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					What is a Flat Screen Television?

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Anyone paying attention may have noticed that televisions and computer s are much thinner
these days. Televisions that used to consume large portions of the desk or living room now only
take up a fraction of the space and can be easily mounted to the wall. It will offer the best picture
resolution while taking up minimal space, which is why flat screens have soared in popularity

Old televisions used cathode ray tube (CRT) technology. The bulge in the back of these old s
contained vacuum tubes with an electron gun to produce the pictures on the screen. These old s
were not only cumbersome, but they were also harmful to the environment and emitted more
radiation than flat ones.

They are high definition and do not use cathode ray tubes. The two standard types of monitors
are LCD and plasma screen s. These s earned the name "flat screen" because of their thin profile
and lack of curvature on the screen. Plasma screens and LCD screens continue to share the
monitor market.

The two obvious advantages of a flat one are space efficiency and improved picture quality. In
terms of space efficiency, the technology has not only revolutionized the way we watch
television and store computers, but it has actually revolutionized the type of computers we use.
Laptop computers would not be possible without flat screen technology. Imagine lugging around
a computer that relied on vacuum tubes. It would not be very practical, which is why flat screen
technology has revolutionized the computer's role in our daily lives.

All flat monitors are high definition. High definition technology refers to screens with a higher
resolution than analog projection. High definition technology increases picture quality and
reduces blur. This makes watching sporting events on television a much more realistic
experience. It is especially helpful when watching fast paced sporting events like hockey. High
definition monitors mimic the experience of watching a live sporting event in person. Likewise, a
flat screen makes watching movies on a home computer a much more pleasurable experience.

It is easy to find a reasonably priced flat screen online. Popular brands include Sony, Visio,
RCA, and many others. Whether investing in a new television or a new PC, monitors with HD
technology are certainly the way to go.

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