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									                                               NJHS FAQs

                    National Junior Honor Society ~ Frequently Asked Questions

There were many interesting questions asked at the last meeting. I will update these FAQs as more questions
         are asked, but here are the answers to the questions I remember off the top of my head.

   1- Do sports, performances and other after school activities count as service hours?
             No, they do not. As a member of NJHS you are required to be a member of another after
             school group or activity, but this is IN ADDITION to your service hours. Performances,
             sporting events and other activities associated with your extra-curricular activity do not
             count as your service hours.

   2- Does helping my parent or guardian count? What if they are doing something for PTSS and I help
             Absolutely! If you’re helping someone OUTSIDE of your afterschool activity, then that will
             definitely count! Just make sure and get the required letter from the website, or from the
             NJHS wall so that your time will count.

                If, for instance, your parent is bringing equipment to your soccer game and you’re
                helping…unfortunately that won’t count. Your service has to be for something beyond
                what you’re involved in.

   3- I’ve never volunteered before. What can I do to get my service hours?

                Well, first of all make sure you come to our meetings. For every NJHS meeting you will
                earn 30 minutes to go toward your required 5 hours of in-school service. Normally we’ll
                have an event mixed with a brief meeting, so it’s important that you SIGN IN and you’re

                Some other great ways to get some in-school service hours are listed below:

                        Volunteer to say the Pledge at the PTSS meetings- You’ll get a half hour of service

                        Help your teachers organize or clean their classrooms or bookshelves.

                        Use your lunch period (after you’ve eaten!) to help clean the cafeteria

                        Use your lunch period to tutor another student

                        Volunteer to tutor another student afterschool

                        Become a mentor for a student in grade school

                        Participate in the drives sponsored by NJHS
Some great ways to volunteer out of school: (But remember-- you’ll need approval from
wherever you serve first, and parental supervision is advised!)

        Help out at your church or community center

        Volunteer at a hospital

        Visit the elderly at retirement homes

        Help your neighbors clear out their garage

        Volunteer at the humane society

        Help people at the grocery store put their groceries in their cars

        Organize a community CleanUp in your neighborhood

        Ask your neighbors if they need help wrapping gifts, baking cookies or watching
        their kids

        Ask your grandparents if they need help in their yard

        Ask your parents if they need help cleaning the bathroom (no allowance allowed!)

        Cook a nice dinner for your whole family

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