at 7:45 a.m. The Board meeting will follow at 9:00 a.m.

          (d) Delegation -Trinidad Tobago
          The Manager, Engineering and Technical Services advised the Board that he hosted a
          session with staff from Trinidad Tobago. They were interested in learning more about
          the work the Authority does in the Flood Forecasting/Warning area, Integrated
          Watershed Management and Stewardship Work. They were very impressed with the
          work of the Authority and they are interested in establishing a similar agency in Trinidad
          Tobago to undertake this work.
Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
Board of Directors Meeting No. BOD-07-09
July 24th 2009 - Minutes
Page 4 of 8


        (a) 2009-2013 Business Plan
        The A/Director, Corporate Services provided an overview presentation related to the
        Authority's Draft 2009-2013 Business Plan which was provided to all Members.

        The CAO advised that the purpose of this document is provide an overall view of the
        activity within the Authority. It is understood that this is a living document which will
        incur changes moving forward dependant on what is happening outside the CA.

        The Board endorsed the Business Plan as a guiding document for staff to use in their
        day to day business and for budget discussions with municipalities.

        Prior to approving the Business Plan, the Board requested additional information be
        included in the document such as a consolidated report related to the staffing plan and
        the projected impact this will have on the budget. Staff will provide this information at
        the August 2009 Board Meeting.

        Moved by:      B. Drew                         Seconded by: G. Campbell

        BOD-114-09     RESOLVED THAT the presentation provided by the A/Director,
                       Corporate Services regarding the Draft 2009-2013 Business Plan be
                       received; and
                       FURTHER THAT the 2009-2013 Business Plan be approved in principle as
                       a guiding document subject to budget considerations, changing
                       opportunities, and changing legislative requirements.
        11 in favour
        4 opposed

        Chair Hackson extended thanks to staff for a great document.

        None scheduled for this meeting.

        None scheduled for this meeting.

        Items 5, 6, and 7 were identified for separate discussion.
    Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

0   Board of Directors Meeting No. BOD-07-09
    July 24th, 2009 Minutes
    Page 5 of 8


              Moved by:     A. Nuttall                   Seconded by: F. Bull

              BOD-115-09    RESOLVED THAT the following recommendations respecting the matters
                            listed as "Items Not Requiring Separate Discussion" be adopted as
                            submitted to the Board and staff be authorized to take all necessary
                            action required to give effect to same.

           1. Development, Interference with Wetlands and Alterations to Shorelines and
              Watercourse Regulation 179/06

              BOD-116-09    RESOLVED THAT applications under Section 28 of the Conservation
                            Authorities Act and Ontario Regulation 179/06 be received for

           2. Correspondence

              BOD-117-09    RESOLVED THAT the correspondence listed in the agenda as item 2(a)
                            through (d) be received.

           3. Monthly Communications Update

              BOD-118-09    RESOLVED THAT the Monthly Communication Update - Summary, for
                            the period June 1-30, 2009, be received for information.

           4. Chair's Quarterly Report

              BOD-119-09    RESOLVED THAT Chair's Report No. 03-09-CHAIR which provides and
                            update on the Chair's activities for the period April 1 to June 30th 2009,
                            be received.

           8. Scanlon Creek Subwatershed Stewardship Plan

              BOD-120-09    RESOLVED THAT Staff Report No. 51-09-BOD regarding the Scanlon
                            Creek Subwatershed Stewardship Plan be approved; and
                            FURTHER THAT Conservation Authority staff continue to pursue funding
                            and in-kind support to implement the recommendations contained
                            within the Scanlon Creek Subwatershed Stewardship Plan.
Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
Board of Directors Meeting No. BOD-07-09
July 24th 2009 - Minutes
Page 6 of 8


      5. Water Levels Lake Simcoe

         The Board dealt with Staff Report No. 48-09-BOD regarding the water levels of Lake
         Simcoe and approved the recommendation of staff that Parks Canada be requested to
         re-examine the rule curve for Lake Simcoe; study the overall hydrology/hydraulics of
         the Severn River Watershed; and review the potential for increasing the capacity of the
         dams at Washago.

         Councillor O'Donnell expressed some concern regarding the impact of the Black River
         on the Severn system. Staff advised that the recommendation with the Staff Report is
         requesting Parks Canada to place some focus on the Severn waterway system.

         Moved by:      J. O'Donnell                 Seconded by: J. Rupke

         BOD-121-09     RESOLVED THAT Staff Report No. 48-09-BOD regarding Lake Simcoe
                        Water Levels be received for information; and
                        FURTHER THAT Parks Canada be requested to do the following:
                        1.     Re-examine the rule curve for Lake Simcoe;
                        2.     Study the overall hydrology/hydraulics of the Severn River
                               Watershed; and
                        3.     Review the potential for increasing the capacity of the dams at
         CARRI ED

      1. Planning Quarterly Report
         The Board dealt with Staff Report No. 49-09-BOD regarding the monitoring of planning
         and development applications. It was noted that text was dropped from page 2 of the
         Staff Report. (Impact on Authority Finances) the paragraph should have read as follows:

                A significant reduction in the number of applications could result in
                lower fee generation that would negatively affect the 2009 budget for
                the planning program. This situation was anticipated by staff and the
                2009 budget was prepared with this situation in mind. Staff will
                continue to monitor the situation closely.

         The Director, Watershed Management advised that currently there are no
         immediate concerns with this matter.
      Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
LIA   Board of Directors Meeting No BOD-07-09
      July 24th 2009-Minutes
      Page 7 of 8

             Moved by:     J. Grant                     Seconded by: J. McCallum

             BOD-122-09    RESOLVED THAT Staff Report No. 49-09-BOD regarding the monitoring
                           of planning and development applications for the period January 1,
                           2009 to June 30, 2009, be received for information.

      7.     Conservation Authority Infrastructure Analysis (Preliminary Report)
             The Board dealt with Staff Report No. 50-09-BOD. Chair Hackson noted the
             recommendation indicates staff will report back to the Board with a comprehensive
             report in September. Given the decision to cancel the September Board Meeting, Chair
             Hackson requested this recommendation be changed to bring a comprehensive report
             to the October meeting.

             Moved by:     J. Young                     Seconded by: B. Drew

             BOD-123-09    RESOLVED THAT Staff Report No. 50-09-BOD regarding a preliminary
                           analysis of the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority's
                           Infrastructure challenges be received for information; and
                           THAT staff be authorized to draw $16,000 from the Authority's
                           Maintenance Reserve for new siding and windows in the original
                           Administrative Building; and
                           FURTHER THAT staff be directed to prepare detailed reports on specific
                           infrastructure challenges and report back to the Board of Directors in
                           October 2009.


             The Board moved to Closed Session to receive a verbal update on a confidential legal

             Moved by:     J. Taylor                    Seconded by: J. McCaIIum

             BOD-124-09    RESOLVED THAT the Authority's Board of Directors move to Closed
                           Session to receive a verbal update regarding a confidential legal matter.

             Moved by:.    J. McCaIIum                  Seconded by: B. Huson

             BOD-125-09    RESOLVED THAT the Authority's Board of Directors rise from Closed
    Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
.   Board of Directors Meeting No. BOD-07-09
    July 24th 2009 Minutes

    Page 8 of 8


            (a) Peat Operations
            Councillor Jack Rupke inquired if any progress has been made in the area of using peat
            soils for agricultural activities.

            The CAO responded that Chair Hackson, Councillor McCallum, representative from the
            Growers' Association and the CAO met with Minister Cansfield, Ministry of Natural
            Resources and her staff to discuss the presence of conflicting legislation. This was an
            excellent meeting which has led to the establishment of a Peat Working Group. A
            Terms of Reference has been established and forwarded to MNR staff for review and
            approval. The CAO indicated she is awaiting approval to move forward with the

            (b) Site Visits Ramara

            Councillor O'Donnell extended thanks to Rob Baldwin, Manager, Watershed Science for
            joining himself and Township staff on site visits.

            (c) Red Barn Theatre
            Mayor Rob Grossi advised that the Red Barn Theatre is now back in business (following
            a fire) out of their temporary location at the Stephen Leacock Theater, Town of
            Georgina. Mayor Grossi asked Members to support the Theatre which delivers great
            shows by attending some of the events.
             In addition, Chair Hackson suggested that if any municipalities are looking for prizes (ie
            golf prizes, staff prizes, gifts, etc.) to consider purchasing Red Barn theatre tickets.

            (d) Arnold C. Matthews Nature Reserve
            The Board viewed a video taken at the Arnold C. Matthews Nature Reserve dedication
            ceremony. This event was attended by approximately 200 guests including Minister
            Cansfield, Ministry of Natural Resources, Julia Munro, MPP, York Simcoe, and Mayor
            Rob Grossi, Town of Georgina, LSRCA Board Member.


    Meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m. on a motion by Councillor Nuttall.

    Councillor Virginia Hackson                           D. Gayle Wood, CMM Ill
    Chair                                                 Chief Administrative Officer

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