Grade 11 LP 2 Kitchen n restaurant brigade by ajizai


									                                             LESSON PLAN 2 for HOSPITALITY STUDIES GRADE _11_

Date:                                                                   Topic: Kitchen brigade structure and restaurant brigade

Teacher:                                                                Learning Outcome: 3 Food production

Pre-knowledge: Commercial kitchens                                      Assessment Standard: 1 Explain the kitchen brigade structure as it relates
                                                                        to kitchen operations and teamwork.
Knowledge: - Understanding different roles and responsibilities of      Learning Outcome: 4 Food and Beverage Service
different people in the kitchen – Chef De Cuisine; Sous Chef; Chef de   Assessment Standards: 1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of
partie; Commis chef; Storeman; Kitchen assistant..                      the restaurant brigade and the necessity of contributing to effective working
                                                                        relationships and teamwork.
Skills: Developing an organogram for kitchen and restaurant brigade.
teaworking skills, organization skills, communication skills.           Integration with other LOs in Hospitality Studies: 10.2.1( Hygiene) ,11.4.1
                                                                        and 12.4.1
Values: Teamwork, self-respect, respect of others.                      Integration with other subjects:

Indigenous knowledge systems:

Content:                           Teacher activities:                Learner activities       Resources/LTSM       Assessment            Time
                                   (Highlight teaching methods)       (Indicate homework)                           strategies
                                                                                                                    What: (SKVs)

                                   Teacher asks learners to reflect   Learners respond by
                                   on the requirements and            answering questions
                                   standards of a commercial

      Kitchen brigade structure   ACTIVITY 1                         ACTIVITY 1                                                          8 Hrs
                                   Teacher gives roles and            Learners will choose     LPG
                                   responsibilities of various        which area or            Textbooks            Roleplay/Simulation
                                   departments in the kitchen:-       department in the        Guest speaker
                                        Chef de cuisine              kitchen brigade to       from the
                                        Sous chef                    work with.               Hospitality
                                        Chef de partie               Learners then choose     industry
                                        Commis chef                  which role to play and   Literature on the
                                        Saucier                      role play.               Hospitality
                                        Possonier                                             industry.
                                        Refer to p45 LPG for more                             DVD on
                                           examples                                            kitchen/restaurant
                                   Teacher lets learners role-play                             brigade
      Drawing an organogram       the roles and responsibilities.
                                   ACTIVITY 2                         ACTIVITY 2
                                                                      Learners take notes
                                      Teacher briefly introduces
                                                                      and participate in the
                                         an organogram of a
                                         kitchen brigade to
                                      Teacher designs an
                                         example of an
                                                                      Learners work in

                                   organogram and asks         groups and complete
                                   learners to work in groups the organogram.           Form: Completion of
                                   and complete the template                            an organogram
                                   by inserting roles and                               template
                                   responsibilities of kitchen                          Tool: Memo
                                                                                        Method: Peers
                               Teacher consolidates
                                   learner’s responses.
                                                               Give feedback or
                          ACTIVITY 3                           report to the class
                          Identification and allocation of
                          roles for the restaurant brigade     ACTIVITY 3
   Restaurant brigade.   considering the ff.                  Learners choose          Form: Excursion- visit
                               Restaurant manager             departments in the       an industry
                               Matre d’ hotel/ Head           restaurant brigade       Tool: Observation
                                   waiter                      and choose position to   sheet/ flow chart
                               Chef de rang/ Station          role play
                                   head waiter
                               Food service staff e.g
                                   waiter/ commis de rang
                               Trainee commis
                               Beverage service/ bar
                                   staff e.g Sommelier.
                          Teacher designs an example of
                          an organogram and asks learners
                          to work in groups and complete       Learners take notes
                          the template by inserting roles      and participate in the
                          and responsibilities of restaurant   discussion.
                          brigades.                            Learners work in
                                                               groups and complete
                               Teacher consolidates
                                                               the organogram.
                                   learner’s responses.
                          ACTIVITY 4
                                                               Give feedback or
                          Teacher invites Hospitality
                                                               report to the class

                                        industry guest to demonstrate the
                                        importance of each department in    ACTIVITY 4
                                        the restaurant and kitchen          Learners observe,
                                        brigade.                            take notes participate
                                        Teacher also makes use of DVD       in discussions.
                                        on restaurant & kitchen brigade
                                        as enrichment.

                                        ACTIVITY 5
                                        Teacher explains the importance
                                        of teamwork between restaurant
                                        and kitchen staff (Principles of    ACTIVITY 5
Team work-work effectively with         teamwork -coordination of           Learners take notes
other members of the kitchen            activities between chefs and        and participate in
brigade:-necessity / importance of      waitrons i.e there should be a      discussion.
teamwork.                               flow of activities).                Learners implement
-Principles of teamwork: support,       Teacher also assesses teamwork      the principles of
anticipation of needs, responsibility   when learners are conducting        teamwork through the
and contribution of each member to      practical.                          flow of work in the
the other ,’pull your weight’,                                              kitchen and restaurant
tolerance of the team members.                                              brigade.
-Planning and coordinating activities                                       Learners draw a floor
as a team.                                                                  plan/diagram of a

Expanded opportunities ( Include enrichment and special needs): Use of DVD and guest to demonstrate roles and responsibilities of Kitchen
and restaurant brigade.

Reflection: Learners demonstrated their understanding of roles and responsibilities of kitchen/restaurant brigade by completing the organogram template.


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