PA-PM-SC-CMETs-20100430 by panniuniu



identifier          name                                                              variant                    entry class   status        previous   2007-05   2007-09   2008-01   2008-05   2008-09   2009-01      2009-05 2009-09   2010-01   2010-05
COCT_MT010001UV01   Pa Event New A_Encounter identified                               identified                 act           normative
COCT_MT010007       Pa Event New A_Encounter informational                            informational              act           nonstandard
COCT_MT010004UV02   Pa Event New A_Encounter minimal                                                             act           normative
COCT_MT010000UV01   Pa Event New A_Encounter universal                                universal                  act           normative
COCT_MT060000UV01   Pa Event New A_Transportation universal                           universal                  act           normative
COCT_MT030002UV07   Pa Event New E_LivingSubject identified-confirmable               identified-confirmable     entity        normative     01                     C6        C7        M7        S7
COCT_MT030000UV09   Pa Event New E_LivingSubject universal                            universal                  entity        normative     04                     C6        C7        C7        M7         M9          S9
COCT_MT030007       Pa Event New E_LivingSubject xyz                                                             entity        available
COCT_MT030101UV07   Pa Event New E_NonPersonLivingSubject identified                  identified                 entity        normative     01                               C7        M7        S7
COCT_MT030102UV07   Pa Event New E_NonPersonLivingSubject identified-confirmable      identified-confirmable     entity        normative     01                               C7        M7        S7
COCT_MT030108UV07   Pa Event New E_NonPersonLivingSubject identified-informational    identified-informational   entity        normative     none                             C7        M7        S7
COCT_MT030107UV07   Pa Event New E_NonPersonLivingSubject informational               informational              entity        normative     none                             C7        C7        M7         S7
COCT_MT030100UV09   Pa Event New E_NonPersonLivingSubject universal                   universal                  entity        normative     01                               C7        C7        M7         M9          S9
COCT_MT030203UV07   Pa Event New E_Person contact                                     contact                    entity        normative     02                     C6        M7        S7
COCT_MT030201UV07   Pa Event New E_Person identified                                  identified                 entity        normative     01                     C6        M7        S7
COCT_MT030202UV07   Pa Event New E_Person identified-confirmable                      identified-confirmable     entity        normative     01                     C6        C7        M7        S7
COCT_MT030207UV07   Pa Event New E_Person informational                               informational              entity        normative     none                   C6        M7        C7        M7         S7
COCT_MT030200UV09   Pa Event New E_Person universal                                   universal                  entity        normative     none                   C6        C7        C7        M7         M9          S9
COCT_MT710007UV07   Pa Event New E_Place informational                                informational              entity        normative     none                             C7        M7        S7
COCT_MT710000UV07   Pa Event New E_Place universal                                    universal                  entity        normative     01                               C7        M7        S7
COCT_MT070003UV02   Pa Event New R_LocationLocatedEntity contact                      contact                    role          normative
COCT_MT070001UV02   Pa Event New R_LocationLocatedEntity identified                   identified                 role          normative
COCT_MT070002UV02   Pa Event New R_LocationLocatedEntity identified-confirmable       identified-confirmable     role          normative
COCT_MT070008       Pa Event New R_LocationLocatedEntity identified-informational     identified-informational   role          nonstandard
COCT_MT070007       Pa Event New R_LocationLocatedEntity informational                informational              role          nonstandard
COCT_MT070000UV01   Pa Event New R_LocationLocatedEntity universal                    universal                  role          normative
COCT_MT050003UV09   Pa Event New R_Patient contact                                    contact                    role          normative     04                     C6        C7        C7         C7        M9          S9
COCT_MT050001UV07   Pa Event New R_Patient identified                                 identified                 role          normative     01                     C6        M7        S7
COCT_MT050002UV07   Pa Event New R_Patient identified-confirmable                     identified-confirmable     role          normative     04                     C6        C7        M7        S7
COCT_MT050007UV07   Pa Event New R_Patient informational                              informational              role          normative     none                   C6        C7        C7        M7         S7
COCT_MT050000UV10   Pa Event New R_Patient universal                                  universal                  role          normative     01                     C6        C7        C7        M7         M9          M9                M10       S10
COCT_MT050004UV01   Pa Event New R_PatientClinical universal                          universal                  role          normative
COCT_MT050100UV02   Pa Event New R_PatientLite universal                              universal                  role          normative
COCT_MT050203UV07   Pa Event New R_PatientPerson contact                              contact                    role          normative     01                     C6        M7        M7         S7
COCT_MT050208UV07   Pa Event New R_PatientPerson identified-informational             identified-informational   role          normative     none                   C6        M7        S7
COCT_MT050207UV07   Pa Event New R_PatientPerson informational                        informational              role          normative     none                   C6        M7        S7
COCT_MT910000UV     Pa Event New R_relatedparty Universal                             universal                  role          available                  nb
COCT_MT240003UV02   Pa Event New R_ServiceDeliveryLocation contact                    contact                    role          normative
COCT_MT240001UV02   Pa Event New R_ServiceDeliveryLocation identified                 identified                 role          normative
COCT_MT240002UV02   Pa Event New R_ServiceDeliveryLocation identified-confirmable     identified-confirmable     role          normative
COCT_MT240008       Pa Event New R_ServiceDeliveryLocation identified-informational   identified-informational   role          nonstandard
COCT_MT240007       Pa Event New R_ServiceDeliveryLocation informational              informational              role          nonstandard
COCT_MT240000UV01   Pa Event New R_ServiceDeliveryLocation universal                  universal                  role          normative
COCT_MT810000UV     Pm Event New A_Verification universal                             universal                  act           available
COCT_MT150003UV03   Pm Event New E_Organization contact                               contact                    entity        normative
COCT_MT150001UV01   Pm Event New E_Organization identified                            identified                 entity        normative
COCT_MT150002UV01   Pm Event New E_Organization identified-confirmable                identified-confirmable     entity        normative
COCT_MT150007UV     Pm Event New E_Organization informational                         informational              entity        available
COCT_MT150000UV02   Pm Event New E_Organization universal                             universal                  entity        normative
COCT_MT090303UV01   Pm Event New R_AssignedDevice contact                             contact                    role          normative
COCT_MT090301UV01   Pm Event New R_AssignedDevice identified                          identified                 role          normative
COCT_MT090302UV01   Pm Event New R_AssignedDevice identified-confirmable              identified-confirmable     role          normative
COCT_MT090308       Pm Event New R_AssignedDevice identified-informational            identified-informational   role          nonstandard
COCT_MT090307       Pm Event New R_AssignedDevice informational                       informational              role          nonstandard
COCT_MT090300UV01   Pm Event New R_AssignedDevice universal                           universal                  role          normative
COCT_MT090003UV01   Pm Event New R_AssignedEntity contact                             contact                    role          normative
COCT_MT090001UV01   Pm Event New R_AssignedEntity identified                          identified                 role          normative
COCT_MT090002UV01   Pm Event New R_AssignedEntity identified-confirmable              identified-confirmable     role          normative
COCT_MT090008       Pm Event New R_AssignedEntity identified-informational            identified-informational   role          nonstandard
COCT_MT090007UV     Pm Event New R_AssignedEntity informational                       informational              role          available
COCT_MT090000UV01   Pm Event New R_AssignedEntity universal                           universal                  role          normative
COCT_MT090203UV01   Pm Event New R_AssignedOrganization contact                       contact                    role          normative
COCT_MT090201UV01   Pm Event New R_AssignedOrganization identified                    identified                 role          normative
COCT_MT090202UV01   Pm Event New R_AssignedOrganization identified-confirmable        identified-confirmable     role          normative
COCT_MT090208       Pm Event New R_AssignedOrganization identified-informational      identified-informational   role          nonstandard
COCT_MT090207       Pm Event New R_AssignedOrganization informational                 informational              role          nonstandard
COCT_MT090200UV01   Pm Event New R_AssignedOrganization universal                     universal                  role          normative
COCT_MT090403       Pm Event New R_AssignedParty contact                              contact                    role          nonstandard
COCT_MT090401       Pm Event New R_AssignedParty identified                           identified                 role          nonstandard
COCT_MT090402       Pm Event New R_AssignedParty identified-confirmable               identified-confirmable     role          nonstandard
COCT_MT090408       Pm Event New R_AssignedParty identified-informational             identified-informational   role          nonstandard
COCT_MT090407       Pm Event New R_AssignedParty informational                        informational              role          nonstandard
COCT_MT090400UV     Pm Event New R_AssignedParty universal                            universal                  role          available
COCT_MT090103UV01   Pm Event New R_AssignedPerson contact                             contact                    role          normative
COCT_MT090101UV01   Pm Event New R_AssignedPerson identified                          identified                 role          normative
COCT_MT090102UV02   Pm Event New R_AssignedPerson identified-confirmable              identified-confirmable     role          normative
COCT_MT090108UV     Pm Event New R_AssignedPerson identified-informational            identified-informational   role          available
COCT_MT090107       Pm Event New R_AssignedPerson informational                       informational              role          nonstandard
COCT_MT090100UV01   Pm Event New R_AssignedPerson universal                           universal                  role          normative
COCT_MT040203UV01   Pm Event New R_NotificationParty contact                          contact                    role          normative
COCT_MT040208       Pm Event New R_NotificationParty identified-informational         identified-informational   role          nonstandard
COCT_MT040207       Pm Event New R_NotificationParty informational                    informational              role          nonstandard
COCT_MT040001       Pm Event New R_Responsible identifed                              identified                 role          nonstandard
COCT_MT040008UV     Pm Event New R_Responsible identified-informational               identified-informational   role          available
COCT_MT040007       Pm Event New R_Responsible informational                          informational              role          nonstandard
COCT_MT040000UV01   Pm Event New R_Responsible universal                              universal                  role          normative
COCT_MT040300UV01   Pm Event New R_ResponsibleOrganization universal                  universal                  role          normative
COCT_MT040205UV01   Pm Event New R_ResponsibleParty contact                           contact                    role          normative
COCT_MT040200UV01   Pm Event New R_ResponsibleParty universal                         universal                  role          normative
COCT_MT020000UV01   Sc Event New A_Appointment universal                                                                       dstu          01                                                                          O9                D10      SD10
COCT_MT020001UV     Sc Event New A_Appointment identified                                                                      dstu                                                                                      O9                D10      SD10
COCT_MT020002UV     Sc Event New A_Appointment identified-confirmable                                                          dstu                                                                                      O9                D10      SD10

                    C# - Committee Ballot for release #
                    M# - Membership Ballot for release #
                    D# - DSTU Ballot for release #
                    S# - Publish as standard (passed ballot in previous cycle)
                    SD# - Publish as DSTU (passed ballot in previous cycle)

Gregg Seppala                                                                                                                                                                                Page 1                                                          12/19/2011
Since 92 of the CMET's now belong to PA I have been trying to keep track of what I think happened. Attached is a
spreadsheet that reflects my best guess at the real state of things. One thing that has left me very confused is
8 for CMET's. The September 2008 ballot was 'HL7 Version 3 Standard:
Common Message Element Types (Normative), Release 7 (3rd Normative Ballot)' and the January 2009 ballot
Patient Administration CMETs, Release 9 (1st Normative Ballot)'. That is a bit of a problem since I defined 4
8 in my PubDbs. Oh well.

The attached spreadsheet reflects the jump from release 7 to release 9.

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