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					University of North Carolina at Charlotte
SPIE Graduate Student Chapter
Annual Report, March 2009

2008-2009 Chapter Officers

President: Shahab Chitchian                 (
Vice-President: Javaid Ikram                (
Secretary: Kaia Buhl                        (
Outreach coordinator: Zachary Roth          (
Treasurer: Ying Li                          (
Chapter advisor: Dr. Tsing-Hua Her          (

Current Members

   1) Mehrdad Abolbashari
   2) Joseph Barrett
   3) Kaia Buhl
   4) Shahab Chitchian
   5) Yi-Chen Chuang
   6) Christopher Cilip
   7) Choon How Gan
   8) Mary Hall-Brown
   9) Javaid Ikram
   10) Yimei Li
   11) Ying Li
   12) Mona Mayeh
   13) Douglas Ngatunyi
   14) James Nichols
   15) Okan Pala
   16) Wesley Parker
   17) Namit Singh
   18) Amit Suratkar
   19) Serhat Tozburun
   20) Kristin Walker
   21) Kunjie Xu
   22) Seungmoo Yang
   23) Benrui Zheng
  Invited speakers

   The SPIE student chapter at UNC Charlotte invited speakers from various areas of
research in optics to present at the department of Physics and Optical Science. The
speakers were distinguished and unparalleled in their respective fields and provided a
fantastic opportunity to the students of the department to interact and hear from them.

  October 17, 2008: Dr. Manijeh Razeghi
  Title: Quantum cascade lasers

   Dr. Manijeh Razeghi is a Walter P. Murphy Professor of
Electrical and Computer Engineering and Director of the Center
for Quantum Devices at Northwestern University.

  November 14, 2008: Dr. Daniel James
  Title: Quantum information

  Dr. Daniel James is an Associate Professor of the
Department of Physics at the University of Toronto.

  February 27, 2009: Dr. Jean Toulouse
  Title: Nonlinear Optical Effects in Optical Fiber

   Dr. Jean Toulouse is a Professor of the Department
of Physics at Lehigh University.
  Lunch with Speakers

   Three distinguished professors were invited to give talks in their areas of expertise.
The invited speakers held an informal meeting with SPIE members and students of the
department of Physics and Optical Science at noon. Lunch was provided for the event.
These meetings were very fruitful and a healthy exchange of ideas took place between the
students and the presenters. The lunch with speaker events were also motivating and
inspirational for many students. The events were financially supported by Optics Center.

  October 15th 2008 Outreach event: Visit by Girl Scouts

   An outreach event was conducted on October 15th, 2008 in which girl scouts were
invited to view the Department of Physics and Optical Science. The goal was to inculcate
scientific thought in young minds with specific focus on optics. The duration of the event
was more than an hour. A brief presentation on optics and the professionals in the field
were shown. After that an open discussion was conducted where Dr. Ana Joffre spoke to
the audience. Dr. Angela Davies also entertained questions from the audience.
Experimental demonstrations were displayed on tables. The following experiments were
  Station 1: Fiber Optics
           Refraction cell with milky water and laser pointer to demonstrate total
              internal reflection at the critical angle
           Acrylic waveguide with the laser
           Fiber tree
           Voice over fiber
  Station 2: Polarization
           Talk about linearly polarized light
           Use one and two polarizer with ceiling light, computer screen, and watch
           Cross-polarizer polariscope to see the stress patterns in plastic
           Calcite, birefringence properties: Double images, make one disappear
              using a polarizer
             Reflected light is polarized using polarizer on light reflected off the
              hallway floor
             Light scattered in the sky is polarized, look outside on a hazy day with a
              polarizer, this is why photographers use polarized film to make the blues
              look bluer
  Station 3: Diffraction and Interference
           Moiré patterns with the overhead
           Blinking eye Moiré pattern
           Diffraction grating causing the rainbow patterns
           Tessera diffraction patters and Happy Meal toy
           Optical illusions
  Station 4: Reflection and Refraction
           Use a prism to double your money with the reflected images
           Use two flat mirrors to create a Kaleidoscope, use various objects, vary
              angles and object distance from mirrors, have them color and create
              colorful objects to reflect
           Microscope hologram
           Use an acrylic block to demonstrate refraction
           Two cups one with and one without water, see how far back do you need
              to walk before you no longer see the penny
           Imaging properties of a single convex lens form the image of a distant
              object at the focal length

  BMW Tour on February 20th, 2009

   An industrial tour was arranged to the BMW manufacturing company in Spartanburg
South Carolina. The tour was co sponsored by the OSA student chapter and the American
Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE) student chapter. Twenty students from the
departments of Physics and Optical Science and Mechanical Engineering took part in the
visit. The hosts presented the operations conducted in the factory and explained how
professionals from different academic fields could contribute to the team at BMW. The
tour lasted roughly 4 hours.
   Ice cream social events

   Ice cream socials were conducted monthly to bring together people in the Optics
Center for casual discussions on research. The event provides a good way to share ideas,
enjoy ice cream and offers a welcome break from a busy work schedule. Professors from
the department were invited to take part in the event and their attendance was substantial.
As a consideration for improvements of this event in the coming years, it is proposed that
new advancements in the field of optics be presented in a few slides as a good ice breaker
to start a discussion among the attendees. Ice cream social events were held at the
following dates and will continue.
                                    December 9th, 2008
                                     January 21st, 2009
                                    February 18th, 2009
                                      March 18th, 2009
                                      April 22nd, 2009

   GPSG Travel Grant for SPIE members

   In the last academic year, SPIE student chapter at UNC Charlotte funded three
graduate student members to attend international conferences through GPSG (Graduate
and Professional Student Government) funding. The following students were funded by
this grant:

   1) Chris Cilip     Electrical&Computer Engineering       EMBC 2008, Canada
   2) Mona Mayeh      Optical Science&Engineering           HONET 2008, Malaysia
   3) Namit Singh     Mechanical Engineering                Photonics West 2009, CA

   Financial statement (August 2008 – March 2009)

SPIE Account Activities
08/26/2008                        Rest balance                               877.86
10/03/2008                        First SPIE chapter meeting                   -5.14
12/12/2008                        Ice cream social in Dec. 08                 -24.43
01/30/2009                        SPIE funding for 08-09 year                 900.00
02/20/2009                        BMW factory visiting tour                  -150.00
Total balance                                                                1598.29

GPSG Account Activities
08/26/2008                        Rest balance                               300.00
01/21/2009                        Ice cream social in Jan.                    -30.14
02/18/2009                        Ice cream social in Feb.                     -31.43
02/20/2009                        BMW factory visiting tour                  -200.00
03/18/2009                        Ice cream social in Mar.                    -16.21
04/15/2009                        Ice cream social in Apr.                    -15.24
Total balance                                                                    6.98

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