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The capital’s motto seems to be ‘work hard, chill out harder’ in the summer.

When Delhi’s claim to Bollywood fame, Pradeep Hirani, opened another

shop-Ayamid (that’s Kimaya, his first store, spelt backwards).           How

original!!! Bollywood was in attendance.      Raveena Tandon and Urmila

Matondkar stood around while Mrs Shah Rukh Khan shopped.               Hirani

insists bollywood is full of his friends. Sure! Certainly worth flaunting.

Delhi’s Karisma Kapoor heads to Mumbai endorsing jewellery though.

Kapoor rarely surfaces for parties as Sunjay Kapur, the industrialist husband,

lurks closely behind, and does the shots on where the twosome hang out.

Tarun Tahiliani stuck to show-stopper Shilpa Shetty because of her figure he

says over Raveena and Urmila. Ooh! While Raveena’s kept her charm intact

as Urmila explained her age catching up as a natural process. Delhi’s

obsession with Mumbai is at its peak. As the Qoomph give Mallika also

flirted with the Delhiites this week as she launched a new mobile. Delhi’s

poster boy designer Rohit Bal danced to swooshing beats at his birthday

bash. The highlight was the Lotus adorning his jacket but also carved on the

walls of the venue. His restaurant Veda’s was recently listed in the Hot List
Tables of Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Ah! The modeling fraternity huge

turnout was the B’day gift itself Models, designers and the hot P3 frat, none

failed to grace. Malini Ramani and Tarun Tahiliani, and socialites bonded

this evening. The talk was of cocaine and use of such substances going on

in Delhi’s high society showbiz to school children are all getting hung on to

it in humongous numbers sadly.

Indians astrology, numerology and tarot art reading seems to be going to

international too. In the game of sports our boys in blue are somehow

depending on numerology for success on the field. Skipper Rahul Dravid

was advised by numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani to wear either a 19 or a 39

which adds up to one, which is the number of the sun, that symbolizes

creative force. Both Chappell and Dravid’s lucky numbers fall under the

same zodiac sign, and are interchangeable. Robin Uthappa covered up his

unlucky number 26 which adds up to 8 “disruptive” number so now he

wears 51 or a 72. Sreesanth Jumaani from a 55, is better with a 36, which

adds up to the number 9, ruled by the planet Mars, that represents energy. A

bowler needs to have that killer attitude. A ‘slice of luck’ plays an important

part in the game of cricket. Dropping catches, not getting run-out, hitting a

match-winning six is all about taking chances. Sourav’s unlucky numbers
are 4, 8 and 9. His 99 number T-shirt added up to 9. When he wore number

24, that his career was on an upswing. “But 2006 again adds up to 8; he will

turn 35 soon (35 also adds up to 8), so difficult for Sourav to make a

comeback. Well, it is the attitude and the skill of the cricketers that makes a

difference. But if you are superstitious it works a long way.

The beaming faces of the Gandhi’s spelt joy no doubt but Priyanka Gandhi

sitting a top a jeep with her husband and her brother Rahul Gandhi in her

arms was picture perfect. Priyanka’s confidence and pride in her brother

whereas is concerned Rai Bareli is not a miss. Sonia’s two minute darshan

atop the jeep was enough. As Priyanka claimed that they were never

doubtful people of Rai Bareli but it has been a good exposure and experience

for Rahul. The babalog are also loosing patience waiting on the sides for the

star. Hopefully the opposition will change their tactics of hitting at the

foreign bahu and concentrate more on issues. The left of course has enough

to celebrate and crack the whip as and when they want. But of course they

wont be stupid to pull the rug from the beneath the UPA feet. They will

have more to loose than the congress. But as DMK wins its chief strategist

IT minister Maran is going to bargain for better portfolio.

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