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									Harry Coumnas Loves Eating
       Nutritious Food
Harry Coumnas is a dedicated professional based in
New York. He studied at some of the prestigious
institutions in the region. Along with studies, he also
had a keen interest in sports. He participated in many
wrestling      competitions     and    won      several
championships at college level.
He was also an avid basketball player and played
for the famous Knicks Basketball Team of New York.
He has struck a perfect balance between his family
and professional life. He has a closely knit family of
100 members living in different parts of including
Western Europe, Australia and India.
He has 6 pets, and loves to play with them during
his free time. He has a large group of friends and
enjoys playing pool and chatting with them all night
long. Harry Coumnas loves to eat tasty and rich
food. He is a foodie and likes trying out new
cuisines and delicacies. Along with enjoying food,
he also likes driving fast cars and plans to make a
car like the one in the movie “Back to the Future”.
He enjoys the thrill of Skydiving from high mountains
and taking roller coaster rides. He regularly goes for
hitch-hiking and camping out in the woods, as it
brings him closer to the nature. He is a socially
responsible citizen and believes in respecting and
abiding by the laws of the country.
He is teetotaler and hates all kinds of drugs, as
according to him drugs make people stupid. He
spends his free time watching movies on HBO
channel and reading love stories. He comes from a
large family of around 100 members who live in
different parts of the world. He is a sports
enthusiast and likes to play basketball, chess and
About Harry Coumnas
Harry Coumnas is a professional based in New
York. He is a highly educated expert who studied
Psychology and Political Science as his major
subjects. He is a helpful, generous and family
oriented human being.

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