Speech 2 _Mia Hamm_ Helena Tinnyo I. Introduction A. Attention

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					                                     Speech 2 (Mia Hamm)
                                        Helena Tinnyo

I.         Introduction
          A. Attention getting remarks: “I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I
              defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the
              ultimate champion.” This quote was said by one of the best female soccer
              players to ever live, Mia Hamm.
          B. Purpose: The purpose of my speech is to pay tribute to Mia Hamm. Hamm was
              a former United States professional soccer player, who definitely made a name
              for herself throughout her many years of playing.
          C. Statement of Relevance to Audience: I think this is relevant although most of
              you probably aren’t very interested in the sport of soccer, talking about Mia
              Hamm as a person is something completely different. There is a common
              misconception of people thinking being good at something comes naturally.
              With Mia Hamm, it was completely opposite from that. Ironically, she was born
              with a partial clubfoot and had to wear casts on each foot to correct them, which
              is obviously not easy to go through.
          D. Statement of Ethos: I am a credible speaker of this topic because I have been a
              fan of Mia Hamm ever since I started playing soccer. I always watched every
              game she played and wanted to be just like her. Not only was she my role model,
              but I’m sure she was many other young girl’s as well. I can relate to this topic
              because I am also experienced in soccer since I have been playing for nearly 14
          E. Central Idea: My central idea is to educate everyone on how Mia Hamm
              overcame her obstacle of having her problems as a child and becoming one of
              the most successful athletes in history.

     Hamm, Mia. Go For the Goal: A Champion's Guide to Winning in Soccer and Life.

     Christopher, Matt. On the Field With…Mia Hamm.

     Adams, Sean. Sports Heroes and Legends. (Mia Hamm)

     F.   Preview of main points:
             1. Main Point: Hamm is categorized as one of the most well-known female
             athletes to ever live.
              2. Main Point: She is an influential symbol of women’s soccer.
              3. Main Point: She plays an inspirational role to athletic-bound girls.
      Transition Statement: These 3 points really do show what an important person she is to
      athletics and shows how she differs from many athletes in history and even out there

II.       Body
         A. Main Point: My first main point is that Mia Hamm is one of the most well-
            known female athletes to ever live.
             1. Sub-point: Hamm became known to people from all around the world simply
                through the United States National squad, one of her biggest causes of her
                becoming a role model and being so well-known world-wide. Her recognition
                was at an all time high when the team earned a win in the FIFA World Cup in
                the year of 1991. At the age of nineteen, she was the youngest female to
                ever win a World Cup championship. After that, she was clear sailing into her
                road to success. In the year of 1999, she broke the record of most
                international goals scored, one hundred and seven.

             2. Sub point: Not only was she an icon on the soccer field, but a big corporation
                took notice to her talents as well. Nike became a proud sponsor of the
                United States team after Hamm became a big deal. In that same year, the
                national team won yet another World Cup championship, having more fans
                than ever. Unfortunately, in March of 2004, Mia announced her retirement
                after the 2004 Summer Olympics, expressing her desire on starting her own
                family. Mia and another one of her old teammate’s Michelle Akers were
                recognized as two of the best one hundred and twenty five soccer players
                that ever lived. Hamm didn’t want to let that honor go down the drain, so
                she ended up scoring her 158thinternational goal, which set a record for both
                the men and women’s team.

             3. Sub point: She announced her retirement at the age of thirty two in a
                respectful way, at the end of the Olympics tour. Only former teammate,
                Kristine Lilly, had more appearances than Hamm did. Mia was inducted to
                the Hall of Fame in the year of 2008. Hamm may be one of the most
                dedicated and hard working athletes ever acknowledged.

      Transitional Statement: This leads me to my second main point about what an amazing
      person she is.

         B. Main Point: My second main point is how she became an influential symbol of
            women’s soccer.

             1. Sub-point: Not only did she work hard on the field, but her efforts off the
                field earned her respect as well, another cause of her becoming a role model
                 to young female or even male athletes. She was the author of the book, Go
                 For the Goal: A Champion's Guide to Winning in Soccer and Life. Also, earlier
                 in her career, she founded the Mia Hamm Foundation. This was dedicated to
                 help with bone marrow research and help women’s sports programs

              2. Sub-point: After witnessing her brother Garrett pass away because of a bone
                 marrow disease, this truly inspired her to create her own foundation. Not
                 only was Garrett her brother, but he was her hero, as she is to millions of
                 people world-wide. Many people took part in this foundation, because of her
                 accomplishments and how well respected she is as a person, not only just a
                 soccer phenomenon.

       Transitional Statement: Not every athlete is as giving as Mia Hamm, which leads me to
       my last and final point.

          C. Main Point: My third main point is to show how she plays an inspirational role
             to athletic bound girls.

              1. Sub-point: Mia Hamm is considered to be almost every young girl’s hero,
                 even if they do not participate in soccer. It was apparent in the games she
                 played that she put forth as much effort as she possibly could in order to
                 have success. At the end of each game, win or lose, she walked off the field
                 with no regrets. She did not only work hard in games though, every practice
                 she would give one hundred percent, from the second it started, until the
                 second it ended.

              2. Sub-point: Hamm is also idolized for her friendliness. She always seemed to
                 make time for her fans and is a true supporter of kids participating in any
                 kind of sport. Not only does she have a reputation of being inspirational
                 through words, but her actions on the soccer field are inspirational as well. In
                 effect, she made people just want to sit down and watch the game of soccer,
                 even if they were not familiar with it or not a big fan of the sport. Her talents
                 and abilities persevered through any tough obstacle pushed her way. She
                 raised the popularity of women’s soccer in the United State’s and made more
                 kids want to play the game.

       Transition Statement: Mia Hamm was not only a role model on the soccer field, but
       even one off the soccer field as well. Some of her accomplishments seem impossible for
       one person to achieve. Her fame did not come easily, it took hard work. She never gave
       up on anything, and because of her motivation, she went down the road of success.
       Now let’s review what we learned.

III.       Conclusion
A. Summary: My central idea was to educate everyone on how Mia Hamm
   overcame her obstacle of having her problems as a child and becoming one of
   the most successful athletes in history. My three main points were; she is one of
   the most well-known female athletes, she is an influential symbol of women’s
   soccer, and she plays an inspirational role to athletic bound girls.

B. Graceful Ending: Mia Hamm is a beautiful person on the inside and out.
   Contributing to others in need, and teaching those who need to improve on their
   self confidence shows what a classy person she truly is. I know she has motivated
   every soccer player to be the best they can be.

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