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									                                                                                    German Internships - Engineering

                                              WRS International ACE Limited


                                                      Pyramid House
                                                      43 Queens Road
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                                                        July 1st 2009

                                                     SERVICE PLAN
                                                   TERMS OF BUSINESS


                                           German Internships - Engineering

                                                Company Registration no. 7035753

European internships are intended to promote international understanding and optimize the career development of students.

        To stimulate career progression
        To promote international awareness
        To promote specialisation
        To promote generalisation

    To develop international empathy through cultural exchange.
    To allow the student / trainee to reach a level of experience that is commendable to a recognised knowledge and
        understanding of each of the core work experience / cultural exchange modules.
    To provide for a rigorous system of task driven assessment.
    To provide for the opportunity to overcome real life situations.
    To learn skills to be used in future work based or training assignments.

Industry sectors and program duration
     Engineering


        Construction
        Research and Development
        General Plant Construction
        Process Engineering
        Automobile Engineering
        Mechanical Engineering
        Technology

    3, 4 or 6 or 12 months

Visa Type

        Student visa

Visa extensions

        Initial contract may be for 3, 4 or 6 months which can be extended up to 12 months maximum.

Internship Conditions
(Note: Calculations are estimates)

 Internship hours

Internship hours are typically set at 38 hours per week

 Internship salary
        Students get paid by month. The min. salary in Germany is Euro 650, but in case that accommodation or food is
         provided companies/Hotels can reduce the amount. For accommodation the max. reduction is Euro 204.
 Accommodation and meals offset
        Live in - For accommodation the max. reduction is Euro 204.

        Live out – For accommodation is between 350 and 400 Euro

Duty meals normally provided free of charge.
 Health & Accident Insurance is mandatory and should be purchased in the mother country from where the applicant is
Throughout Europe we can offer Hanse Merkur Insurance package - Health care- liability and accident insurace. It costs 1,85
Euro per day.

 Income Taxes

No income tax payable while the salary is below Euro 800 per month

 Airport Transfers – are included in the program price

Participant Eligibility

Must be a student enrolled in a college/university program of study relevant to the internship.

Related work experience preferred but not essential.

Language requirements –
The participant must have an understanding of the English language to at least intermediate level so as to be able to
communicate during the course of the internship and cultural exchange program. The participant should demonstrate
comprehension in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Sponsors may ask for proof of English language proficiency.

The participant is encouraged to have a knowledge and understanding of basic German

Registration Process
1. Submission of Registration Files by applicant:
     - Completed Application Form
     - Completed CV Photo File in word format
     - Photo
     - Completed Cover Letter / Motivation Letter in word format
2. Registration files reviewed by CTWE offices.
3. Payment of Registration fees by applicant.
4. Submission of supporting documents by applicant.
The following information should be sent to CTWE offices, by email. Note: All documents must be sent together.
Incomplete files will not be processed.
(a)       Copies of all relevant College/University diplomas/degrees / attestation letters and other relevant diplomas and/or
          training certificates in English.
(b)       Copies of reference letter(s) in English from previous employer(s) on official letterhead paper.
(c)       Copies of certificate(s) of employment from previous employer(s) on official letterhead paper.
(d)       Copy of passport showing photo, number and signature.
(e)       Confirmation of English language proficiency, if requested
(f)       Signed and dated rules and regulations

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and for certain sectors, categories and professions, we will request additional
information from the participant and requests must be adhered to.
5. Interview with host employer/sponsor
You will be required, in most cases to telephone the host employer for a telephone interview that will last approximately 15
6. Provision of offer letter of career training from host employer is sent to applicant.
7. Offer letter of career training signed by applicant and returned to CTWE offices.
8. Payment of balance of fees by applicant.
7. Issuance of offer letter and supporting visa documentation.
8. Visa application – offer letter and supporting visa documentation will be sent to applicant and applicant is required to take
it with passport and supporting documents to embassy in mother country and apply for entry visa.
9. Provision of orientation package by CTWE offices.
10. Provision of travel plan by applicant to CTWE offices.
11. Arrival at host property and career training orientation by host employer and CTWE offices.
12. Ongoing training verification by CTWE partner offices.

End-to-End Process
CTWE will endeavor to find a suitable career training establishment for the participant within 4-12 weeks of receiving the
participant registration files, registration fees and supporting documentation. Different participants hold different skills so
those with professional skills and a high level of English language competency are preferred. If an applicant fails an interview
with host employer, the applicant will still be included on the CTWE Database.

Internship and Cultural Exchange Verification
All participants will be required to liaise regularly with CTWE partner office and all participants will be assigned a Career
Training Verifier who will meet regularly with the participant to ensure that the conditions of the career training program are
fulfilled. All participants will be required to complete all assignments set by CTWE as outlined in the Participant Training
Manuals. All evidence of knowledge, understanding and implementation must be filed and documented by the participant.

Program Services
    - Pre-validation of applicant qualifications in line with CTWE
    - Inclusion in the CTWE database
    - Arrangement of a quality career training program that is appropriate to the core needs of the individual
    - CV Photo File and Cover Letter guidance
    - The arrangement of internship placement and visa support documentation.
    - The arrangement of residential accommodation
    - The arrangement of airport transfers
    - Provision of an arrival orientation package
    - Regular consultation with the Career Training Verifier
    - Provision for emergency help line assistance during the entire period of career training

Payment Policy –Full Placement Program fees

                Program            First Instalment    Second           Total            Refund in         Deduction in
                Duration                               Payment:         Programme        case of no        case of visa
                                                       (Payable after   Cost             Offer letter      denial
                                                       offer letter)
                3-4 months         250 Euros           1,150 Euros      1,400 Euros      125 Euros         125 Euros
                6 months           250 Euros           1,450 Euros      1,700 Euros      125 Euros         125 Euros
                12 months          250 Euros           2,150 Euros      2,400 Euros      125 Euros         125 Euros

What is included/not included in the fees?

         The following is included in the fees outlined above               The following is not included in the fees outlined above
                         Internship placement                                            Health and Medical Insurance
                     Visa support documentation                                               Visa Application Fees
                            Airport transfer                                                         Flights

                                      European Internships Rules & Regulations July 2009
1.1. Under no circumstances will WRS International Limited or its associated companies accept contingent liability for:
(a) Delays in the process or outcome of the visa application.
(b) The actions of participants.
(c) The actions of the internship establishment.
1.2. The maximum length of internship will be stipulated by the host sponsor.
1.3. Participants must not have the intent to abandon their country of residence in order to remain in the country.
1.4. Participants agree to abide by all laws of the host country.
1.5. Participants will submit all documentation requested in a timely fashion and in a good legible condition.
1.6. All fees must be paid prior to issuance of offer letter.
1.7. Participants will not apply for an entry visa until they have received the relevant documentation.
1.8. Participants must arrive to start their internship on the dates specified by WRS International Limited.
1.9. Participants must ensure that they are available at their place of work when the Career Training Verifier makes a routine
1.10. Participants must complete all career training assessments set by WRS International Limited and career training
1.11.. Any misrepresentation in conjunction with information provided will result in immediate cancellation and termination
of participation in the career training.


Applicant Signature

Print Name

                                                Company Registration no. 7035753

Guidance Notes for Cover Letter

                       1.   Should be presented in formal business style and no more than 1 page.
                     2.   Convince the recipient that they will benefit from offering you a position.

                     3.   Paint a picture of your background using your skills, qualifications and previous work experience.

                     4.   Describe how you intend to use the work experience to enhance your own career progression
                          when returning overseas.

                     5.   Describe how the host property will benefit from your work experience.

                     6.   You must avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors

                     7.   Try to avoid using over-elaborate language.

                     8.   Do not write that you are an excellent applicant. Explain what skills you have to give the
                          impression that you are an excellent applicant.

                     9. You must also give an in-depth account of why you would be a cultural ambassador for your
                     country to the United States and what you will gain from and give to the United States from
                     participating in the program.

Guidance Notes for Curriculum Vitae (Resume)

   -   It is essential to provide a professional photo attached to the right hand side of the CV at the top on the first page.
   -   The more information that you provide about yourself the more likely you are to obtain an offer letter.
   -   Limit the CV to 5 pages maximum, but ideally it should be about 3 pages long.
   -   Use nice writing fonts, styles and colors and present yourself in a professional and interesting manner
   -   Avoid providing a CV that doesn’t give a lot of information about you.

                      9.  Personal Details and Passport Photo. Capture your best pose. If you look best when you smile,
                          then smile.
                      10. Educational details – University and college details only.
                      11. Hobbies and interests – keep brief
                      12. Special Skills / Seminars / Trainings / Memberships / Awards

Special skills –
    - Must detail areas of specialty

                      13. Work Experience

    –   Always give job titles and dates
    –   Always provide name of employer
    –   Always give brief description / profile of employer
    –   Always provide details such as size of establishment, numbers of stars for the hotel, how many people in
    –   Always provide detailed lists of duties and responsibilities

                      14. Referees – always provide details.

Resume Template

First Name   LAST NAME
Current Address:
[List current address]                                                                               Smiling
                                                                                                   Picture with
Tel: [Working Landline #]          Private mobile phone: [Working Mobile #]                           attire !

EDUCATION – (List Most Recent Education received first)

Dates [From (Month &         [Name of school], [City], [Country and/or State]
Year) – To (Month &           Program and degree received
Dates [From (Month &         [Name of school], [City], [Country and/or State]
Year) – To (Month & Year)]    Program and degree received
Dates [From (Month &         [Name of school], [City], [Country and/or State]
Year) – To (Month &           Program and degree received
Dates [From (Month &         [Name of school], [City], [Country and/or State]
Year) – To (Month & Year)]    Program and degree received
Dates [From (Month &         [Name of school], [City], [Country and/or State]
Year) – To (Month &           Program and degree received

EXPERIENCE – (List Most Recent Experience received first)
Dates [From (Month & [Name of Establishment], [City], [Country and/or State]
Year) – To (Month &  Position
                     - [Duties]
Dates [From (Month & [Name of Establishment], [City], [Country and/or State]
Year) – To (Month &  Position
                     - [Duties]

Dates [From (Month &         [Name of Establishment], [City], [Country and/or State]
Year) – To (Month &          Position
                             - [Duties]

Dates [From (Month &         [Name of Establishment], [City], [Country and/or State]
Year) – To (Month &          Position
                             - [Duties]


Languages:                   [Languages known, spoken and written. Also include
                             mother tongue.

Computer skills:             [List all computer skills. Also can include the different hotel
                                   platforms known]
Others:                            [Other aptitudes possessed of relevant interest and

Date and place of birth:           [Date and place of birth]

Nationality:                       [List nationality]


Available upon request

** please exclude religious views

On line English Assessment Test ( This must be completed before we can commence with your application)

This is an online test that will take you approximately 35 minutes. You will need to go the following website and follow the

1, Select English Test
2, Click on “test level 2”
3, Click on “Registration” and complete as asked.
4, Click on “test level 2” again and begin test

At the end of the test you need to click on “grade test” then click on “send test result”. On this screen you can add your own
email address and Once we have your results we will then be in contact and confirm how we will
proceed. Should you have any queries please feel free to email us or call on +380692930422 and we will answer you

European Internships Application Form

1. Name (as it appears on passport):
Surname (family name):

First Name:

Middle Name:

2. Biographical Information:
Date of Birth:

City of Birth:

Country of Birth:

Country of Citizenship:

Country of Permanent Residency:

Country where passport is issued:

Passport Number:

Passport Expiration Date:

3. Post Secondary Educational Experience:
Education (please circle/highlight): None /             4-year University   /   2 year vocational or trade school

Course of Study:

Did you Graduate?         Yes    /    No

If Yes, when:    Month          Day     Year

Anticipated Graduation Date:          Month       Day      Year

Level of Degree: (please circle/highlight): BS            BA       Diploma        Certificate

Name of Institution:


Advisor’s Email Address:

4. Previous Visas:
Have you been abroad before?           Yes    /   No

If yes, when and where?

Which visa type?
5. Criminal Background:
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain below:

6. Health Background:
Please circle/highlight all conditions that you have or previously had:

Allergy (if serious)



Chicken Pox

Convulsive Disorder



Eating Disorder




Migraine Headaches


Physical Handicap

Psychological Disorder

Rheumatic Fever


Scarlet Fever

Substance Abuse
Thyroid Disease


Urological Problems

Whooping Cough

7. Work Related Experience:

Start Date:     Month:      Year:
End Date:     Month:       Year:





Start Date:   Month:       Year:

End Date:     Month:       Year:




8. From which date are you available to start the program:

Day:          Month:         Year:

9. Ties to Mother Country (delete as applicable)

Do you have property?    Yes / No

Are you married?          Yes / No

Do you have money in the bank?       Yes / No

Do you have a job offer to return to in Mother Country? Yes / No

Returning to Mother Country to complete studies? Yes / No

Who will sponsor you in case of any emergencies?

What is your parents’ occupation?

Do you have any children? Yes / No

Please explain why you would return to your mother country?

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