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                             Art Exhibition – Fairview Hotel

             Opening event :          Friday 8 April 2011 at 18h00 for 18h30
             Venue :                  Fairview Hotel, Old Gravelotte rd, Tzaneen

Exhibition will be running until Friday 22 April 2011

Artists : Painter – Dandheni Andrew Nhlangwini

Theme :        ” A retrospective celebration of Tata Mandela’s life “

You are invited to view the impressive work of one of South Africa’s very talented local
artists – Andrew Nhlangwini

“ To place an artwork in the public space-rather than to hang it on somebody’s wall, will
make people feel that they own it, that it belongs to everyone...

Dandheni Andrew Nhlangwini sees himself as an “ African traditional artist” , working in a
traditional Western style of narrative painting.

Nhlangwini reinterprets and recasts stories of the African past as personal experiences- and
his work is a reminder of the forgotten place of individuals in the objective portrayal of
human history.

Nhlangwini’s 2004 exhibition, The prophecy of the Cattle Killing of 1856/7, known as the
Ibali lika Nongqawuse, propelled him into the spotlight as a painter.

Andrew married the synergy of the taught South African history with the arts and culture of
their everyday life and with the skills that he have learned through his training at a typical
Western art school and the twenty years of lecturing at university level, he was able to
produce his very individualistic style of painting.

He has been taught how to use a range of mediums, e.g. oil paint, water colour, pencils ,
acrylic etc, and how to express himself through the vehicle of a predominantly Westernized
form of communication. At the Ford Hare , school of art , Andrew were taught a great
awareness of new techniques for expressing himself. According to Nhlangwini, he developed
his own symbols and images which he used to communicate with. He also mentioned that
many personal discoveries have already influenced his work, and what he have learnt
influenced his work even further...

Andrew Nhlangwini was involved in numerous projects and exhibitions on national as well
as international levels.

* In 1995 he held an exhibition at the King George VI Art Gallery,
*Solo exhibition in 2004 at the NSA Gallery,
* Solo exhibition at the MOMO Gallery in Johannesburg,
*MTN Resistance, Reconciliation and Reconstruction art exhibition in 2004,
 *Exhibiting in Mexico city at Tlaxcala University,
*He painted a mural with other international artists in Argentina,
* Mural painting ,”Man and Myth 2001” Target Kloof Valley in collaboration with the
*Danish Centre for culture and Development.
*The “ Conviction “ art project ( Trust by Thabo Mbeki for the Rivonia Political Heroes).

Nhlangwini was also always a great supporter of the celebrated painter George Pemba, and
leaped at the opportunity when he was asked to get involved in the Memorial Project of
George Pemba, while he was still a painter and art lecturer at the Nelson Mandela
Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth.

“ Since my student days, I’ve admired George Pemba’s courage and his work- he recorded
his peoples life through visual images...”

       Old Gravelotte rd, Tzaneen, R71, P.O. Box 329, Tzaneen, 0850, email
                 website, VAT no 4240136392 , co-registration 1999/020038/29
                                 Directors Andre Burt Thomas / Marinda Elizabeth Thomas

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